8 Reasons to Love Korean Women

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If you’ve been keeping up with our little site you may have noticed an article that came out recently by RedpoleQ titled, 7 Reasons I Love Japanese Girls and You Should Too.  Now let me just say right-off-the-bat that RedpoleQ is usually dead-right with his perspective but I can’t help but think that he used complaints about Korea to suggest Korean women weren’t as golden as many a man has found them to be. Just look at what Dan Bloom, Korea’s foremost expert on dating Korean women, has to say about them!

Having just gotten back from Japan, I can definitely see where RedpoleQ’s characterization of Japanese girls hits its mark dead-center but, as good as Japanese women are, Korean women have some distinct advantages.

by Socrates

Why You Shouldn’t Date Korean Women

The real reason you should stay away from Korean women is because then there will be more of them for me!

Korean women are spectacular.

1. Best Bodies in Asia

Yes, they have the best bodies in Asia. Hands down. The fierce competition for men in Korea means that Korean women really take care of themselves – it’s almost impossible to find an “American sized” Korean woman, if you know what I mean. But it’s more than just that…

2. Sexually Charged

It’s also how they carry themselves. Korean women have a sexual charge that I just haven’t seen anywhere else in Asia – they present themselves very, very well.

Of course, as men, we’re in it for more than just physical look… right? Right? Of course we are – we also love it when girls use those looks well. Anybody who accuses Korean women of being “easy” should be lead off to the asylum.

3. Desire to Please

Korean women have a desire to please that just isn’t matched in the West. This – ultimately – means they have a desire to please sexually, as well. Find yourself in a great long term relationship with a Korean woman and you can bet that she’ll be all about making you feel great.

secrets of korean culture free e-book downloadBut that same attentiveness follows them out of the bedroom as well.

4. Cutest Behaviors

Korean girls go out of their way to act exceptionally cute through a secret weapon known as aegyo (애교).  Aegyo is baby-like behaviors, gestures, or mannerisms that are done in order to get what the girls want. It’s extremely powerful, and Korean girls wield this tool as a way to influence guys to do whatever they want. For example, a girl might call out oppa (endearing term for guy older than her) in a baby-like voice in order to get the guy to take her to a movie she wants to see.

Most guys love aegyo and are happy to be under it’s influence in exchange for an undeniably adorable girl. To really experience the full power and charm of aegyo though, you have to know Korean.  It doesn’t transfer over to English, which is yet another reason to learn Korean to help you meet a fantastic girl.

5. The Little Things

Get a Korean girl and she’ll do all sorts of little things to make you a comfortable, happy man. I can’t count the number of little gifts I’ve gotten – all of them picked out with a surprising amount of thoughtfulness. I’ve even had a sweet little Korean women come over to take care of me while I was sick in bed. Talk about a million dollar experience.

Of course, like all Asians, they’ll be expecting you to be attentive to their needs as well – and you should be because…

6. Awesome Personalities

Koreans typically have awesome personalities which will make you want to keep them around for a long, long time. I almost never find Japanese girls when I travel but there are always crowds of busy Koreans exploring the world in any country I’ve been to. I haven’t seen women from any other Asian country as adventurous and confident as Korean women are. While Japanese women are cute and bubbly, many of them just haven’t left their country… which is kind of sad. The Korean women I’ve dated have also had a fantastic sense of humour, and have always been keen to try new experiences.

7. Best Educated

In all of Asia, Korean women are the most educated.  92% of Koreans go on to University after graduating High School.  While many lament the often soul crushing rote memorization demanded by Asian education, it also means that average middle class Korean girl is far more well rounded, and knowledgeable than Asian girls from other countries.

The high education levels give them a level of confidence that makes them the most independent minded of Asian girls and far more flexible in engaging with new ideas, people, and experiences than you find in other Asian countries that rely far more on superstition and tradition.

Like smart girls?  Korea is the place for you.

8. Most Worldly

As long time-students with many of them in school until 24 or 25 years old, they have plenty of opportunity to, and very high rates of, study and travel abroad.  In fact, with a population of only about 50million, Korea sends the 3rd most international students to the US after India and China which each have about 25 times the population 0f S0uth Korea.  China at the top spot sends only about 3 times as many students to the US.

It’s more common to find a Korean girl who has lived or studied abroad than in any other country in Asia.  Even for those who haven’t been there themselves, most have a relative that moved overseas at some point.  Koreans are far more engaged and knowledgeable about the rest o the world than other Asians.

While going the tried and true route of a package tour is common, you’ll come across plenty of Korean girls who have backpacked around Europe or SE Asia on their own too.

Only 8?

One of my favorite things about Korean women is just how feminine they are – but not in a “weak” or “helpless” way. They put a lot of care into how they present themselves and are intent on letting you play your role as a man – an attitude that a lot of guys crave. On top of all this, unlike Japanese women, you don’t have to worry about the sex drying up after you slip a ring on her finger. Could it get much better?

There are a lot of reasons why Korean women are fantastic prospects for dating or marriage but a lot of them you’ll just have to experience for yourself. You can get well on your way to experiencing just how great Korean women can be by picking up one of Dan Bloom’s invaluable books.

270 thoughts on “8 Reasons to Love Korean Women”

  1. have you ever actually met a Korean woman? Because I can’t see any evidence from this post that you have..

  2. Hahaha, as a Korean woman, I’ve enjoyed your paean to Korean women and most of the reasons you depicted were quite true 😉
    I simply think Korean men don’t deserve these wonderful ladies. They are still complaining about Korean women because they don’t want to pay for the dates. There is even an offical crazy losers’ organization called ‘male solidarity’. They believe that all the western ladies out there pay for the dates every time (they insist that’s the real gender equality) and women have to work as well as do take care of all the household (it also includes caring for “their” family, mothers/fathers/sisters and brothers in law, Oh My effing God). The hatred to women is really popular for no reason, they just don’t know how they are blessed….

    My point is, I really do hope more foreign guys come to Korea and broaden the diversity of marriage for Korean women 😉

    1. “I really do hope more foreign guys come to Korea and broaden the diversity of marriage for Korean women ;)”

      We’re working hard to make that a reality for you, ChouChou. Keep on being awesome!

    2. Haha, I had to laugh at this the first time I read it. I can’t believe this feeble attempt at trying to boost a biased article. Way to use Korean men as scapegoats once again.. getting repetitious much? Oh, and you’re a Korean woman? I see, gotta love that anonymity of the internet. Lol.

      1. This is one of the most popular articles on the site, so there is no need for us to “boost” it. This comment was actually left by a real life Korean woman.

        She posted as a guest, but she actually has to register her e-mail and I checked her Facebook. Cute and accomplished actually.

        I could e-mail you directly too, if I wanted to.

        Finally, have you ever seen an article on this site that bad mouths anyone else? Of course you haven’t because we don’t hate on others. That’s just as silly as writing a comment pretending to be someone else.

        Our traffic is growing just fine, thank you very much.

        Also, you never replied to the e-mail I sent you on July 4th in reply to your questions about our boot camp class sizes.

        1. Oh awesome! You can email me a random Korean chick’s email and play it off like she left a comment. For a self-professed “dating guru” it’s ironic and funny that you garner insults from other Korean women. And might I mention the girls accusing you of stalking them. But hey, I guess it’s because they’re not “cute and accomplished” enough to appreciate you. Haha. And yeah… On second thought I’d rather not learn “game” from a 5′ 4″ asshat.

          1. Wow! What are you so angry about. If you have something to say to me, we can meet in person. I’m in Seoul at the moment.

            Clearly you have nothing to fear form a 5’4″ asshat so why all the mudslinging. I expect it from women, but I’m really surprised to get it from a guy…so if there’s some reason, I’d love to hear it.

            And I guess, this will be a he said, she said, because clearly you’re not willing to give me the benefit of the doubt, despite me having a track record of not bad mouthing anyone, ever.

          2. You are black? Is it even possible to be black and date women in South Korea? Do you get only the leftover mid aged chicks? I know Koreans are racist and obsessed with everything white/ pale even more than the Chinese

          3. Yes, it’s quite possible. I’ve only been with one Korean girl that was over 25 and she was 28. 2 were hostesses. I’m really not into mid-aged leftovers. And if I were, who would learn from me?

            It’s really not a problem…if you’re going for the best girls, most everyone has a hard time.

          4. Its just that black people are a 180 to what koreans find attractive in every way, looks, social status (they love social status) etc.
            Not to mention the racism, nationalism, xenophobia, pressure from the society and all that typically korean stuff.
            What type of girls would you target if you were to pick up korean chicks being black?
            I lived in Korea for a year as an exchange student and Im half white half black myself (means everyone just assumes im full black). Im not bad with women, i did date a korean. But if you start seeing through all these people around you you just wanna give up on everything. And its much harder if youre black to actually find a girl. Not making excuses for having a poor game, just seen alot and talked to other foreigners.
            The best thing about being black in Asia is that there are very few blacks and you can use that to your advantage. There will always be curious girls or just women with preference for dark skinned. But the latter are few (and try to find one whos parents will not shoot you on sight) and the former arent worth the time.
            I know you just help people make the first step and dont give relationship advices or go into the society issues stuff

          5. I do give relationship advice too, but you’re right about the issues with marriage. That’s pretty across the board in Asia for anyone foreign–a large part of that is that they want to be close to their family, and they want you to be able to communicate with her parents.

