10 Ways to Have More Hot Sex with Asian Women

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by Socrates

Hey Guys and Girls,

Today I have a special treat for you. Everybody loves hot sex. If you don’t then you’ve probably never had it or… have some sort of deep psychological issues. No offense. Sex is one of our primary drives. On a deep down level we all crave it. Having good sex, on the other hand, can be a challenge.

For guys, sex can often be tough to obtain even if you have a steady girlfriend. For guys who don’t have a girlfriend, it can often be a challenge to find a girl willing to sleep with you while guys with girlfriends often encounter the “not tonight” phenomenon or can’t have the type of sex they want to have.

There are solutions to these very real problems. Down below I’ve put together some of our top articles on the best ways to make sex happen, keep it happening, and make sure that sex is explosively good both for you and her. Let’s get started.

1. “Get Blown or Blown OUT!”

Too many guys would rather have a pleasant interaction that goes nowhere then go after what they really want from women.  I refuse to let my clients wallow in desperation.

Better to fail in a blaze of glory than to plod on in mediocrity and discontent. For every woman who won’t give you what you’re looking for, there are plenty who will…make sure you know which is which by getting “blown or blown OUT!”

2. You’re Doing Dates Wrong (and how to fix them)

If you’re like most guys, you learned that you should impress the girl by wine-ing and dining her at fancy places. Or maybe you think that old dinner and a movie is the way to build a romantic relationship. Either way, you’re really making it a lot harder on yourself to be successful with women.

In How You Think About Dates is Hurting Your Chances of Getting Laid, RedpoleQ goes into detail about how the idea of “dates” fits into a social script that is putting the breaks on sex for you while other guys manage to have the exact same women jumping into bed with them the first time they meet, or on the 1st date…meanwhile you’re getting stonewalled on the 3rd date. Find out the new mindset that will help to create dates that get beautiful Asian women into your bed.

3. Turn Your Woman into a Porn Star

It’s amazing how little most men do in the bedroom. What they don’t realize is that they’re shooting themselves in the foot. They don’t realize that pleasing their woman in the bedroom will open up the doors to all of their wildest sexual fantasies, whatever those might be.

Women can be quite open to exploring their sexuality. And often times the most mild mannered girls have the most active imaginations. RedpoleQ explains why that is and what the first step is to creating an amazing sex life that gets more exciting over time, and keeps your woman(or women) coming back for more.

Read Want an Amazing Sex Life? You’ll Need This First and find out how you can create the kind of sex life that’s better than porn.

4. Give Powerful Sexual Experiences

Down on Female Desire? Turn Your Woman into A Wanton Sex Fanatic tells you just how powerful it can be to be good at sex. Not only will your woman want to keep coming back for more but she’ll be far more…

5. Give Powerful Orgasms

Orgasm Mastery 101 is your first stop on the road to giving your girl sheet-drenching orgasms. Women have far more sexual capacity than you could ever imagine and unleashing it is both an art and a science. Learn the first basic steps here.

6. Get Your Groove On

Who says White men can’t dance? How Rhythm Control is the Secret to Having Great Sex explores the relation between being able to groove down-under and get your girls going wild.

7. Dominate Her

Unfortunately for your girl, western culture sees hitting women and calling them degrading names as totally taboo. 4 Techniques to Guarantee that You’re Dominant in the Bedroom talks about the taboo side of sex, and how your woman is secretly craving it.

8. Never Let Her See you Coming

Things can get pretty boring for both parties in long term relationships. It’s important to keep things fresh. In the aptly titled article Keep Your Sex Fresh and Your Woman Always Coming Back For More RedpoleQ talks about the things you can do to stay on top of your game and your girl coming back again and again.

9. Use Vision

If you really want to get better at sex, nothing will help more than a meeting with the master himself, RedpoleQ. Want to get a good idea of what to expect? Read this report here and judge for yourself.

10. Trust a Sage

Believe me when I say that I was a skeptic, even knowing and being friends with RedpoleQ. Ultimately, though, seeing is believing. #10 is by far your best way to Have More Hot Sex.


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