7 Reasons I Love Japanese Girls and You Should Too

Last Updated on May 27, 2016 by redpoleq

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Find out why Japanese girls are so popular all around the world.  It’s more than just looks that make Japanese girls so good.

by RedpoleQ

What’s So Good About Japanese Girls?

Recently Korean girls are all the rage, and for good reason.  No doubt they have the best bodies in Asia, hands down.  On top of that they have a great media machine creating talent …and pushing it out to all corners of the globe over the past few years.

Those who have experience dating Korean girls lament the chasm between the images put out through k-pop and the reality of dating in Korea, though.  I find it really ironic that Korea has managed to create media that connects with and excites the masses in a way that living in Korea …just doesn’t.

In fact, Korea is far more inhospitable to foreigners than Japan is. One of the biggest draws of Japan is the exceptional girls the country has.  Unlike k-pop, if you look at Japanese media and then travel to Japan you will be able to find girls that look and act almost EXACTLY like they do on TV.

While there are potentially massive downsides to marrying a Japanese girl (you may never see your kids again if you get a divorce, which you’ll probably want to get because over 60% of Japanese marriages are sexless), there are also huge benefits to dating Japanese girls, as well.  Keep reading to find out what they are…


You’d be hard pressed to find girls that are more playful than Japanese girls.  Even the hottest ones will make goofy cute faces and funny poses in front of a camera.  Japanese girls love to joke around …and no topic is too taboo to poke fun at.  Sure, they may seem shy at first, but once they open up it’s giggles and funny business all day long.  This obviously means that they really know how to unwind from the stresses of daily life.  They also get into all sorts of niche hobbies and sub-cultures that keep them quirky and your interest sparked.

2. Super Cute

Japanese girls have the cute thing down to an art.  I know of no other country where girls can look so cute and cuddly and so sexually alluring all at the same time.  But don’t get suckered as many a man before you has – Japanese girls are skilled manipulators of men.

3. Super Caring

Your Japanese girl will HAPPILY cook, clean, wash and fold your clothes, do your dishes, and give you a back rub all at the same time!  They’re amazing multi-taskers.  Kidding aside, they really want to please their man, a drive that’s getting rather uncommon around the world these days.  But stay alert! These “submissive” chicks will put you to sleep with their caring so there’s a real danger that you’ll wake up 5 years later married with kids, sexless, and living with her parents! Don’t be fooled.  Many a Western man has married a Japanese girl only to find that all that caring shifted 100% towards the children and he was left to fulfill his role as a walking wallet.  So, be aware that this is a possibility and keep a watch out.  I always like to probe any Japanese girl I’m dating for what her parents relationship is like as a good indicator of whether I can expect her kind, giving behavior to continue.

4. Amazing Fashion

Hair. Nails. Makeup. Whatever your style, Japanese girls have it.  Want super sexy, in heels, tight skirts and lots of skin?  They do that.  Want the sweet, nice, take home to mom look?  They can do that too.  Want blonde hair, and blue eyes?  Yup, they even do that!  Whatever it is you want, you can find a Japanese girl to match your taste.  Girls even hang little charms from their elongated finger nails!  They love to dress well and look their best at all times. …and they love to do it for you.

5. Sex

They love it, or pretend to love it until you work out what really pushes her buttons.  Japanese girls are up for it, so long as the guy they like likes them back.  Some guys are turned off by their sexuality, or lack thereof, saying that they don’t have the porn star moves of western women. But believe me when I tell you that they are willing to learn.  And like in all other areas of life, they are happy to “Ganbaru”, “try my best”, with all the enthusiasm of a little kid opening presents from Santa.

6.  Free Time

One thing that makes Japan a really great country is that there is a lot of variety in terms of how people live their lives.  This is one of the factors that makes it such a fascinating country to watch and to live in.  It never gets boring and even local Japanese media loves to continuously find new sub-cultures to expose and market to. One of the reasons is the large amount of discretionary time that Japanese people(and Japanese girls in particular) have.  Before marriage a large percentage of Japanese girls are students, or hold part time jobs which leaves them with plenty of time to be out and about at cafes, malls, and restaurants in the daytime(interestingly, this pattern of behavior re-emerges after marriage once the kids are in school).

