How Rhythm Control Is The Secret to Having Great Sex

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Guest post by Harlan Malfoy

The Epiphany Moment

Every guy who works on his sex life will notice a point when suddenly all women recognize that they are good at sex. Suddenly the whole vibe during sex changes and the woman relaxes and lets you take her on a sexual adventure. This is always so much better than when they ‘helpfully’ tell you what she wants you to do, isn’t it?!? One interesting question that I get asked a lot is what causes that change? How does a woman recognize from the first few minutes whether you are good at sex or not even if it is the first time you have slept with her? While there are a lot of tell-tale signs we are going to deal with one of the important ones: rhythm control!

What Does Rhythm Control Mean?

The key things that identifies a guy as being a sexual loser is his inability to control his rhythm. A lot of guys, especially when they are sexual inexperienced, go for the frenzied pumping that they see in most porn movies. The result? Most of them will have ejaculated before she could count to ten! Instead, what you should be doing is building her up. Start slowly and increase the pleasure until you can use the wilder thrusts to push her over the edge into orgasm.

Of course, even this will suggest that you are reasonably experienced, but nothing more. The sex master instead should make it his goal to constantly surprise her and keep her guessing. What is true in sex is true in all of dating—a woman who is constantly surprised and excited will feel massive attraction to the guy who makes her feel that way! What this means in sex is that you should never allow her to know what to expect. So instead of simply starting slow and ending fast, try these sexy combinations:

  • Start with slow motions, then suddenly increase your speed. Make her think that you are bringing yourself to orgasm, then slow it down again and grind your hips so your pelvic bone stimulates her clitoris until you have calmed down enough to increase the speed again.
  • Try completely throwing off her expectations by starting quickly and then slowing it down.
  • Change speeds quickly from slow to fast, then let you both relax and speed things up again

Ultimately Great Sex is About You

Once you get the hang of it, this principle can be applied to all aspects of your sex life. The key thing is to keep experimenting with a bunch of different techniques and styles. When you are out on a date, you can suddenly surprise her with a quick make-out when she least expects it. Similarly during foreplay, you can bring her quickly up to orgasm and ease back. The key thing is that the less easy you are to figure out, the more she will assume you know about sex. In short, the guy who gets lots of girls and keeps her constantly excited—the guy she keeps trying to work out—is the guy who most really cute girls will always look for.

6 thoughts on “How Rhythm Control Is The Secret to Having Great Sex”

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  3. Bullshit article article alert, typos and in correct assumptions, how exactly do you “grind your hip” on a clitorus? Lol, fail.

    1. Thanks for letting us know about the typos…will try to hunt them down ASAP.

      As for the grinding your hip on the her clitoris part, maybe that’s unclear. He means grind your pelvic bone against her clitoris during intercourse. I presume you know this technique but misunderstood the explanation.

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