            It’s hard to get easy layups if you have standards. And I would argue that easy layups that black guys can get are in general more trashy than the easy layups that white guys can get, but those girls are pretty terrible too.

            In general, I’m going for girls that usually date Korean guys, or Japanese guys or Chinese guys…girls that go with locals. They’re better, and they don’t have to be as concerned with their image because they’re hot and they can do what they want to without worrying about their reputation.

            They can date for fun, and “experiment” because they’ll have no problem finding a guy who will marry them whereas if you go for the girls who are looking for foreigners almost invariably it’s because they don’t have such great local options.

            Is it hard…yeah. But, I like to keep my girls around for a long while, so I don’t need that many in a year to be happy. I’d rather have fewer really good girls than a bunch of mediocre ones.

            In Korea in particular I don’t think that lowering your quality makes it that much easier anyway.

          6. No easy lays for Black men in Asia unless they’re gay. Yes, the lays that Black men get tend to be trashy, because worldwide, Blacks are seen as inferior, thus, the quality of women that we get are inferior. Any white guy falls off of a plane and can at least get a different 5 every night. Women in Asia that are >= 5 are very layable.

            That’s just the way it is.

          7. In my experience, and the experience of all the white guys I know trying to date Korean women, that’s definitely not true. I know most of the community here.

            The guys who have the best luck are very tall and very good looking to Korean women (model-type-looks) but even they can’t get laid every week and still have to work at it.

          8. I was speaking about Asia in general. I’m more interested in Japan, Taiwan, and mainland China. At any rate, Black men need not even try unless they have model good looks, and even then, a below average white man will have more prospects outside of Japan (even in Japan probably; it isn’t 2007 anymore).

          9. At 5’4″, I definitely don’t have model good looks. The black guys I know who have game have always been able to get action, and we don’t like fatties.

            So, many white guys can get easy lays off of 5s. Wow, I’m sooooo jealous. Look, I don’t want easy lays off of mediocre girls.

            Everyone has to work hard for top quality and if I have to work a little bit harder, so what. I grew up knowing I’d have to work harder.

            There’s no point in whining, when I could be out, GETTING A HOT GIRL!

          10. Comment by Socrates
            Steve Schultz 史蒂夫

            Can We / I Say that What I may find Incredibly Hot, Sexy or attractive in a Woman may be Quite different than anyone else. And That is Only the Physical aspects of Beauty.
            I seek a Beauty for Mine Own eyes NOT what Other Eyes may see.

          11. Black men are pretty much the opposite of what all women want, especially in East Asia. Women that go Black tend to do so due to a lack of manly white or non-Black men in the area, or due to the fact that the women are undesirable (usually fat).

            To deny this is folly. I’ve noticed that Black men that claim to be successful with women in Asia are all far above par, tend to get with women far below their level, and tend to lack the quantity too, while ANY white guy that falls off of the plane is guaranteed a harem if he wants it.

            This is the world that we live in. Black men need to know this and think twice before thinking abut Asia. It’s not just the dating life either; it’s just about every aspect of life.

          12. I read, from a number of sources, that in Japan the girls used to really like White guys, but now Black guys are the #1 Gaijin preference and White guys are #2. I haven’t tried to date any japanese girls, so no firsthand knowledge…

        1. Never knew considering them as dispensable objects for sex was “nice.” Guess you learn something everyday….

          Should really use a different handle other than “socrates.” Doesn’t seem to really fit you all too well. One was a greater thinker and the other…. Lol

          1. Interesting that you read so much into the post that isn’t there. For example, attentiveness in relationships and great personalities are characteristics of sex objects? Hmmm…

            The majority of our readers are in the USA — maybe surprisingly. What’s not surprising, though, is the Americentric view of the world that most of our commenters have. People reading this stuff should realize that the rest of the world has very different values and a very different perspective of themselves & the world than Americans have. But, of course, you’re free to live in your little bubble of ignorance and Americentrism if you wish.

            We’re writing this for guys who want to do better with culturally Asian girls (so far the results for guys who take our advice is very, very good). If you disagree with what we have to say…. good for you.

          2. i think ignorance goes both ways, since obviously you don’t recognize people of color as Americans (Asian Americans, African/Black Americans, etc). you do know that White people in America aren’t really American’s, but are immigrants as well

          3. Care to support this rediculous assertion? Some of my best friends from NA are non-white (1 Black American, 1 Chinese Canadian, one Jewish Canadian, 1 Jewish American, and two Iranian Canadians).

          4. That’s right, nobody other than whites hold American citizenship and white people sprouted up from the soil of North America like the great redwoods. *rolls eyes*

        1. Actually that is a possibility. But it’s extremely unusual and out of norms. The terminology seems to imply extremism. I up guess with the there’s a lot of bogus stuff you see online. Can’t really blame one for being a skeptic.

          1. I think that “exotic fetishists” are very common among Asian girls who date foreigners in Asia. Also, you get a lot of “disappointed dreamers” who are disillusioned with the opportunities and limited roles that their local culture offers as well as many “crushed stars” since in Asia, women rapidly lose value on the dating and marriage market from age 25 on, but Western guys are much less sensitive to age an often prefer older women in their late 20s and early 30s with more experience.

            Definitely, there is a lot of bogus stuff online, so I always encourage people to meet me in person (Free Seminars) or talk to me on the phone or over Skype (Free Consultations).

          2. Get a clue dude, When he said bogus, I think he meant the above comment by “chouchou,” a supposed “Korean woman” you idiot. It’s pretty clear Evan Bleker wrote that.

    3. “My point is, I really do hope more foreign guys come to Korea and broaden the diversity of marriage for Korean women ;)”

      LOL yea right.

    4. I’m a Korean girl too and her comment is pretty accurate we’re not a exotic fetishist or whatever bullshit. lol I don’t date westerners because I’m not attracted to them. but some Korean women may find western men more attractive as they treat women better and more caring and considerate.

      The truth is that Korean men are too demanding(we have to look perfect and gotta have a degree from best schools, make good money from nice jobs like teacher or doctor or have rich parents, take care of the husband’s parent, siblings and relatives, like call them everyday, give money or gift them often, nurse them when they’re sick and they can visit your home without any notice and complain about how we treat their son).

      We’re just gotten tired of uncivilized selfish Korean mother’s boys. Many young women in Korea choose not to get married at all like many western men don’t want to get married. We can but just don’t want to deal with all of that. Just FYI.

      Also It’s funny how Korean men treat white women better then Korean or other Asian women, lol So white girls please date, marry and take all of our men to your country cause we don’t want them here. We’ll be thankful.

      1. Hi derpette,

        Thanks for the comment. You gals are pretty good. *thumbs up*

        I’m mostly on the outside of Korean culture looking in but I get the sense that a lot of Korean guys see Korean women in general as a possession– as if Korean women were something Korean guys alone are entitled to over guys from all other countries. Am I right?

        We’re working hard to bring you ladies more high quality dating options ~


          1. Apparently there are more women switching to dating girls…and this year, I see at least one lesbian couple a day whereas before I didn’t see almost any.

            And this is in Gangnam!

      2. I’m a little different looking than most US guys…so maybe you would be attracted to me? We could find out…

      3. This perspective makes me laugh because the reality of Korean women in Korea is sad. Divorce rate is highest in Korea because women really do suck! Delusion ranks very high among Korean women in Korea! Korean women who DID NOT grow up in Korea are the gems; not the delusional fake bitches in Korea!

        1. Not true…most of my guys find that Korean women are happy to chip in to help pay the bill, or will buy coffee on a date.

          How you come across will determine what kind of Korean girls you attract, AND also how you treat them. If all you got is money, she’ll take it all!

          If you’ve got other things to offer, that can be plenty enough too. The problem is that Korean girls are used to guys running spender game.

          It’s not that they prefer it. But if you’re going to hang out with a lame loser, who can’t fuck worth a damn, better to get a designer bag and selfies at the best restaurants out of it, don’t you think?

          1. Comment by Socrates
            Steve Schultz 史蒂夫

            Right! I would surmise The women’s issue Toward men is due to That of which you mention and NOT Treating the women with High regard. ALL women want to feel like a Princess. If you have a Woman that treats You like a King why would you Not Treat her Highly as the Princess earned. Right? This is Same in Parts of China. Thing is I dont think Chinese women are Comfortable Marrying or Dating outside their Own race due to Mother and Father influencing. That can make a sucky way to go For someone as myself that ONLY wants Asian or Women of Color!

          2. Naive guy.She will pay the cheap things, i guess she see as an investement in you, you will be happy to soend a.lot more, i was fooled before.
            What doesent kill make you stronger 🙂

        2. The reason why Divorce rate in South Korea is so high is that the marriage rate is too high. Before you blame Korean women for behavior what about respecting you guys first? The wage gap between men and women is the biggest in South KOrea among OECD countries and Korean men rarely participate in hoursehold work, which was clarified by randomly representative study that has scientific rigorous as opposed to your biased perception about expense of dating.

          1. You clearly know nothing. You are describing Korean War experienced 60-80 year old men! Today, guys do all the cooking and chores! Follow the factual news & trend please!

          2. Comment by Socrates
            Jinyeong Park

            really? i’ve never seen my brother do. 🙂 all houseworks always fall on me. Simply, because i am a girl.

          3. Comment by Socrates
            Steve Schultz 史蒂夫

            Right! Korean men need to Wisen up and Realize a Woman in Today’s age Does NOT want to be a Slave.

