(Disclaimer: This post is mainly about Mainland Chinese girls, NOT ABC’s. I like Chinese people, A LOT. Hence why I’m writing an article to explain why you should too. I understand some people may have opinions that differ from mine and, that being the case, I would love to discuss them in civil manner at the bottom of the page.)

by Kane Vast

Everyone is going on about why Japanese girls or Korean girls are the best etc. etc etc.  So I thought I would throw my thoughts into the mix. I’ve been in China for about 5 years and have dated (and am dating!) Chinese girls almost exclusively so if anybody knows something about Chinese girls…

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That’s it for my flashy intro, now to THE RAW FACTS. Here we go…

1. Chinese Women Are Super Feminine and Sweet

They know that looking beautiful and being feminine is what gives them power and value in their culture (which I don’t personally agree with….I think people should be valued for their personalities and uniqueness). They leverage this as much as possible, which is necessary as typically girls can’t yet earn as much money as guys in Mainland China. Chinese girls have this particular thing they do called 撒娇 (sa jiao is the pinyin for those of you awesome enough to be studying Chinese) which means to behave in a cutesy way, usually in a slightly immature way, to make the guy do what they want.

Think of a girl trying to persuade a guy to go shopping with her but in a SUPER CUTE way using the way she speaks, expresses herself, flutters her eyes, etc. In China, guys are more highly valued by their parents because when they get married they will stick around and look after their own parents. In old school China, the wife would join and look after the husbands family, as well. This is why, sadly, girls in China aren’t given enough credit for their awesomeness. Anyone who needs evidence of Chinese girls being awesome should go to Mix or San Li Tun village in Beijing, or just email me when you get to Shanghai.

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I’ll be around. ..and I’ll show you where we hide all the beautiful girls in Shanghai.  In terms of being feminine and doing themselves up well, the Chinese certainly have competition—Hong Kong girls, Japanese girls, and, lastly, the Koreans are all vying for the top spot in Asia. But one thing Chinese girls excel at beyond all the others is sweetness. Chinese girls are really polite and sweet to those who treat them well – there isn’t much bitchiness or rudeness from them, though this can vary depending where you are in China… farmers are farmers, after all.

Also just for fun: Chinese girls usually have pretty decent bodies and faces, there are a large amount of average girls around….but this is pretty location dependent and also relates a bit to how rich the city is. The more money or prestige a city has the larger number of beautiful girls that will reside there. Girls from the north are tall and extremely delicate; their faces are rounder and slightly heart shaped. Girls from the south can be a little stockier but are still extremely good looking. While Every province in China says they have the most beautiful, I would say the best are in ChengDu simply because the girls there eat a lot of Chilli and that seems to do three very good things.

  • They have extremely beautiful soft skin.
  • The chilli comes through in their personalities and they are more playful than most other Chinese girls, reminding more of South American girls in some ways.
  • The girls in ChengDu have a fantastic body shape – in all the right spots – which again also reminds me a bit of South American girls.

Having said that though… I would say Chinese girls in general probably have the largest chest growth in Asia, which both them and I are happy about.

2. Chinese Women Are Characterized by Strong Gender Roles

Unlike the West, everyone has a pretty strongly defined sense of what men and what women should do. This is changing in the bigger cities, though, as more and more women are entering the work force and becoming more independent. But so far, the change is quite minuscule and usually women are only getting jobs to give their families face. Women’s roles in China typically are to rule over the household, spend/organize the husbands money (secret bank accounts are the norm), decide how and what the children study and to also keep herself beautiful.

It’s a matriarchal set up and although it may seem that the men are in charge, by and large its actually the women who are in charge and they are just giving the men face. As a Foreign guy you won’t usually have to deal with a lot of the drama or issues our Chinese counterparts do (I’d like to send my gratitude out to my Chinese boys), since typically girls who like foreigners also like to look after them as they’re in a foreign country and are usually lost and confused.

I will say that Chinese girls from big cities are a bit different from girls from small cities. Right now, this very minute, my girlfriend (yes I have a girlfriend, who I am not currently fetishizing but may later, more than once, with the lights on) is cooking up some wonderful Chinese food for us, after which I will most certainly be expected to do the dishes. She is a big city girl and hates dishes… if she was from a smaller city then she would do all the domestic stuff and would consider me very weird or potentially sweet for helping her do it. So the further you get away from big cities the stronger the gender roles become. Deep in the wilds of China they would probably be equal to the gender roles of Thailand. Sometimes I get all warm inside when I’m allowed to be a man…

3. Chinese Women Are Excited about Western Culture

Chinese – Are – Excited. In the last decade or so China has gotten very excited about the West and that means that pretty much anything Western is cool, sort of. Western TV shows, English, every expensive brand of luxury item…the Chinese have it. A while back there were some big shifts in culture and that left a bit of a gap. Since then, a weird mixture of money culture and western culture has quickly swept in to fill that gap, especially with the 九零后 (90s ‘jiu ling hou’) generation.

Many girls watch Vampire diaries and various other Western TV Shows with hunky Western guys (no homo) which in turn makes them curious about foreigners. So, being a foreigner (ie. Non Chinese person) in China gets you a huge lift in value, probably due to having native English skills and knowing about the outside world. The luckiest foreigners are those with blonde hair, big blue eyes, and white skin, since those features are considered extremely attractive by the Chinese. The obvious result is that many guys who didn’t get much play at home suddenly get TONS of play in China.

The girls they go for typically aren’t very beautiful by Chinese standards but, regardless of that, most Western guys find socializing here a lot easier simply because many people forgive the retarded mistakes they make. To top it off, a lot of girls want to get a Western boyfriend as he typically earns more than the average Chinese guy and is generally more fun due to having a lot more social experience. Chinese people (guys especially) study and work extremely hard hence do not have the free time necessary to go chase girls all the the time.