7. They Don’t Need Your Money

What’s more, because it’s totally normal and acceptable for singles to live at home, almost all of the money they make goes directly into their own pockets.  Free room and board(usually), means they live and eat for free or close to it.  That means that the $1,000 or so per month they make working at the local bakery can go directly towards shopping sprees, iPhone accessories, trips, and hobbies which helps to keep Japanese girls looking good, interesting and able to make time for you. So that’s 7 reasons I love Japanese girls.  If you’ve dated Japanese girls before and you have a story to share about why you love Japanese girls too, share it below! (Many commenters felt that this post is dehumanizing to Japanese women, objectifies them and promotes a fetishization of Japanese women.  To combat and mental and emotional trauma this post may produce I’ve also written, The Misogynists Guide to Loving Japanese Girls.)

248 thoughts on “7 Reasons I Love Japanese Girls and You Should Too”

    1. It’s really not intended to be…but as I tell the guys, we can’t control how women respond, we can only change what we do.

    2. Don’t worry… Japanese women aren’t the only amazing Asian women out there – all sorts of Asian women are great so we’ll probably get to your country sooner or later. ^^

  1. this is so scary

    FULL of shit. You seem to believe that japanese girls will do all that “cook, clean, wash and fold your clothes, do your dishes, and give you a back rub all at the same time!”, and after that you say you have to be carefull not to end up with them for the rest of your life?? WTF. You just want a slave, not a girlfriend. Guys, don’t listen to this freak!! NEVER BE LIKE THIS.

    1. It think you missed my attempt at humor. The point I was trying to make is that many guys think that Japanese girls are submissive. They’re not any more submissive than American girls are really.

      They just go about it in different ways and many guys make the mistake of believing that because she treats them a certain way that she IS their slave, and I’m pointing out how that’s a gross error on their part and that many a man got something totally different than what he wanted as a result.

      Apparently, my point wasn’t clear…

    2. Since ~ 60% of Japanese marriages are sexless, guys should know what they’re getting into if they’re thinking abut marrying a Japanese woman. Most guys wouldn’t want to enter into a situation where they’d probably never have sex again.

      1. Not all Japanese marriage are sex less that depends on the women I’m married to a Japanese women no lack of sex and we been married 42 years

    3. You are missing the point. Japanese women not “cook, clean, wash and fold your clothes, do your dishes, and give you a back rub all at the same time!” for free; the girls that do it expect get marry, be housewives and control their husband wage, this is why they are not submissive though they were careful. And the critisism here is about the wives that stop caring enough or having sex with their husbands.

    4. Well Japanese girls might promote themself as they will cook, clean, etc. for marine corps guys. Me and my bf (stationed in Okinawa) have an argument about these girls. I stated that he will never have a girl like me who will do anything for him ( I am European living in States- blonde with natural blue eyes) because I love him so he says it’s false. He seems obsessed with the Japanese women. Besides many women do plastic surgery to be like western women which they will
      never be. What he makes me feel I am lower key than them and I am great looking woman. He believes that Japanese women are into caring so much as they probably just want to impressed foreigners. Japanese act way too easy to impress guys way too much just to get what they want from them. All seems fake to me. I have never heard about this culture until I’ve learned thanks to my bf who thinks he is a guru and all Japanese what him because he is one of the unique marine guy. That’s why my long distance relationship is nothing but all about fights and arguments. Off the record from all I noticed that you guys have a low key self-esteem and you need someone like Japanese to increase your ego as you are walking model they have never seen in their lives. It’s so fake.

  2. This is absolutely disgusting. This is filled with stereotype on top of stereotype. Any ‘man’ who’d actually believe this is a desperate, fetishizing creep that should be nowhere near ANY WOMAN, ASIAN OR NOT

    1. Stereotypes are the starting off point of understanding. It’s a frame of reference that people can use to order the world. The key is to be vigilant enough to when it’s getting in the way of meeting another person as a person.