        3. Your opinion is biased and hate filled, how do you think anyone can take your post serious. You definitely got hurt and now you are venting it against a whole group of people which is sad on your part. If you think they are fake with whole your heart why did you even date one or more. It makes no sence. Also i think your post was very comical since you cannot even give vallid arguments or statistics to show. If You claim something you should show multiple studies to prove your dumb and childish claim.

          With lots of love <3

      4. hey! I don’t know whether written in this blog is totally correct but i know one thing that Korean girls are the most beautiful thing on this earth and i love Korean girls. but i always get nervous when i date any Korean girl.

      5. Haha what a load of crock. Korean women are the worst breed on this planet.

        Korean women are the most spoiled, bratty and demanding women. The reason many Korean women can’t get married is because they all demand that their husband be good looking, graduated from a top tier university, have a good job and make lots of money. It’s funny noting majority of the women that demand these don’t even have a job or barely have any money, got plastic surgery, etc., etc. Did I mention Korean women are the biggest gold diggers in the world? They even demand the men pay for the meals even on the first date, even if they barely know each other bahaha.

        There’s a saying among Korean men: dating a Korean girl is like raising a spoiled daughter whereas dating a foreign girl is like… actually dating a women. LOL!

        Here’s some fun facts about Korean women:

        – highest abortion rate in the world
        – highest number of plastic surgery per capita in the world
        – highest number of prostitutes per capita

        1. I think you’re missing how Korean culture, Asian cultures, and traditional cultures in general work.

          The idea is that women are supposed to be focused on family life, not on the commercial world. So, if they want to lead a nice lifestyle, they need to land a guy who can provide it.

          They get plastic surgery, stay in shape, do their hair and makeup, and dress well so they can land the best guy. Korean women are far from the biggest gold diggers in the world.

          Thailand is FAAAAR worse, but they’re much trickier about it.

          As far as paying for dates…most Korean girls I’ve been out with have offered to pay half on the date, but even if they didn’t, top shelf women are in high demand so, why should she have to pay?

          The fact that you care so much, just shows that you don’t have the financial situation of the type of guy she’s looking for. I’ve been that guy, and sometimes, depending on a woman’s expectations, still am.

          I’m fine with that. And I greatly prefer it to the western way, of women who work a lot are stressed, with little time to take good care of themselves and the way they look.

          Pros and cons, pros and cons.

          1. “The idea is that women are supposed to be focused on family life,”

            Lol no. They are simply focused on themselves, not family. No one is forcing them to succumb to just being a housewife in this day and age. Feminism is at its peak in Korea right now, and I’d say its much more extreme than it is in the West.

            “They get plastic surgery”

            Right, and their ego becomes infatuated to the point where she thinks she’s much higher on the social hierarchy than their boyfriend and demands that their boyfriend pays for everything or she’ll threaten to dump him for a rich guy. Yet they don’t realize with plastic surgery, a girl that looks prettier than her is just around the corner. Haha.

            “Korean women are far from the biggest gold diggers in the world.”

            No they’re the biggest gold diggers on this planet.

            “The fact that you care so much, just shows that you don’t have the financial situation of the type of guy she’s looking for. I’ve been that guy, and sometimes, depending on a woman’s expectations, still am.”

            Way to completely miss out on the point. I am more than financially stable but even if I was part of the 1%, I would not simply pay for everything for the women. It’s quite sad if money is the only positive attribute to you as a man and it’s the only way to get women. Moreover, a lot of Korean women have completely unrealistic demand on how much their boyfriends/husbands should be making.
            There’s plenty of stories on Korean websites of wives fighting with their husbands because their husbands aren’t making enough money (even though their husbands are actually earning more than enough for a comfortable living in Korea).

            You’re really nothing more than what they say in Korea, a 보빨남.

          2. “No one is forcing them to succumb to just being a housewife in this day
            and age. Feminism is at its peak in Korea right now, and I’d say its
            much more extreme than it is in the West.”

            That’s true, which is why many of them aren’t bothering to get married.

            I’m with you on the plastic surgery thing. I’m not a fan at all. But this is really only a small percentage of women. And it’s all about how the guys behave. They basically beg women to walk all over them, but it’s totally unnecessary.

            Most women will push you around if you let them…just look at your average married man in America.

            “It’s quite sad if money is the only positive attribute to you as a man and it’s the only way to get women”

            I agree with you here too. For many guys that’s all they have going for them. They don’t know how to make the money they have icing on the cake.

            But it’s the same with guys offering to buy random girls drinks at a bar or club. There are WAAAY better approaches but most guys don’t use them.

          3. That doesn’t really add to the discussion at all, does it…

            In any case, women are usually creeped out by the idea of guys actually spending time thinking about how to do better with their dating, relationship and sex lives.

            This is definitely a case of not liking to see how the sausage is made.

          4. Comment by Socrates
            Steve Schultz 史蒂夫

            I Think, Then, You Should Talk. There are Many Men that put forth the Energies to want to know Women better.
            So How better that they Learn?
            Take the floor and speak young lady! 🙂

          5. “so why should she pay”

            Well let’s see…, because it’s the decent thing to do, obviously!

        2. Agreed, I dated a korean woman in Australia and wow smoking hot body and gorgeous skin but money fucking hungry. I dumped her after the second date. She bagged on me for being a casual at my job. I had to pay for everything and she always hinted about needing money. She also acted like a brat in a taxi once. The cab driver was staring at her and talking sleezy so I warned him to back off so she got out of the cab leaving me to pay for it (as usual) and then she went to her unit and locked herself in and refused to see me. She was being really over the top dramatic and always tried to get one over me. She tried a third date but I told her to basically fuck herself. She was really hot but it just,wasn’t worth it in the end.

        3. Comment by Socrates
          Steve Schultz 史蒂夫

          Those are ALL attributed to Upbringings, Gov influencing and wanting better than the hand they were dealt.
          Abortion rate=Gov and disturbance in marital or accidental pregnancy
          Plastic Surgery= media push to be more of something they are not.
          Prostitution=controlling their own wealth or falling prey to trafficking or being forced in a manner.
          which, in reality, is none different than many other Countries, especially America.

          1. Lol as soon as you said indian guys can do well in Korea I knew you were just trying to please that guy, it’s no secret that indian guys are very unpopular in Korea.

          2. Koreans have quite good impressions(stereotypes) about Indians in general.

            I hope you’re not Indian living in Korea with that mindset…because that would suck.

            Generally if girls don’t seem to like you, you’re doing something wrong, whether that’s meeting them, or interacting with them in the wrong ways.

            That’s why you have to learn and change…which you won’t do if you think the problem is them and not you.

          3. Comment by Socrates
            Steve Schultz 史蒂夫

            Right! Study The language so you can at least converse and show a level of True and Purified Interest in the Women.

          4. really?!?!
            That’s crazy, I will have to tell all my Indian friends who did well in Korea that they were wrong and that they didn’t get girls, they only imagined it, cause some dude on the internet has negative opinions about life and can’t conceive that perhaps his weaknesses are only his own!

          5. Comment by Socrates
            AmbTrokon Bosco Wleyou

            graduated from Len Millar Senior High School on 24th Street Sinkor Monrovia? A student at the A.M.E. Zion University reading Criminal Justice and Public Administration? Grand Bassa County? This you?

      6. I read your comment with interest.
        I’m a white Australian who lived in Korea, mainly Seoul and Incheon, between 2001-2007. I learned to speak the language with some proficiency and also understand Korean culture and customs. While there were aspects of life in Korea I enjoyed, overall the longer I stayed the more apparent it became that Koreans do not like foreigners and Korean women view Western men in a very negative light, like monkeys in the zoo. I noticed that when I looked at an attractive Korean woman in the street, as men generally do, she would invariably react with indignation and complete revulsion. This didn’t happen in any of the other 20 odd countries I’ve spent time in and I’m above average in terms of physical appearance. Korean women have been conditioned and indoctrinated to view Western men with total contempt. And they do.
        The issues regarding race and ethno nationalism can’t be ignored because Korean women feel overwhelming societal pressure to date and marry within their race.
        The Korean media, which has ridiculously disproportionate influence, has portrayed Korean women as ‘Sexual objects’ for western men to use and discard at their leisure.
        NOTHING could be further from the truth. The vast majority of Korean females stay well clear of males of non Korean background, they avoid us like the plague and want nothing to do with us. Like Koreans in general, truth be told.

        1. I agree with all of your points about Korean culture and the pressure it puts on Koreans and the strong stigma against westerners and cross cultural dating.

          However, I know a ton of guys who are absolutely killing it in Korea with the ladies there. There are plenty of ways to out maneuver the real issues you bring up because Koreans are quite independently minded on the inside.

          1. Comment by Socrates
            Steve Schultz 史蒂夫

            Right! I am willing to bet, both, Korean women are quite Smart and Know what to look for in a Man and quickly can Read thru a “Game” whilst Majority of men from Other Countries are Disillusioned By Koreas Media that the Women are Easy pickin’s! Women are Smart and can Feel. at least once they have become comfortable with the New Male of Color or lack thereof.

        2. Comment by Socrates
          Steve Schultz 史蒂夫

          Conditioning! Yet it doesn’t help when Caucasian men Try to Bang everyone they get their Mitts on to. Gives Real Men a Bad Rap!

