Want An Amazing Sex Life? You’ll Need This First…

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Sexual Progression - Asian Dating Monthly

by RedpoleQ

Many guys never have the opportunity to have the kind of sex life they’ve always dreamed about simply because they don’t know how to lead a woman in the bedroom. Being able to lead women effectively leads not only to more sex, but also more of the kind of sex you want.

Women have an amazing capacity to enjoy sex in many varied ways that are fun for her to explore and discover, and also keeps your sex life exciting.  Unless you are pushing at, and gradually expanding, your woman’s sexual horizon over time, sex gets boring quickly as the two of you begin to perform a choreographed dance rather than a spontaneous ho down.

Even worse, you’ll be leaving a lot of fun on the table. Pretty much, whatever “depraved,” wild and outrageous ideas you have about sex, if you present it in the right way, your woman will be open to it. Want to watch all of the action in a mirror? Sure! Naked pics sent to you when you’re apart? Why not?! Video so you can reminisce about your best strokes? You betcha! Want to get into the back door, chocolate drawer? Absolutely! Want to beat your blindfolded woman into submission so she can’t stop the waves of orgasms rolling over her? Yup – we take all kinds here! And compared to this stuff, if all you want is better blow-jobs more frequently, then you have a cake walk ahead of you.

Getting her from, “I like missionary” to “Oh my god, it would be so hot if we had someone watch us” is called, sexual progression.

So how do you sexually progress your woman? Glad you asked! First, you need to know some general principles about sexually progressing women. Not all women are created equal, and some of the things that make a girl good for sexual progression are counter-intuitive. Remember, that I’m speaking (as always) about Asian women and while some of what I say undoubtedly applies to women outside of Asia, I can’t tell you where it fits and where it breaks down.

Surprisingly, a more sexually experienced girl is often not the best candidate, while a girl who is new to sex can be perfect. That’s because a girl with sexual experience is more likely to have set beliefs about what sex is supposed to be like and what she does and doesn’t enjoy.  With more sexually experienced women, you may find yourself having to repair damage previously done by other men before you who were rough in the wrong way at the wrong time, and were probably also inconsiderate and careless.

As a skilled bedroom artist, you can “rehabilitate” those women but you’ll also be able to make an inexperienced girl’s new sexual experiences enjoyable, and she’ll quickly become more experimental with you. To do this, though, you have to be able to consistently please your woman in the bedroom. This will allow her to develop sexual trust, trust that you will make every sexual experience safe and pleasurable for her.

From now on, your first task when you sleep with a new woman, is to learn her body.  You need to find at least one way that you can reliably make her have an orgasm.  If you can’t/don’t accomplish this in the first sexual encounter, you should at least have some clues to point you in the right direction so that you can give her an orgasm on the second or third time you have sex with her and every time thereafter.

Once you know at least one way to reliably give her an orgasm, the sexual dynamic shifts because you have the power to do something that most men she’s been with have never had.  Plus, once you know one way to reliably give her an orgasm, you can train her to have orgasms in almost any way you wish.  Sexually progressing a woman is about training her to get pleasure from those activities that are exactly what you’ve always fantasized about doing.

When you make sure she’s happy following your lead in exploring new areas of her sexuality, she’ll be eager to take the next step. I’ll discuss the nuts and bolts about sexually progressing women in the next few articles, so sign up to receive notifications, and check back often.

3 thoughts on “Want An Amazing Sex Life? You’ll Need This First…”

  1. This is so true…Lead her into deep pleasure first and then she will follow you anywhere. Sad to say, but so many guys are totally lame in bed.. If you are just looking to have your own orgasm..hookers are easy to find in Aisa

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