    2. The human mind categorizes and sorts people into groups to help facilitate understanding. I’m not saying that stereotyping this way is right or wrong, it’s just how the human mind works. Unfortunately, most guys come to Asia assuming that Asian women are pretty much the same as western women – that’s the stereotype they have of Asian women. We try to replace that stereotype with a general understanding of Asian women, and then refine that understanding. The end goal is to understand the sociocultural background that you’re working in but to address particular people differently based on a deeper understanding of who they are. None of us actually believes that all Japanese women are as described in the article, but it’s a very good frame of reference to have because, ultimately, that’s the general trend in Japan.

    3. Believe or not behind the curtains japanise women are into the fetishizm as well as my bf is. It’s such a gross to me however is true

  3. Completely disgusted

    Holy shit, that header picture? That’s Girls’ Generation, a pop group from KOREA. Not one of those girls is Japanese, you ignorant cocksmack. This entire website is a shitstain on the Earth, you culturally appropriating weasel.

    1. Yeah, the editor who selects the photo’s made an error here and it will be remedied when he’s back from vacation.

      Watch your language.

    2. Yup, my bad. I really don’t pay attention to music groups at all. Interesting how Google image search has that image under Japanese girl bands, though. My apologies.

        1. What is wrong with google…can’t they tell the difference between Korean and Japanese? Their algorithm is racist and thinks that all Asian girl bands are the same.

          You know what…fuck you google! hahahahaha

    3. Huh? Asians appropriate Black culture and have no respect for Blacks. They appropriate white culture too, and worship whites. This is why Asia is a white man’s paradise. If you appropriate from me, I’ll do the same to you with no shame.

      1. It’s called modeling…find someone or someone(s) who are doing what you want to do an copy, imitate, “appropriate”. This is fundamental to the success of the human race.

        This is also known as LEARNING.

        1. That’s right, but Black men will never be able to copy the success of others, while we openly share what few aspects of our culture are considered good. We need to make them pay to play, or at least try to openly take aspects from other cultures without shame to build our own.

          1. This comment will be deleted due to comment policy violation. Please read our comment policy located on the sidebar of this page. Further violations will result in a complete ban.

          2. I recently found a guide written by a black dude who lives in China and has married a Chinese girl, he actually wrote a legit guide on how to find meet and attract Chinese girls.

            I don’t think I will show it to you though because you will just rationalise why it’s untrue or something retarded like that.

          3. Most asains don’t like blacks there are a very few that will hang with blacks so I call bull on his guide

          4. I keep hearing about this, and I find it’s true in Thailand, but in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong I’ve had no problem getting top shelf women.

          5. I don’t see it very often go to okinawa every year see in once in awhile most don’t look longterm

          6. Most of the guys are military on a temporary tour of duty for a few years so it’s not surprising…additionally, most Asians don’t seriously consider dating a white guy long term anyway.

            They love their countries and don’t want to leave(this is less true for Philippinas and Chinese though).

          7. I know they are military but some of the girls do fall in love and marry them this know for a fact been married to a girl from Okinawa for many years 42 years

          8. Yeah I heard the same thing but I see lots of black guys with Asian girls quite regularly, even in China, which I still find surprising every time I see it, which is about two or three times a week.


    I truly Hope you are not making money off of being a prejudice cunt.Don’t ever write an article again because with all the ignorance and stupidity you have you might just explode.

    1. Mimi shi, people put tags on others as a way of controling and making sense of their little bit of the world. The other thing I could never figure out is why some men see women as “conquests”. The asian lady who did me the honour of being my lover, was beyond belief. When you really love/like each other, sex is unbelievably better. All we ever wanrted to do, was get married and have lots of beautiful children. Unfortunately things (life) stopped that happening. Before her, I had never seriously looked at an asian lady. After her, any other woman I had, paled into insignifigance. I ended up marrying an Aussie lady, but she turned out to be such a lousy lover, I put all my time/energy into work, and my sport. Such is life. By the time you have worked out how it goes, one is too old to use that knowledge.

  5. Go fuck yourself

    You are absolutely disgusting. Fetishizing and Dehumanizing asian women like this. News flash, asshole; THEY ARE PEOPLE.

    1. What a dirty mouth you have on you. Clearly you’re just letting off steam. I’ll be happy to properly reply when you give a proper critique of what I’ve written rather than indulging in an ad hominem attack.