          1. Comment by Socrates
            AmbTrokon Bosco Wleyou

            honestly why do the caucasian men ruin everything for us good hearted african american men

        3. I agree in many points and I found your observation very accurate. I am a Korean girl and had a relationship with a american. we had a normal relationship just as any other couple does but we had many hassles since we had inter-racial relationship. I was told that I could never date a korean man again because I am kind of contaminated(oh my god, this made me still so angry). and once some old lady came to us in a bus and told me pointing at him that he might have his wife in his country and he is just cheating me. she didn’t care if he could understand korean( and he could, which does not make it worse or better) and she just could not treat him as a same human being.
          If you are foreigner who wants to live in korea, you will be treated as foreigner and discriminated forever. this discrimination does not always mean that they ignore you or are disrespectful to you but you will never forget that you are an alien. I had some friends who totally enjoyed and got spoiled by some kind of special treatment at the beginning, but years later they were still not be integrated. I am living in europe now and as a ‘foreigner’ what I crave the most is that I people see me as a human being first and are interested in me as a human being not as a ASIAN GIRL. always being racially categorised is very exhausted. but that happen very rarely here, and it is noting compare to be a foreigner in korea.

      7. So, if you don’t date westerners and you want all the Korean men taken out of your country by the white girls…..who are you gonna be dating??? Lol! Italians? Mexicans? Not sure what the diversity of men in Korea looks like. Just curious though. Haha

        1. Hey, I am Italian (living in UK) I am a westerner and so are Mexicans, have a look at the map. What’s wrong with Korean women dating Italians? We are romantic, passionate and know how to treat the ladies, that’s why we are so popular with them.

      8. I think it is stupid to expect so much from girls. I do wonder what the standards of korean girls are though.
        I think koreans are a bit too keen on dating westerners these days, just my opinion. In any case as a Dutch-Korean (born in Seoul, live in Amsterdam) Would you not just box me into the same group as all korean guys since i look the part?
        Just wondering though, i don’t acuse you for doing so.
        I only want to point out that nothing is really black on white, it differs per person.

        The vision of a outsider :3

        1. As a Korean guy with a lot of overseas experience, you’re the best of both worlds for Korean women.

          All of the things that make dating a non-Korean exciting without any of the draw-backs (social repercussions, language barriers, etc).

          My Korean-American/Canadian/etc clients get so much love in Korea, they love dating there.

          1. Ah that is an interesting point of view. For me it always felt that I am neither enough Westerner or Korean when it matters. Leaving me uninterested in living in seoul. I thought I’d always be alone then ><

          2. It’s true that you’ll get push back, but part of that is that Gyopo’s have a bad reputation. As with foreigners, they think you’re just in Korea to have some fun sleeping around with different Korean girls and then you’ll just leave the country.

            So, how well established you are in Korea or screening for girls who would be interested in living outside of Korea is key.

        2. Comment by Socrates
          Steve Schultz 史蒂夫

          True That! It is Sad that So Many people can get thrown into the same cesspool no matter how well they may swim. it gets very trying!

      9. yeah you are right……but i am a fan of Korean girls…..you know why
        for their cute face and cute names…….and i want one and only girl in my life……
        and i know what a true relationship is….its all about honesty,faith and love……and i am Indian , what i learned from my father is that family is our first priority…..

        1. Comment by Socrates
          Steve Schultz 史蒂夫

          Good Traits Brother!
          Knowing full claritied that To Give more than one Expects is an Issue across the Globe! People rarely Do for others More than they always do for themselves!

      10. i decide to come Korea with any ways
        Not because of i read this…
        Actually, i read this because i imagine something about that
        because i know, Korean peoples are more educated than rest of the world.
        İt means they have more iq points to understanding others if they can.
        This is perfect, if you feel peoples around you have no enough understanding skills and may korea is a good place for founding a intelligent, high skilled women
        i want that so much, because if i stay here i cant find somebody like me…

    5. Comment by Socrates
      Lawrence Sactor

      I am an American man who has been dating a Korean woman for the first time. She is incredibly beautiful,intelligent,humble,and caring!! I never had any luck with American women,and I thank god for that. Korean woman are the best!! I finally found true love.

    6. I come to Incheon, usually every month or two…looking for a wife. Didn’t realize Korean women were so great…have dated Indonesian and African women, and have some experience with Chinese women. I am US.

    7. Dear Ms. Chouchou, This is the first time I have written to a Korean woman. I found your posting interesting. I am an American, 63 yrs. old, look 55, healthy, retired police and military. My permanent government salary is US $85,000.00. Before leaving the United States I had a Chinese Immigrant girlfriend for 2 years, She was no beauty, I loved her very much. Her Chinese ‘only son’ spoiled brat destroyed our relationship because I would not put up with his selfish bull shit. He would come in drunk with his friends at 4am, playing music and TV, stomping around, and mommy allowed it.
      I have lived the last 5 years in Thailand with a university educated Thai woman. It is increasingly clear all she wants is my money. No true affection. She spends most all her day away. Not working, just gone. Probably a boyfriend. I have bought her a new car, motorbike, we live in a beautiful house with nice furniture, all I have bought. We have traveled form Burma to Malaysia. (I have traveled to about 15 countries starting with Vietnam in 1970 at 18, a Army private, soon to become a Staff Sargent. Survived Vietnam, went to university and worked at the same time.)
      I have an American friend, an attorney, long time married to a Korean woman, two sons, very happy family.

      Here in Thai we get a Korean TV channel. I often watch it many hours a day. It seems beautiful. From the culture, to the dress and fashion, to the women.
      I am seriously thinking to move there, but I do not want to be a back packer arriving at the airport not knowing what the hell to do in a strange land.
      Do you know anyone who would want to have a guest? Take care of me, show me around. I would gladly pay more than necessary.

      1. 1) You’re much better off, using UBlove.com or KoreanFriendFinder.com to find women to meet up with in Korea.

        2) The way you write the story, it sounds like you are portraying yourself as the victim of these women whether that’s how you look at it yourself or not.

        Clearly the problem here though is poor selection on your part of women you get attached to.

        Also, poor relationship management…rewarding women for bad behavior by giving them more is always a mistake. It doesn’t improve the relationships and it makes you feel worse and more likely to develop anger and resentment towards them.

    8. You hope eh …..you like the white skin . We know. White baby is exotic fetish in Korea in Japan and pretty much of Asia . You president is women for God sake .How much more equal could women get there get . She is useless ,we know . Just a window dressing to show to the World . You are not getting attention from white men because you just pretty , you are a snot or you are feminists pig . I’m sorry but its the truth . Men could smell a feminists from a mile . And mostly you personality is shitty . When is the last time you genuinely smile at cute white guy and say Hello ‘ ? When ? See you are an asshole . You don’t want equality ,you want to be superior , you want all the power . Yes ,but with attitude like that all you get is ugly Asian guy and ugly baby in the end . Smile , smile be kind to men its not that hard .

    9. LOL

      I’m a persian guy and what if I tell you persian girls think the same way as you’re saying??

      They have similar thoughts just like you say “I simply think Korean men don’t deserve these wonderful ladies”
      It seems that women are all the same. No matter where they come from, where they live. They think they are higher than their men 😉

    10. I’ve been dating Korean girlfriend Bo for about six months now, we met at university and we had 2 classes together and hit it off right, she is the most amazing girl I’ve ever met: she’s smart, sweet, funny, and absolutely adorable, I’m so grateful to have found such a wonderful person.

      I feel like your comment really strikes home though, and makes a lot of sense. However I feel like most men here in America would not be able to understand or appreciate Korean women and all of their wonderful traits, or much less any other guy from any other country, it does take a certain someone to love another person, but I feel like there is someone out there for everybody.

    11. I’m an American male, have been married to my Korean wife for over 36 years – my wife is not amaizng because of her ethnic group. My wife is amazing because she is UnHui… my amazing sliver lady and the mom for our 2 sons. Korea is and will always be my 2nd home- no doubt about that. Dae Han Inguk!

    12. Chouchou, you are right. You guys from Korea are special women and should be cherished as much as possible. You are beautiful, elegant, charming and some of them are really gorgeous. Congrats

    13. As someone who has worked all over Asia for several years, the statement that Korean women have the best bodies in all of Asia is complete horse sh!+!!. The hot ones u see in gangnam are completely fake (plastic) and 99% are what we call “fat-skinny.” They are naturally thin, but have no fitness definition because they are relatively lazy. They wear tight pants with fake butt pads and stuffed bras to give the illusion of being fit, but very few will take off their clothes without all the lights off because their fraudulent bodies will completely disappoint you. Japanese girls, on average, have far better naturally fit bodies and much better personalities. Some of the other listed attributes are somewhat accurate, but “best bodies in Asia?” Not even close. They are also notorious for not grooming their covered areas~ only the fake visible areas.

      1. Ungroomed bushes are the norm around North East Asia, so Koreans don’t lose points for that. As it turns out, girls have an incentive NOT to trim because of the “jimjilbang” public bath and saunas where their well groomed bush will make them stand out as a likely sex worker.

        As for the fakeness of the bodies…there is definitely a lot of truth in that, but I think Japanese and Chinese have the same “fat-skinny” problem as Koreans, but they may do more to show their bodies up than Japanese do.

        It’s pretty obvious though that on average, Koreans have longer legs though which is a large contributing factor to their better bodies.

        As for the personalities…guys who don’t like Japanese girls usually think that they’re too immature, and childish which of course fits many Koreans too, but it seems that as I noted, the increased worldliness of Koreans is appealing to many western guys.

        I find both to be a lot of fun in their own ways.