Want to know how bad it is? Think 8 year olds with 3 hours of homework each and every night. It really is great being a foreigner in China. The foreigner effect is still quite powerful in Shanghai and Beijing, but it seems to be 10x more powerful in smaller cities. Still, step out of the big cities and your mileage might not be as good – small town girls are a bit more traditional and things move a little more slowly in smaller cities.

4. Open Minded about Sex

China has gone through some changes and a while back sex was a bit of a no no. With the older generation it still kinda is. Even still, at 1.4 billion people they must have been busy. Luckily, because there are so many people here, it is relatively easy to find girls who are experienced or willing to learn. A lot of Asian girls don’t view themselves as very sexual and this is generally the case for most Chinese girls due to a lack of sexual education and the fact that sex is still a pretty taboo thing.

Thankfully with Chinese culture most of what you see on the outside is just a mask while inside is whats real. Those of you who have lived in China and embraced it will get what I mean. This means that behind closed doors Chinese girls are quite adventurous and interested in sex and all the dirty little things that can happen. They mostly know very little about it, though, as their only options for learning about sex are talking to friends or watching porn. This means if you are a Western guy then you probably have more sexual experience than a lot of Chinese girls.

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Of course, differences based on the type of girl you go for can be fairly large. From my own personal experiences I’ve found that approximately 1 out of 10 Chinese girls is curious about girl on girl action and generally willing to go all the way with it. In terms of standard guy and girl sex, Chinese girls are curious and accommodating… leading us to the next part.

5. Eager to Please

Chinese girls treat their boyfriends very well, no matter where they come from, and are generally honest and considerate. There are always exceptions and a few speed bumps due to differences in culture and upbringing but, as a general rule, Chinese girls are kind, considerate and caring. The Chinese are told what to do throughout their life by their parents, teachers and then their bosses so they don’t usually get a lot of time for free thinking or making their own decisions.

Social pressure is huge, so they feel a lot of pressure to conform to what society/their peers think are the correct things to do. An obvious consequence is that sometimes your girlfriend won’t understand what you want her to do. A lot of girls haven’t dated a foreigner before and readily accept stereotypes about foreigners and what foreigners want…in China, you have to be quite direct about what you expect from her and what you are going to give back.

Point her in the right direct, give her a smile and a tickle and it will all work out. Most girls from big cities, especially Shanghai, aren’t going to cook – they don’t know how to and overwhelmingly prefer having dinner at restaurants. It’s almost a sport here. Ask one to show you traditional food they can have a plate in front of you in a jiffy. Different locations bring different sorts of people. As China is a very big place, the experiences you can have can be quite different from person to person. Here is a list of things girls have done for me over the years. This should give you a much better idea just how well Chinese girls can treat you:

  • cooking—always great;
  • making scarfs—pretty awesome to get as a gift, to be honest;
  • massaging me—in wonderful places;
  • Showing me around Shanghai: being shown around by a local can be one of the best ways to experience any city you’re in;
  • helping me find a vet for my dog—because who doesn’t love puppies?;
  • teaching me Chinese—Chinese language is invaluable for meeting women here;
  • introduced me to very Chinese experiences I otherwise wouldn’t have had (fried grasshoppers anyone?)—if you’re in an amazing country, really, what can be better than experiencing many aspects of it?
  • worked with me to pick up another girl for a threesome—nothing says love like loving two girls at once;
  • helping me save face in awkward situations—nothing brings out the awkward situations like living in another country; your girl can help you navigate the social world in intimate ways;
  • Taken me to hospital…don’t want to talk about it;
  • buying me medicine when I was sick—which made me feel a lot better!;
  • reminding me to eat more, wear more clothing and avoid getting cancer from various house hold electrical appliances—nothing will cut your dating life short like getting cancer.

There are a bunch more I could add to the list, sexual or otherwise, but I think you get the point. If you treat them right then they generally will treat you very right in return. Chinese girls are pretty easy to get along with, generally really good people and are my favorite girls out of all the different girls in Asia. At this point, it’s pretty obvious why. While Korean girls and Japanese girls are great, nothing tops women from China. Lastly!

6. Chinese women cook great Chinese food!

Chinese food SUCKS….or is TOTALLY AWESOME depending on who you ask and who is cooking.  Now girls from Shanghai aren’t usually gonna win any awards for cooking…..but girls from other places, oh yeah!

Sichuan food is great, Dongbei food is great, and so are all the others – there’s like 8 different cuisines in China and when you get a talented Chinese girl cooking for you, you’re in for a treat. Restaurant food usually sits somewhere between crap to average (in Shanghai) and average to good (in Beijing) to fantastic. Home cooking though is by far the best and I’ve gotten my fair share of it.  Yes, Chinese food can be oily and all that….but the taste is great, one of my favourites is this particular ginger steamed fish! Yummy!

So, if you want to enjoy the great cooking experience of a Chinese girl, find one who isn’t from Shanghai or Beijing, as restaurants in those cities can be great but the girls’ cooking usually isn’t (because they’re too busy being taken out to the restaurants). Also as an extension of your ‘Chinese girl’ cooking for you, if you end up going to her house for Chinese New Year (don’t do it unless you want to get married!) you will usually find that her parents are EVEN BETTER at cooking and I can tell you, I’ve gone to my girlfriend’s house on Chinese New Year and it’s amazing, I end up leaving 3kgs heavier.

Well, I’m off to impregnate my girlfriend, until next time…