    2. I don’t get it…..Socrates dated some Asian women, lives in Asia and approves of them….wheres the dehumanizing part?

    1. This is exactly what I’m talking about…I’m going to delete this post very shortly to make an example of you.

  6. I’m going to start deleting posts with bad language. I’m quite happy to have you make comments but going around purposefully insulting people you don’t even know is wrong and I won’t allow it.

    You don’t have to agree with me or like me, but you do have to add to the discussion. If you think I’m ignorant, school me and the rest of the readers.

    You’ve been warned.

  7. Currently living in Japan

    Stereotypically Ii find these to be somewhat true. I say stereotypically and somewhat because obviously its not true for individuals. Living in Japan all my life, having mostly Japanese friends as well as Japanese cultured friends, and having a Japanese cultured ex-girlfriend makes me say that there is truth in this article. Everything I read here made me recall things I’ve seen everyday either through tv or through experiences. Yes it sounds gross. But there is a reason why someone would see Japanese women like this. It’s just Japanese culture. It’s funny how similar characteristics can be seen in many of the guys here nowadays.

  8. I don’t really get all the hate. He’s just saying why he likes Japanese girls from his experience and chipping in some words of advice. If a guy is attracted to Asian girls but has never lived here before, this is pretty valuable advice. Why waste so much energy cursing at someone? It’s bizarre…

  9. Everyone duck!

    Wow, a man goes to Japan for a few days and an army of militant feminists storm the gates.

    It always amazes me just how much hate there is for men on the other side of the great divide. Of course, I’m not talking about all women… just a handful of (very vocal) bad apples who are as much for shredding the self respect and dignity of men as they are for advancing the standing of women. Hate is a powerful driving force …but love is even stronger.

    Surely feminists who are “aiming for equality” would be happy if men had the same understanding of women as women do of men. I always have to shake my head when a militant feminist blatantly rip apart men who want to improve their skills with the opposite sex.

    From early childhood women talk about men and relationships and develop an understanding that men just largely… lack. When it comes to sharpening your love life, men, it’s really about righting this imbalance and educating yourself on how women and relationships work.

    If you’re hard up for a date – if you haven’t had the type of luck with women you think you should have being the great guy you are – then don’t let a handful of gutter-mouthed girls stop you from improving your situation.

    When I first recognized that I needed help with women my love life was in a sad state. Fast forward a few years and I’ve dated some exceptional women, both physically and in terms of personality. One of the reasons I decided to help RedpoleQ with this project was because of how tremendously valuable learning from him has been. I’ve experienced a massive improvement in the quality and number of women I date, and I want to help other guys make the changes in their life that they’re ready to make. It’s very real, and very possible to make meaningful improvements.

    Don’t let a handful of angry women stop you from improving your life.

    And ladies…. really?

    1. Why, in your disgusting, twisted mind, is feminism an insult?
      Feminism strives for equality for both genders. Stop gaslighting these commenters because they’re defending Japanese women from stereotyping. I can assure you that no Japanese, let alone, no woman ever, wants to have her race and gender painted as a group of people that will cater to you like a servant – and if you go into a relationship looking specifically for these values in a woman, I hope she breaks your heart into tiny little pieces like you deserve. Men that think this way, men like you, need to be taken to the vet and put down. I’m sorry that you grew up believing that a woman should cater to your every whim, especially in the 21st century where the female demographic in first world countries are earning more degrees than men, and also becoming breadwinners for their own families. Assuming that you probably sit around at home for a living, writing pathetic articles and defending yourself to your last breath because you don’t want to admit you’re wrong, maybe you should do the cooking for a change. I’m sure your significant other is tired of pulling your weight, or more than likely you don’t even have a girlfriend. Either way, go fuck yourself.

      1. Femiinism is great. It is when many of them feel compelled to act like termagants, that their men run away and find more agreeable ladies.
        I used the tantric teachings to try to make my lady happy, plus good old Aussie courtesy. She to tried the Tantric ways too, to make me happy, because it worked so well for her. Our favourite “Pillow Book” was the Ananga Ranga. The Poets realized that couples get bored, thus they tried too keep the spark alive.
        They also advised how you should act towards each other. It may seem like play acting at first, but soon it becomes natural, and increases your desire for each other. The trick is to forget about yourself and concentrate wholly on your lover, and take pleasure in her pleasures, seeking to heighten them or increase them. Forgetting about yourself and only what you want, works wonders.