        1. “Koreans have longer legs though which is a large contributing factor to their better bodies.” There exists in Korea a plastic surgery procedure (not available in the US) which entails cutting various nerves in the legs, which leads to calf muscle atrophy, which results in skinny (and hence longer looking) legs.

          1. The fact that Koreans are actually taller on average than Japanese and many Chinese, especially southern, is a major contributing factor as well.

    14. Comment by Socrates
      Americans knows better

      Korean guys knows better about korean women , they fucking FAKE IT TO worship cash $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$… Give her cash and be a frog or old grandpa and she will do whatever you want,special if she is over 29 years ( no chance to get married with korean guys ) if you don’t believe me ask why korean girls don’t likes poor guys even if they are younger or good looking !! All ABOUT MONEY , THEY VERY WELL ACTING TILL THEY GET THEIR BENEFITS ( green card or a lot of cash or be sex machine with big banana ) THEN THEY REMOVE THEIR MASK TO SHOW YOU REAL UGLY MIND .

    15. As a Korean guy, I totally agree that Korean ladies are wonderful, but I don’t really think you are one them. coz I don’t think pissing off guys in one’s own country on Internet is not that wonderful.

      She is just 김치녀. (She would understand what it means)

    16. Comment by Socrates
      Sammy Soo Hyun Park

      Wow I totally agree with her comment. And I am also a Korean girl who has relationship with American guy 🙂
      This article is so cute for explaining our behavior and I thought its quite true. As always, not all people has same behavior,though.

      1. You have one comment and have picture of blurry kpop idol avatar, and you happened to be “korean girl” who has “relationship” with American guy. Lmfao. You sound like some 30 something yr old white troll

    17. There are an awful lot of Americans at the bases.

      I guess the problem is they take their Korean wives back to the US. I’ve dated a Korean-white girl and a Korean-black girl in the US, whose fathers where in the US military.

    18. Comment by Socrates
      Steve Schultz 史蒂夫

      Now that I have Reached 40-ish. Hahaha! I Have NO intent to be with anyone Other than Asian. I have been Attracted to Asian Females (in all respect) since I was a Child. hahah! I did watch A LOT of “courtship eddies father” show growing up. and Could not understand why He never married the House mother (mrs. Livingston) she was a Doll! and GREAT MOTHER ROLE also. 🙂
      Perhaps I should be studying Korean more than Mandarin? 🙂

    19. I am a korean girl too and I can guess from your comment that you only met the bad korean men. a lot of them are so sweet and lovely just as many other guys on the planet.

  3. Whoever’s in charge of whatever teaching institution Evan Bleker from Vancouver, Canada works at should fire him, as he’s going under the name “Socrates” and writing articles like these. And they wonder why foreigners are depicted In a bad light. His buddy Daniel Pickens from Houston, Texas couldn’t handle being rejected so he left Korea after 5 years of desperate attempts at Korean women, and giving up. Truly pathetic.

    Evan Bleker’s mom

  4. Whoever’s in charge of whatever teaching institution Evan Bleker from Vancouver, Canada works at should fire him, as he’s going under the name “Socrates” and writing articles like these. And they wonder why foreigners are depicted In a bad light. His buddy Daniel Pickens from Houston, Texas couldn’t handle being rejected so he left Korea after 5 years of desperate attempts at Korean women, and giving up. Truly pathetic.

    Evan Bleker’s mom

  5. I disagree with practically everything said above. And I don’t rate Korean women as good looking, most of them are quite homely as surprise surprise, they live at home. So the above is just one man’s preference.

  6. What is the point of this article. Everyone knows that Korean girls only date white guys or Korean. You don’t even have a chance with them……if you are not one of these groups…..

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll inform all of my Indian, Black, and “other” clientele that all the sex they thought they had, didn’t really happen because “everyone” knows it couldn’t possibly have.

    2. im not white or korean and ive dated a few.. one thing i loved about korea is that i never felt discrimination like i have always felt in my home city. born and raised in london.
      excellent blog post and very true.

      1. I agree wholeheartedly about the lower levels of discrimination in Korea (and Japan) than back home in the USA.

        Many black guys prefer to be discriminated against for being foreign rather than for being black.

  7. LOL@chouchou and derpette: They aren’t even korean women….just more fake wannabes chinese or southeast asian girls pretending to be korean. Korean women can be very superficial shallow and picky. If you are a man, you had better have deep pockets be ready to give and do a lot of things for her because they are high maintenance. Some korean women, especially the westernized ones are very whitewashed and have very little to no care or concern for their heritage and history. It’s sad to think that so many generations of hard working honest poor koreans built korea to where it is today only so that some of their daughters would go on and marry some foreigner just for the sake of novelty and fashion.

    1. I’m willing to bet that you’ve either actually never spent any real time in Korea or are a Korean guy who has no understanding of the dynamics of interractial dating in South Korea. Thanks for your comments, though.

    2. I think that chouchou’s comment is very inline with your point about Korean women being superficial, shallow and picky, no?

      Anyone with experience dating Korean girls will agree, that they are almost universally very high-minded, and pretty demanding. Most guys who spend a good deal of time dating Asian girls also tend to really like Korean girls too though.

      So, given that, it’s a very personal call as to whether you think the trade-offs are there. We will have a post in the future talking about the issues you face dating Korean girls as well.

      And as for your last point about marriage…very few Korean girls actually want to date outside of Korean guys. VERY few. Now, it’s arguable as to how much of that is peer pressure and social stigmatization, but it’s true in practice.

  8. You can tell all of these posters below are fake wannabes who are just trying to give korean males a bad image. Korean men treat korean women as possessions? Really? Hahahaha. Ask the 1 to 2 million koreans living in the West and ask them if their dads treated their moms like possesions? No. Korean dads worked their asses off, sacrificed and did everything they could for their korean wives and children to make sure they could have a good life. Then along came the CWG (Creepy White Guys) who start cherry picking asian girls because they have a fetish for small bodied girls with tiny feet and other “small” features. Asian girls have become FETISHIZED and trophy’s for white men and other foreign men. Everyone knows that the asian female has been exoticized and made into little housewives slaves for the white men who can’t find that in white women today anymore since white women have become too masculine, too independent, and too competitive for white men. White men need an easy asian girl to put her in the kitchen and do the chores that white women used to do in the 30s, 40s but no longer willing to do in the 21st century but most asian women including koreans are still in the 30s, 40s mindset.

    1. How Korean husbands treat their wives is very different from how Korean men treat their girlfriends.

      If you’d spent any time at all paying attention to what’s really going on in front of you instead of assuming you already know, this would be obvious to you.

      You are right about how hard working and sacrificing Korean men are in marriage…that’s also true in dating, but it takes a very different hue and this is true across most of Asia.

      In the west, currently, we consider being a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship to be very similar to a husband/wife situation which is why cohabitation is common place. It’s almost like practice for marriage.

      Not the case in Asia where these are VERY different matters.

      Additionally, the Asian girls that date foreigners are usually the ones who want to have more freedom to be outside of the home and work if they so choose.

      The Asian women who prefer to date their own men often do so because they WANT to be home and family focused and not feel pressure to have a job.

      So, actually, you’ve go that backwards.

    2. I will admit that I would love a woman, regardless of race or ethnicity, that was very domestically-capable and liked cooking and cleaning, but I would not ever take her for granted and want to lock her up. What kind of relationship does that produce? You’d kill their spirit and who wants that? That’s like marrying a woman who hates your guts and having to sleep with one eye open every night. It doesn’t make for a healthy relationship atmosphere. Furthermore, yes, what you said about white men and women is true, but that doesn’t mean that if I wanted a wife that was domestically-capable that I would push the entire work load off on her. Relationships function best when everyone pitches in 100/100, and not 50/50. Yes they have been exoticized by many, but not all. Some people are in it for the morals, family values, and so on.

  9. And finally, this ARTICLE ITSELF proves my point that asian women (korean women in this case) are STEREOTYPED and fetishized, exoticized, and racially typecasted/profiled as if they are some kind of cookie-cutter slave women for foreigners fantasies and whims. Stating 7 reasons to love korean women is such a racist and generalizing asian stereotype. If you’re a korean or asian woman and look around the internet, there are so many disgusting shallow minded posts and blogs out there (mostly written by loser white guys who couldn’t make it in their home countries so they had to go asia to teach english and pick up asian girls) who write stuff like, “5 ways to get an asian girl” etc. We’re human beings. There ain’t no silly racist secret ways to pick up asian girls or black girls or white girls. Girls are girls and men and men. We all love and want the same things. We have subtle differences yes, but to stereotype asians and claim that if you do certain things you can attract them but not attract white girls or black girls is very racist and short-sighted. It’s like saying, “How to make black friends: 1) give the fried chicken 2) give them grape juice”. How’s this sort of article any different? “How to pick up korean girls: 1) try to speak broken korean because it makes them giggly, 2) be minimum 6′ tall because koreans are suckers for tall men”.

    1. Well, I suppose it’s all about where you draw the line. Because, if a white dude showed up on Howard Universities campus never having spent time with black people before, he’d undoubtedly want some advice on how to date black girls even though they are “just like” white girls.

      There is plenty of cultural and anthropological research to show that what something means in one culture isn’t what it means in another culture and many western guys have found this out to their peril.

      When you arrive in Korea, it’s so easy to assume they are just like back home in the west because the seemingly do the same things and live similar lives. And Americans ESPECIALLY make this error of thinking we’re all one big happy family around the globe.

