How to Have More Hot Sex: Art and Science of Sex Seminar Review

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by Socrates

I didn’t think much of RedpoleQ’s sex seminar. I’ll admit — I kind of got roped into it.

If it Ain’t broke, don’t…

I’ve never really thought there was a problem with my sex life. All the girls I had been with had been fairly satisfied and sex was always unfolding as I understood it should. Sometimes it was hot, sometimes it was rhythmic, sometimes the girl wouldn’t finish off (but only sometimes) and that was to be expected, anyways.

This past spring I was sitting by my computer when I got a text from RedpoleQ.

“You’re taking my sex seminar this weekend.”

RedpoleQ has been a huge source of growth in my life and I pretty much always find his advice highly valuable. He’s rarely wrong when he suggests some course of action but this was one of those times I really doubted him. While I had been taking his advice about meeting and dating Asian women since I took his epic boot camp, I just didn’t think I needed improvement in this area of my life. I had things pretty much under control.

To be honest, I really had my doubts about his own sexual ability, as well. I mean, I knew he was good in bed just by the sheer amount of practice he’s had and the exceptionally hot girls he’s managed to keep, but I really doubted some of the claims he’d made. When talking with some of our friends who had already taken the seminar he would be telling them to give their girls more orgasms — closer to the 5-10 he usually gave his girls during a single sex romp. He also kept mentioning training girls to have orgasms, having them get off without even going down under. While I knew RedpoleQ and trusted him fully, it all just sounded… too far fetched.

The Floodgates Open…

Friday came and I made my way over to a Gangnam restaurant to get some food to go so we could talk sex. Only one other guy was joining us, allowing RedpoleQ to give us much more personalized feedback and instruction. RedpoleQ likes to do things in small batches. His boot camps are kept to no more than 4 guys so he can ensure the quality of the instruction given throughout the weekend and he extends this principle to all of his other seminars.

Friday night hit and we immediately dove neck-deep into vagina talk. A lot of guys think they can find their way around a woman’s nether regions without any problem but believe me when I say that you’re only — at most! — exploring a small fraction of a girl’s sexual capacity. There is a lot more going on down there than the vast majority of guys know about.

The weekend was a whirlwind of information about biology and sexual psychology. The amount of information forced me to flick on my voice recorder so I could make sure to spend time taking in everything he said. Biology and men’s health was front and center the first night, which included how to demolish sexual performance issues such as premature ejaculation and impotence. Far too many guys unnecessarily suffer from these devastating sexual issues. It was really eye-opening to see how widespread the issues were and, ironically, how simple the solutions were. RedpoleQ definitely knew his stuff — heaps of it — and we were busily trying to take in as much as we possibly could.

Normally the seminar lasts for two days but there was so much personal discussion and well-pointed questioning that RedpoleQ extended it by another additional day. Soon the science portion of the program turned to art and RedpoleQ covered, in detail, many highly effective techniques for turning a girl on, from pre-sex talk out in public to staving off her orgasm so she begs for more. I never knew just how much there was to know about sexually mastering a woman.

Dripping Wet

And neither did my girl the first time things got hot and heavy. She was laying on her back on my bed after the fact wondering what had just happened to her. Her legs were still trembling and — in her words — it felt like electricity was shooting throughout her body. Since then, while before she would typically get off during sex, I’ve been able to give her multiple orgasms pretty much when I want to…

Which has become a lot. While before she would sometimes complain about having to have sex, her attitude towards me has totally changed. I never get excuses for why she doesn’t want to have sex anymore and she’s usually the one who’s tearing off my clothes to get some action. I guess these are the kinds of things that happen when you can give a girl multiple orgasms when you want to.

It’s hard to overstate just how big of a change I’ve seen. Sexually, my girl had always seemed pretty typical of the kind of girls a guy would date. She enjoyed a bit more than plain vanilla — more like vanilla-chocolate with a swirl — but she was far from sexually veracious. Now, though, she’s itching to bang me as soon as we meet up and trying to pull me into the bedroom so we can try even more different down and dirty stuff. …and the blow jobs? Spectacular.

Japan… For the Win!

I haven’t yet mastered all there is to master when it comes to sex though. That’s a personal failing more than anything else. If a guy wants to, he should be able to make any girl he’s with have a squirting orgasm but that’s something I still find difficult. A few weekends back, knowing that RedpoleQ was giving another sex seminar in Seoul, I decided to wander down to get a refresher. One of the great things about RedpoleQ’s programs is that, after taking one, you can just pop in to take the same seminar any time you want to. Near the end of it he introduced his students to an incredibly good looking Japanese girl. Seconds later he was passing me a video camera and telling everyone that she was our demo girl for the night.

That’s right, demo girl.

Moments later I was trying to hold the camera steady while RedpoleQ was demonstrating for his students exactly what to do and how. Those videos are available for anybody who takes the seminar. While before I doubted RedpoleQ’s monolithic sexual ability, just that small window into what he could do made me realize just how deep his skill set ran. Before touching her she was already dripping wet. After a few soft touches she was already at the point of orgasm, quivering. It took nothing to send her screaming and squirting all over the bed. This was truly another level of performance.

The Bottom Line.

My advice is that if you feel that you’re under-performing in bed in any ways then the seminar will do wonders for you. If your girl sometimes gives you excuses for why she doesn’t want to have sex that night then taking the seminar will definitely jam that window open for good. Pretty much nobody I know who has taken it really wanted to take it beforehand. They just didn’t see the value. Those same people now rave about it and recommend it to most other guys they know. Being able to give girls powerful orgasms not only allows you to have more sex, but your girl will be far more open to experimenting sexually with you — and going the extra mile to make sure that you’re totally satisfied sexually. Really, I can’t recommend this program enough.

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