  10. After living here in Japan for way too long, much of this is true (maybe a bit overstated). But yeah, Japanese women tend to be great unless you share one food with them and then it is all downhill….The food….Wedding cake…

    That said, married Japanese women (as long as you are not the husband) are often a great deal of naughty fun. Very naughty..

    And yes gov stats say that about 65% of J married couples have sex once a month or less….Pretty sad.

    And the author is correct..J Girls are ridiculous about cute…Scary…

  11. As a female from Japan, I’m not even offended, I respect this person’s opinion but here is mine: 1) Western men make silly posts on the Internet; 2) Western men have a weird Asian fetish; 3) Western men are rude; 4) Western men will never wash the dishes, they will never cook for you, they’ll throw the towels on the floor; 5) Western men don’t appreciate anything you do; 6) Western men have really high expectations of women but they love to complain about “friendzone” (their idea of “friendzone” is very distorted); 7) Western men often mistake porn and articles like this with reality; 8) Western men like to believe they know everything and they will feel threatened if you don’t agree with them; 9) Western men will cheat on you and take everything from you, just like my father! I hope you enjoy! ^-^/ And make sure to pick up our free guide on how to see past the stereotypes.

    1. For you ladies, avoid Western men that match too closely to the above stereotype, and for you men, try to find Japanese women that match whatever in the article appeals to you!

      1. No matter how much disagreement there is here, I will always love Japanese girls and will always admire their politeness wherever they are. Relationships are hard nowadays in any country or any culture. When a man loves a woman (lyrics of a song) and the other way around too, they have both found a treasure they should cherish forever!

    2. Sorry K, your dad sounds like he was a jerk.
      As for your expectations of Western Men
      1. As i am writing this post, I can be considered guilty.
      2. Not so much an Asian fetish..But I do like non fat women.
      3. Am I rude…Sometimes.
      4. Rarely wash the dishes is true…I do cook though. Towels on the floor..Rarely.
      5. I appreciated the honesty in your post. And I appreciate much of what my partner does.
      6. Probably does not refer to me.
      7. Porn is definitely not reality. This article is semi reality. Your heavy reply is close to reality.
      8. I do not get threatened by other opinions. I might not agree with them though.
      9. I have been guilty of cheating (though not theft). That said, so were many of my housewife partners…Sometimes it does take 2 to tango.

      Where is your free guide. It is always valuable to hear from a woman who can teach men to be better.

    3. Hi K,

      I just read this blog for the first time and your post moved me to comment. You, and others, made me realize I have a J-girl fetish. My first dance partner in grade school was Japanese and I have been attracted to J-girls ever since! (I was a disappointment to her, as well.) I have been married to the same (white) woman for 37 yrs. We have two loving children and two adorable grandkids. When it’s my turn to cook, I just take her out to dinner, lunch, or breakfast! Yes, porn really messes up what men think a woman wants in a relationship. Thankfully, I married a gal who taught me what true love is. I am sorry your father hurt you. You are not alone in that aspect. Not all Western men are that way. If only we humans could turn back time and erase the pain we have caused others.

      1. except it’s false to believe porn ‘warps’ our mind, most of us can distinguish fantasy from reality… Has it ever occurred to you that people just want to watch their fantasies online, because they like it? Nothing wrong with that

        1. there is something wrong with that. It is proven by studies that porn rewires your brain, because it produces the strongest dopamine spikes humanly possible

          1. all emotions give chemical reactions though. Saying that ‘rewrites the brain’ therefore is bullshit. Sure, it can cause addictions, and cases like PTSD, but certainly not in most cases

            eating chocolate has also been proven to give you dopamine, does that mean your brain is re-written? Not at all

            Also, from all these so called studies of ‘porn addiction’ they quote people who just use porn more than the average person, and it gets in the way of their relationships. For starters, they are a rare few (unless if you claim the vast majority of the planet is addicted to porn, seeming porn is literally the most abundant thing on the entire internet) and secondly, it’s perfectly possible that they’re just terrible at relationships, so they use porn to temporarily ‘cure’ themselves.