      Family values in one culture mean VERY different things from family values in another culture.

      It’s especially shocking that Americans make this error given the sharp divide in American politics between liberal blue states and conservative red states on such issues as gun control.

      And that’s within the same country, within the same culture, with similar education systems and exposure to similar media.

      Don’t let people who say ” Girls are girls and men and men. We all love and want the same things. We have subtle differences” lull you into stupidity so you don’t actually think when you interact with people from other cultures.

    2. These women are not fetishized. Learn something about cultures. In the Middle East, Islam teaches that it is okay to chastise women, then avoid sleeping with them, and then mildly beat them. In Ancient Judaism it was acceptable to give up your daughters to guests as sex slaves. In the Christian world none of that is acceptable. Those are WILD differences if you ask me. Just because you lack the insight to see just how a culture affects people does not mean it doesn’t affect them. There are generalizations because anyone who has studied sociology knows that we as human creatures are programmed to keep one another in line or to spread our views to the masses. It helps us to understand our lives and give them meaning when others accept what we like in the mainstream. Anyone who has studied Myers-Briggs psychology knows that only 10% of the population are programmed to resist such temptation to be like everyone else. Guarantee if you start questioning everything you do you will come to see that it affects even you. Study advertisements and their effects on others as well. When I look for someone of a different ethnicity, it is not for fetishist reasons. It is because I would love to meet someone from a different culture, someone with refreshing perspectives on life and to see life in a whole new fashion. I myself see a relationship as symbiotic (what the man lacks, the woman can make up for) but that doesn’t mean I am looking for a slave. I would be looking for someone I can truly love and understand better and someone who has a better set of principles than the nihilist principles we have here in America that has spread like the plague. The belief that life is not about anything but money, sex, and anything else that is meaningless and shallow. You call all of us out for stereotyping and yet, here you are stereotyping. I myself fell in love with Asian culture when I was a kid. When I was young I had a friend whose parents were black and Korean. Every time I entered their home the house smelled like wonderful Korean cooking. His mom was polite and a strong, proud Korean woman and mother and his father supported her culture. I also loved that when you entered the home you would have to take off your shoes and how clean everything was. It is not deluded and vile to think that another’s culture is a beautiful thing. If any man goes to Korea looking for a slave then he does not know what true love is and those men you can tear down and hate on.

      “If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
      Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
      So if you love a flower, let it be.
      Love is not about possession.
      Love is about appreciation.” – Osho

      As for me, I search for love, not a slave. Someone who has morals and ethics and would know how to raise a child, rather than the nihilists here in America who teach them to give up because life is meaningless. I don’t look for sex, but marriage and a family and I would rather search for meaning in life and love through knowledge rather than ignorance and playing a guessing game while dating. Funny thing is you preach ignorance while preaching against it as well. Study sociology and you will notice there are differences in race and ethnicity that even in a melting pot such as America still hold strong from generation to generation inside the American culture.

  10. As a black male I don’t believe Korean women are racist. Maybe its been in my experience and a couple of other black guys I know to find that we are pretty popular with Korean women. They were not extremely old either. Like 23-31 to be exact. Love this article though as it was really spot on.

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  12. This is a great website. Being an Asian-American male, I love it how every other guy is putting us down. And Asian women are encouraging it. You know how many single Asian mothers I know here? They all have hapa babies and were all happily with their guy until they got knocked up and the guy bolted for a younger Asian girl. That’s white guys, black guys and Hispanics. I love how every other guy on this site is speaking behind a keyboard saying how Asian men are shitbags, but these are the ones spending time talking shit behind a keyboard. This comment will either be deleted or eviscerated by commentators but you know what? Keep doing what you are doing. Hopefully you all catch Herpes. Cheerio!

    1. As an Asian-American you should know that we’re not talking about you. This site is pretty much about Asians IN Asia.

      A lot of my clients are Korean-Americans and Chinese-Americans because when they come to Asia they realize that the game is different.

      As for guys impregnating girls and then leaving…first of all, most of these girls are not all that highly valued by their local standards. I’m not saying that it’s right, but I’m saying that the local guys may say they care, but really they weren’t giving these girls the time of day anyway.

      Secondly, what you’re talking about is largely a cultural disconnect. Because in Asia, there is a much stronger sense of family. Being an Asian-American you probably know how American women have really done a lot to destroy the concept of family with all of their talk of being independent and not needing a man.

      Having said that, I think it’s also a mistake on your part to to allow women who get pregnant to play the victim role. They were having un-protected sex of their own choice. They decided not to take the pill. They decided not to use an IUD or any other form of birth control available to them AND they decided not to have an abortion.

      They signed up for what they got. You have to look out for yourself and recognize the potential consequences. These women either didn’t take the time to do that(irresponsible) OR they deliberately accepted those risks.

      Having said that, when we’re talking Asian girls IN Asia, I agree with you somewhat more because it’s much more common for an accidental pregnancy to lead to marriage…it’s also true that many Asian girls IN Asia use this to rope men into marriage in the first place.

      Thanks or your comment.

      1. Dude, so are you saying when a woman gets pregnant it’s her fault? Well I am asking because that’s what it sounds like. That is the lowest thinking, did it cross your mind that maybe, she insisted on using protection n the guy didn’t want n told her how everything will be alright n shit like that? You have a girlfriend n am sure u jump in with no protection, if she falls pregnant, will you blame her?

        1. I don’t think about this as a fault thing…this is a responsibility thing. She got pregnant because she didn’t take precautions against it.

          That failure may be that she misjudged the guy she was with, but that’s still an error on her part.

          And since the consequences (by din of biology) are greater for her than for him, she should be more cautious about the risk of pregnancy.

          Lastly, so what if she believed the guy for saying everything would be alright. I’ve been screwed over by trusting the wrong people, and no one came to my rescue.

          It’s nice when someone does, but you can’t and shouldn’t expect that, and neither should women. Trust the wrong person and you suffer the consequences. Period.

        1. Thanks, man. I always appreciate those who are open minded enough to revise their opinions.

          “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?”
          -John Maynard Keynes

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  14. As a U.S. military service member stationed in Korea and dating a Korean I can attest that this article is quite accurate. From my experience obviously. Good read, thanks.

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  16. I’m an American living in Japan for 23 years, and have no direct knowledge about Koreans “on the ground.” But my impressions are

    a) Korea is as much a male-dominated society as India, so if Western men can offer something special to Korean women, there might be excellent rewards for both parties.

    b) Koreans are excellent at English, they have that over Japan. So there’d likely be less in the way of communication issues, though possibly less chance for a Western man wanting to become part of the local culture, as I’ve done in Japan. I’m not sure if Korea would welcome foreigners into their culture as Japan does. (This is for people in Korea or in heavily Korean areas like L.A.)

    c) If you’re in Korea and walk openly with your K-girlfriend, you may get heckled by Korean men who hate you for stealing “their” women, and may even get into fights. This might not be the case anymore but it was 10-15 years ago, from what I’ve heard.

    Whatever you do, take the time to learn about the culture and share something of value with the other party. My wife and I have a great relationship because we watched all the same shows growing up together (from anime series of the 70s to American TV), despite being on opposite sides of the world.

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    1. A lot of Korean girls speak English well because of the emphasis on education, so you’re all good there. It’s still good if you learn some though…it’s very important to them that you know about and understand, and respect Korean culture.

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  21. If I met a cute korean woman like you just described, I would treat her like a princess and care for her my whole life lol. Not sure if what you said is true, but if it is, they are the perfect women 🙂

  22. Met a Korean born girl in college…she came to the U.S. only 9 years earlier and actually became our college’s football cheerleading captain…nearly 30 years of marriage and kids later…she’s still one hell of a woman, loves her family, loves her kids, and oh by the way…she’s only 5 pounds heavier than when I first danced with her at 19 and a thousand times hotter…I wake up each morning and I’m nothing but thankful for being so fortunate.
    Korean, Spanish, African…just find a good woman.

    1. Yeah, that’s pretty obvious that we want to turn them into our personal porn stars since:

      Reason #5 is best personalities, reason #6 is best educated and #7 is most worldly.

      Everything a man wants in the perfect sex machine, I’m sure we can all agree.

  23. interesting topic, however, I have a thing for middle eastern woman! my girlfriend is Bahraini and I completely worship her. they have all those wonderful qualities that I couldn’t find in an American woman. SORRY

  24. Hey,
    I’m from london. I’ve got a s. Korean girl friend. She’s a wonderful girl. Have nice body features, takes care of me, educated.. overall a lovely girl to be with. I can spend my whole life with her 🙂
    Agreed with your research n experience.

  25. I have dated Korean women . And I know what I’m talking about . I live by Cristy Pits Park in Korea Town in Toronto . The ones they born here , big difference than the girls that are just visiting . The girls that are born in Canada are pretty Feminists just like the rest of Toronto women . Don’t forget Toronto is the capital of Misandry and Feminism in North America so…we are famous . If you are Blond with blue ayes you could have any Korean women that you want . Even me with my brown eyes and curly hair have no problem . My skin is pretty white and I’m very fit so…..I have lots of power with them . Every time I were shorts and sandals Korean women and men ….yes men stare at my legs when I shop at their stores for kimchi or soy food . You are the king . Korean women are very unsecure .They look all the same ,right ? Occasionally you could find a god looking ,well proportioned Korean women. It depends of you taste . Korean women are Fashinista , but smart . They know how to spend money smart . Having a white baby there is a statues , big achievement, but they will never admit to that . Never . Korean women just like the rest of oriental women want to marry a white guy and have interracial-white baby , not black . Black is NO -No baby . Of course …they want improve their race . Looks are everything in Korea now . Koreans are notoriously proud people and hard to communicate ,specially the Korean men . Its not good when you are dating a Korean girl ,trust me . Old Korean women are very bossy too. But if you are good guy they love you . Most Oriental people are Hard working and smart . I have had chances to marry a Korean or Japanese ….chose not to . Believe me it was a very hard decision . They both are pretty good wife’s . And to all those people that are saying they are goldiggers and only care for money …..no if you are white and well dressed . Oriental women will take a white guy over a rich Asian dude anytime . We all know that . Of course they will never ,never admit that but its a known fact .

      1. Why the hell would you live in Korea ? Why ? There could be a War at anytime . Are you nuts . I would stay in Canada where I was raised . She could go for a visit but to live there . No way .

        1. Every place has it’s pros and cons, and I’d live in Korea over anywhere in N. America.

          I live in Taiwan at the moment…perhaps you consider here to be just as much at risk though.

    1. “Toronto is the capital of Misandry and Feminism in North America” – bullshit! I have lived in Toronto for over 20 years and loved some lovely women. Stop complaining and be a man, then maybe you can deal with some real women.

  26. I was surprised to find a beautiful girl in my college. I thought that it’s impossible for me to date a girl. But the Korean girl handled situation so smoothly that at the end I was happy that I have accomplished my goal of life. Amazingly that was my first date in entire life and I did not know that Korean women are so smart and talented. I am back from date just 10 hours ago and I feel great that she treated me the best way I could ever imagine.

  27. M an indian senior student and i don’t like silly indian girls but i love all Korean girl even i want to marry with. but i don’t know how?? 🙁

    1. They hates indian & filipino & dark skin, they think you guys are dirty, check online to find out ugly fact about them…. They loves white sausage :^)

  28. I think the main appeal of Asian women is that they are circumcised and American women are not. And it’s just really dirty and unattractive… In fact “women’s empowerment” a.k.a feminism is all about making it illegal to circumcise and mandatory to have nasty hamburger looking genitals because anything otherwise would be considered “genital mutilation” backwards and misogynist, when in fact uncircumcised looks more mutilated and misogynist than anything. Yep.

    1. Female circumcision aka female genital mutilation is not practiced in East Asia in the main stream culture. There might be some small areas that do similarly to how there are some small segments of mormons that practice polygamy.

      So, if you like the way Asian girls look between the legs, that’s just natural genetics, man. Not tampered with by man.

  29. Comment by Socrates

    Once you land Korean Peninsula. Do be careful. Best advice do not generalize Korean woman. Korean woman personality are all different.

    1. Of course…and while individual personalities are all different, they are constrained by culture, and that what creates averages that we can generalize around.

      As an example, Japan and America have swingers clubs and they’re easy to find. Not true in Korea. The Korean gov’t censors porn, Japan and the US don’t That changes the culture, and it changes the people and their personalities simply by access to different thoughts, ideas and concepts.

      There is a reason why Koreans (and Chinese) often protest about the Japanese education systems renditions on history…it’s because they know that what they learn will influence how the Japanese think.

      I assume that our readers are not complete morons and can figure this out on their own. And if they can’t then nothing we do will help them anyway.

      Thanks for your comment.

      1. Comment by Socrates

        Koreans do not need Porn or Swinger club. Just go outside of Seoul. You will find plenty of Love Motels to enjoy. Do not be moron to think all Korean girls will go with you to Love Motels. It is stereotype and cultural generalization you have to be careful about. Like saying all Blacks are good in sex.

  30. I dated one during summer in school. I did not know she was married, superstitious, palm reading, …. She was very secretive. At the end of summer, she went on dating anther guy,… After a few months, no one knew her whereabouts. I think her husband found out and she ran away in disgrace.

  31. What a shame, I’ve never even crossed paths with a Korean woman where I live. Maybe someday I’ll vacation to Korea.

  32. I would love the 9 of them to be my girlfriends. Their picture is even now my wallpaper on my notebook. They are the most gorgeous in the world, congrats Korean beauties!

  33. Are Korean women that frenzied to get laid, that they need such articles advocating for them. I don’t see any articles like “Reasons for dating White women”. This just comes off as uber desperation.

  34. Are Korean women that frenzied to get laid, that they need such articles advocating for them. I don’t see any articles like “Reasons for dating White women”. This just comes off as uber desperation.

  35. I married a Korean princess, as I call her, about 10 years ago. Absolutely love her to death, would die for her in a heartbeat. We have two children together. I am from Canada and can not imagine being with anyone other than her. Love you baby!!

  36. Dear RedpoleQ first of all thanks for these interesting 8 points and sorry for my bad english (it’s not my mother tongue). I hope you will replay soon.

    Two years ago I decided to join a website that allows to know people from all over the world in order to improve english.
    So I met this korean girl and we started to send each other emails where we talked about our hobbies, our lives etc..
    Then we decided to leave emails to use a mobile Instant messaging application, because it was easier to talk with this than emails.

    So we continued to talk, to send each other photos from our Countries and photos of us with friends or while doing sports.
    Last month her university give to her and other friend the possibility to travel in Europe, so she visited some Countries and then she visited mine. At the beginning of her journey she said she would visit my Country but only the North of my Country which is quite far from my town (in the Center) and she said she wanted to visit my town or the capital of my country which is quite near my town, in order to talk face to face.
    Then 3 days ago she said she and her friends changed program and they would come to the capital and asked me if i could go there to meet her.
    So yesterday I spent an entire day with her, just me and her. We visited this city and we talked very much and we had lunch together.
    We had much fun and so it was an amazing day for me (and I hope also for her).
    Later when I was on my way home, she sent me a message where she said she had an amazing day and she was happy.
    So it seems she liked the day, but I can’t answer some questions and I hope you can help me.
    1) I asked her to have a photo with her to have a memory of that day together and she said it was ok, so i took a photo of me and her together, but she didn’t ask me for a photo and she didn’t ask me to send her the photo I took.
    2)I spent the entire day only with her and her friends were in other places of the city, so I din’t see them. When I accompanied her to train station (the meeting point with her friends) she said to me 2 times she could go alone so I didn’t meet her friends. It was like she didn’t want me to see her friends or rather she didn’t want her friends to see me.
    Please RedpoleQ help me to understand this korean girl, and sorry for the lenght of this text.

  37. I’ve been happily married to my Korean wife for over 32 years. Yes, we’ve had our share of problems over the years, but show me any relationship that doesn’t! Should anything happen that would make me a single man again, I would start my life over again in Korea. and yes, I do speak passable Korean.

  38. As someone who has worked all over Asia for several years, the statement that Korean women have the best bodies in all of Asia is complete horse sh!+!!. The hot ones u see in gangnam are completely fake (plastic) and 99% are what we call “fat-skinny.” They are naturally thin, but have no fitness definition because they are relatively lazy. They wear tight pants with fake butt pads and stuffed bras to give the illusion of being fit, but very few will take off their clothes without all the lights off because their fraudulent bodies will completely disappoint you. Japanese girls, on average, have far better naturally fit bodies and much better personalities. Seriously– “best bodies in Asia?” Not even close. They are also notorious for not grooming their covered areas~ only the fake visible areas.

    1. Hahahahahaha…”fat-skinny”! Yeah, you’re not the first to make that comment.

      In general the bodies aren’t plastic, though tit jobs are becoming more common these days.

      Most of the points you make are about what they do, or fail to do to their bodies and I think that comes down to lifestyle which Koreans lose big time to Japanese on.

      Korean girls on average, have:
      bigger breasts
      wider hips with slimmer waists
      longer legs

      If all they do is study on weekdays and drink on weekends, sure, they’re really not maxing out the potential for what they have, but I’d say that the raw materials are better.

      1. You are funny , don’t waste your time cause koreans girls think you are yanki ( dirty or smell bad ) im sure you know how much they loves black skin here Lolzzz

  39. Comment by Socrates
    Brian Scott Bennett

    Not sure where to put this but I find it appalling that you guys would allow a woman to pay for dinner!

  40. Comment by Socrates

    These women are more natural if you look “before and after” : angela Yeung, mai phuong thuy, michelle pham, Zhang ziyi

  41. Just case by case. but thank you for your posting. I also thought my ex American guy was the best cute personality and lovely charming in my whole life
    ㅠ ㅠ I miss him everyday I am gonna miss him forever

  42. curious as I am, I clicked on the picture, but what I read in the browser “Japanese-Girls-HD-Wallpapers-japanese-girls-white-hd-1920×1200.jpg”
    made me laugh, but oh well! I’d date any woman disregarding where she hails from if she really intrigues me… if we’d ever get the chance to meet.

  43. I am a korean girl and I hope you guys don’t think all korean women tend to like to make the guys pay for the first dating and demand too much. Actually there became many girls who like them pay 50:50 and don’t care about their universities or jobs, there are many korean girls who love guys because they love them !
    And yes It’s at least right that many korea women get plastic surgeries which seem very popular but I can’t consider it as good because it eliminates the diversity of appearances although it’s their right to choose. It’s true they wear a lot of make up and most of women don’t go out without it. I don’t wear makeup at all and didn’t do plastic surgery but still go out. Thus some people asked me why I didn’t wear any but I rather say so what XD It’s a bit despairing scene that they care soo much about their appearances that it seems a bit extreme and somehow excessive

    1. You’re really right about this comment. The experience of most of my clients is that Korean women are very generous and are looking for a guy who they really genuinely like.