            I’d say gambling and drug addictions are far more likely as well

    4. Not all western men lol I’m not a pushover, but I don’t use women and treat them right.. Which is why I have troubles with girls… They see this as week and want punks when they complain about wanting the perfect guy like from the note book lmao it’s all bs x) I have money that I gladly use on my women and I’m not ugly or anything like that, but it stil doesn’t matter lol

      1. Women have a hard time understanding that what they think they like in men and what they actually respond to are two totally different things.

        You can be both strong and kind at the same time though but it takes skill and practice to draw boundaries in the right ways.

        I hope some of the articles on Asian Dating Monthly are helping you get that balance so you can stop having troubles with girls.

        Thanks for your comment.

    5. It’s not just Western men that suck. In fact Western men can be alright compared to some others I wont mention. Western women, especially American women, are THE WORST. Everyone knows this too. That’s why it’s a big trend among Western men to avoid American women like the plaque. American women are a major reason for the proliferation of male homosexuality in America. They are so horrible that it drives men to be gay.

      1. So true. I married two American women and they both left me for other men. Now I’m in a relationship with a Japanese woman who I love and adore and she is wonderful to me. We’ll see how it goes.

    6. K, not that i can only assume that all this ideas were based on one asshole, i can assume you to be ignorant as well as unable to form opinion. Did you just pointed nine reasons why you hate your pap, or was it actually based on more than one “western man” as you called us. i wonder if you are angry because we act like what you said, because iam not saying no “western man” ever done something like that, or is it because a lot of asian guys have “western woman” thing going on, just as we have the same (basically)?

      i just proven your argument, that we are rude, i just did, indeed, but maybe i had a reason.
      And on my way to pick up the guide about stereotypes, i will bring one copy to you as well 😛

        1. I’m a white guy I don’t have any weird asain fetishes try not to post any weird things I have a Japanese wife to a point I do cook and try 5old help her around the house when I’m home my job keeps me gone 2 to 3 weeks we have been married 42 years so I’m offered by things said above

      1. I think K. was just making a point that not all generalizations are true lol you can tell she wasn’t serious in her generalization and was saying this post was a generalization

    7. I just read this article for the first time. Also reading K. comments kind of offends me being a western male. Maybe I am not the typical western male as I enjoy cooking, I do the dishes regularly, I wash my own clothes, I even clean my house. Maybe it is because I had a great mother who taught me first to be able to take care of myself. Second, having a partner no matter where they are from becomes a two party deal. I treat my partner as I would want to be treated and that is with respect and love. Otherwise, I will not be with a person if it is only a one sided affair.

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      2. what K said was absolute shit. For one, I literally know NO western man (I’m one of these western men) who’s THAT lazy

          1. there aren’t many western men in Japan though, westerners and foreigners in general even make up a vast minority of Japan

    8. That was very well written and I laughed pretty hard too!
      Loved that last line the best! ;D

      From the mostly western guy that is easy going, polite, loves learning to cook Japanese food right now, expects only what I’m willing to give, never cheating (ex-wife did it to me), no problem admitting when I’m wrong… but I do hate doing dishes, nobody’s perfect right? ;D

    9. I would agree with you if… you had not confused “western men” and “men from USA”. Men form USA – the ones which like to hold forth about everything – are not representative at all of western men (even if they cannot realize it, but you have to forgive them as their subculture does not allow them to understand that they do not know everything and their crude subculture is not an absolute reference), as, just to make a comparison, men from Vietnam are representative of all asian men.

    10. Some one posted this on Facebook. I like how they try to generalize Japanese women or Asian women. It’s just one man’s fantasy of a Japanese woman. I am sure other men to. But plz don’t do the same thing too. I try everyday to be a good person in this one life I live. Idk who I am going to spend the rest of my life with. whether she is Asian,black, Indian,Native American or whatever. it’s not good to generalize one particular area as all bad. I’m sorry that a Western man did something to really hurt you. But I really hope that I’ll never be anything like that. I cook for a living it makes me really happy. And I don’t mind cooking every night for my love. Wherever she may be.
      so please don’t think we’re all that bad. Because I am trying my best. And I do care.