      The problem is that they will also go with societal dictates and go with men they don’t like because of their great resumes. This really bothers a lot of western men for some reason.

  44. Ive been married to a Korean for a long time and I can tell you that they make decent wives except for the sex. Sure on occasion they get into the mood or if you really beg they will but they are really not into it. Sorry, if you really like sex, don’t marry a Korean woman.

    1. This is a common problem with western women AND with all other Asian women too, it seems.

      The main difference is that western women, believe that they SHOULD want to have sex with their husbands and that hot sex is part of a healthy marriage.

      In contrast, Asians tend to think that marriage is about family and being parents and not about the husband-wife relationship as much so as long as all household and family duties are being met, they’re satisfied.

      Korean culture has one more strike against it because sex is not highly valued in their culture aside from producing kids and working in improving your sex life is something wholly unimportant.

      It think that it’s possible to change this perspective, but, Korea has such a huge prostitution industry for a good reason.

  45. Just look up the global distribution of the ABCC11 body odor gene, and you will soon see that any intimate relationship with a Korean will fail. Sooner or later, anyone with the smelly form of that gene – most caucasian westerners (and all blacks) – will appear stinky to one who has the non-smelly version, and so, it’s over.
    The sad truth.

    1. This is one of the rare occasions when I learned something from a comment on my site. Thanks for that. I did some reading on the ABCC11 gene.

      But, I have to tell you that the fact that most non-Asians have the ancestral form of that gene doesn’t mean that relationships can’t last between Asians and non-Asians.

      But, if you want to believe that, more Korean girls for me and my friends!

  46. Lmfao. From my humble observation, the korean women who ends up with foreign men are either plain fugly or are seriously f-ed in the head. Half way good looking, half way traditional woman from a decent, loving family usually do not marry foreigners. It is extremely rare to see a good looking korean woman with tall, successful, handsome white male couple in korea. I have also noticed this phenomenon in north america where butt ugly asian broads (usually brown skinned southeast asians) with not so very good looking, bottom of the barrel type of white males. I just laugh every time I see posts like this. I can just imagine what these men and women would look like in real life.

    1. How do you know it is a 100% fact a boy has a shamefully tiny asian penis

      He calls women ugly when they refused to be shamed with his dinky doodle dong

    2. The fact is that MOST men are with ugly women. If you come through Seoul, Tokyo, or Shanghai any time, many of my clients would be happy to show off the kind of girls they’ve gotten know that they know what to do.

      The reason the work with me is so they avoid the kinds of low quality girls you’re talking about.

  47. Chouchou

    I’m a Korean guy and I can’t understand why Korean ladies date some really not good looking Western guys. They don’t have any style and so on.
    In Korea fashion and appearance is important. We boys also take care on our look.
    Walking the streets in Hongdae seeing foreigner with no style is just horrible.

  48. I have dated every kind of Asian girl and do not agree with this summary, even though one of the girls I am sleeping with now is Korean, born in Seoul.

    In Korea, there is a natural law of women, unlike anywhere else I have been. Their friendliness is inversely proportional to their attractiveness. There are stunning Korean girls, but they are snobbish and impossible to talk with. There are some dog faces out there that are the sweetest girls in the world.

    My Korean sexmate is just ever so slightly overweight and has an ok face, and she is friendly, but she looks nothing like the top girls. When she first got naked, she said something about her boobs being bigger than typical Asians; I informed her that Koreans on average do in fact have bigger boobs than other east Asians.

    To compare to other Asian women, I’ve dated Filipino and Indonesian Perfect 10’s, even some who have jobs on tv shows, who are incredibly sweet, so whatever is up with Korean girls doesn’t apply elsewhere in Asia.

    1. Those girls are not impossible to talk with…you need to work on your opening. And the reason they make it hard is because Korean guys are really aggressive in going after women.

      Attractive women who spend a day in Gangnam get approached several times a day.

      And you are right…there is a HUGE difference between SE Asian dating and East Asian + Singapore dating because in East Asia and Singapore, there is no financial incentive for girls to date foreigners like their is in SE Asia, so that accounts for the sweetness you’re talking about from Filipinas and Indonesians.

  49. I dont understand why people say white do better in asia, blacks dont, etc etc. is about the person really .
    In every race there is good looking people, ugly people, cool, losers etc. you just cant put a whole race in a bag. Is like thinking that someone that looks like ed o’neill is going to do better than shemar moore or Enrique iglesias only because he is white!.
    Well im south american studied in australia and travel through asia before going back home and the truth is it doesnt matter whats your race.
    i dont find really attractive asian women but i went clubbing in seoul with some mates. went to octagon bugatti syndrome club arena in gangnam and i think girls are really approchable and really flirty. I think it is because there is no much competition, I mean i read reviews before going and said it was really fancy and classy, i was thinking something like a reggata in sydney or in melbourne cup where you see people that can appear in tv. but really is not like that. anyway good look you guys interested in asian women and believe my wise words lol.

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  51. Some interesting comments here. I’ve been in Korea over 8 years, and I’m a tall white American guy. Here’s some generalizations I’ve picked up:

    1. 95% of Korean men (under about 65 anyways) are garbage. They have almost no redeeming qualities and I feel sorry for Korean women because of that. They also have no idea how to treat women, and frankly, many of them aren’t even interested in women in the tradition sense…for example, you will never see a Korean man talk to a women in a bar, on a bus, or really anywhere…Korean men seem more interested in other men…hard to believe considering how beautiful Korean women are….but true for the most part. I hate almost all Korean men, and I have good reason for it…occasionally you will meet a okay one, but even then usually they will hit on you every time you see them, even going as far as touching you in private places, etc. They are all homos, it seems like.

    2. Korean women tend to be slender and pretty, but plastic surgery is too common and usually pretty obvious. They also lie a lot…largely for cultural reasons, I guess, but sometimes just for no good reason (I guess this is due to insecurities more than anything else). Korean women are 100% different than Korean men in many ways, and are much more inquisitive and open-minded, cheerful and good-natured, sensitive, thoughtful and caring, and fun. It is amazing, really….but I could say a lot more good things….Korean women are really jewels and I hope to marry one, which should say plenty…

    3. From my perspective, it seems like if you don’t try to be sexual with a Korean woman by the second meeting, she will often disappear, thinking you aren’t interested, or perhaps that you are TOO interested (in marriage or a LTR, I guess?). That’s been my experience. They don’t seem, for the most part, interested in friendship with a man, or a long, drawn out “courtship” kind of thing…this, in part, is due to people being usually pretty busy, but also I guess it’s just the modern way of the world in general, not just Korea (maybe?) Anyways if you are a guy, move fast and try to get them in bed ASAP…if you don’t they will probably disappear completely after the 2nd date. I literally have had a few hundred girls disappear like that… (I’m a slow learner and have a hard time being sexually aggressive due to my background, what can I say?)

    4. For a Korean woman to be in public with a foreign man is very socially risky for her. This is probably another reason to move fast and try to get her home or to another private place. There is a lot of racism and a lot of social pressure and they are hyper-sensitive about their reputation amongst their own kind.

    5. Korean men are very protective of their “girlfriends” (even if the girl doesn’t see him that way) and will go to extremes to keep foreign men away from “their” woman…I’ve been seriously threatened a few times, and other times had women cancel plans on very short notice for this reason.

    6. Forget about bars, nightclubs, online dating, apps like Tinder or Cupid or whatever…mostly whores and golddiggers frequent all of these. Your best bet is to meet girls is in cafes and in other public places, in the daytime or early evening. Not after about 10pm, because the decent quality ones mostly live with their parents and have curfews most of the time. Of course there are exceptions, but I’ve yet to even get a date from a phone number I got in a bar or nightclub…not once. All flakes. If you meet a girl on a subway in a natural way, you will get the number and she will give you a chance most of the time. Starbucks are great. College girls, while smoking hot, are hard to pin down and super-busy, unlike America and Europe where people have so much free time. Probably best goal is a girl about 25-30 with a fairly regular schedule that you meet just in a random public spot. In the warm weather, when the miniskirts are out, nearly every Korean girl looks sexy and most of them have passable faces, if not outright gorgeous ones, so stay loose, learn a few words of Korean, and talk to them…you will get 100s of numbers in a short time if you aren’t a total freak.

  52. I have been reading about Phillipines, Chinese, Japanese and now Korean women and it’s funny how its like your reading about the same women.. I also noticed its like 50/50 on complaints and likes. Same wording for all. They just want your money and to use you to get to America and also the other side is loyal, hard working and take care of you.. I wish I could figure out what is true and meet right woman.. Any true help out there..

    1. Japanese and Koreans are very wealthy and they don’t need your money. Same goes for Taiwanese as well. It’s a mixed bag in China, and mostly bad in SE Asia though there are Hi-So girls from rich families, but you’re very unlikely to be able to date them as their families steer them towards Hi-So men from their own culture.

  53. music, films, Tv or any other field Korea is making its mark everywhere and when we are talking about Korea it means the people of Korea. There is no doubt that the Korean people are really hard working, talented and beautiful so the article http://www.ubizarre.com is also about the people of Korea and particularly the beautiful girls of Korea.

  54. Been married to a Korean woman for over 10 years. Amazing looking woman and an overall amazing woman. Great mother too!

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