    11. I highly doubt you’re a Japanese girl, probably just pretending. I’ve been enough time in Japan to know that your behavior is 1 on 1000

      1. You could be right but we get several thousand visits to this page per month, so statistically, it’s very possible that she’s 1 in 1000, or even 1 in 2 or 3,000.

        1. She is using terms like friendzoned she have decent English (super rare in Japan) it points out that, she/he is clearly an otaku reading the article feeling butthurted for some reason… It’s not nice to fool the people like that. Of course stereotypes are not something solid every time, but in general all J-Girls try to be cute, love that!

          1. thomas morris

            some japanese women have very good english some comes to the states just to learn english in collage not street english so she could very well be japanese alsoalot grew up in the states

          2. Otakus and Weeaboos are stupid human scums with fetish for anime and all other things. Not only that, they’re cancerous people too!

    12. I am a western man, I cook, I clean, I wash the dishes, mop the floors, take out the rubbish, iron my shirts, fold my clothes, enjoy movies and love sex. If your Japanese and interested, PM me. =)

    13. Hi K,You have not met me, you need to find a older man who will
      treat you with respect and help you to do the dishes,you can have
      a load of fun doing dishes.

    14. K, you are a lovely woman. I hope you will find (or maybe have already found) a wonderful man for you. Your thoughts are pretty nice and beautiful! Many men would like to have you for a wife!

    15. Sad part is you are a 110% right about western men, trust me I’m one of them, but at lest I ain’t afraid to admit it. I have everything I could ever want but I take it for granit. Knowing this just shows how screwed up I am. If this sounds like a sob story, I want to say I’m sorry.

    16. Sorry, I just have to comment on this one… Enough with the stereotypes! I’m a “Western” man (American of English, Scottish, Irish, Danish [and who knows what else] descent).

      I don’t have a FETISH for Asian woman (of any race), but OF the women I find attractive, the VAST majority are, in fact, Asian.

      I’m by no means submissive, but I put my woman on a pedestal. I do the cooking (unlike Larry, here, I DO cook – and simply don’t let my wife in MY kitchen). We share the cleaning and laundry and other household chores. I earn substantially more than she does, but there is no “My money” – it’s OUR money.

      I’ve been faithful to the same woman for over 30 years (though I cannot say the same for her) – yet I have stayed with her nonetheless.

      Oh, and I INSIST that EVERYONE not only put the toilet seat down, but the COVER, too (therefore NO ONE does any more or less than anyone else to use the toilet – and it looks a hell of a lot neater, too)!

      Let’s see, what else… Oh, I don’t throw towels on the floor (I hang them on the towel rack or the shower bar).

      And, of course, we ALL KNOW that Asian men are SO WONDERFUL (always treating their women with nothing but respect). Hell, they’re RENOUND for doing the cooking and cleaning and taking care of their wife or girlfriend’s every want and desire, aren’t they?

      There’s a REASON Asian women are the way they are… If’s because Asian MEN DEMAND IT!

    17. The part of if you as men wash the dishes or not is not fundamental, it only have to do with if you expect your wife help you to pay the bills or not.

    18. The part of if you as men wash the dishes or not is not fundamental, it
      only have to do with if you expect your wife help you to pay the bills
      or not.

    19. Damn, I know most guys have lost the art of Chivalry and integrity, when it comes to long term relationships, but there are quite a few of us out there. Personally I dont mind cooking and actually enjoy cooking for others. Ive been living on my own for over 2 years, and learned how to keep my apartment clean and neat. However Im also military raised and training to leave in a week, so that may have some bearing on it. *shrug*

    20. The KeK who holds the TRUTH!!!

      What’s more repulsive than a white male is N1gg3rs. They’re disgusting, uneducated and rude. They’ll treat Japanese women as sex objects. I’m glad that Japan doesn’t want to pair up their women with those animals.

    21. The KeK who holds the TRUTH!!!

      African-American aka N1ggers should stop dating womens outside their race because it’s disgusting. They believe that [asian] womens would accept them but that’s all wrong. Man, these blacks got it all wrong.

      Their logic, You’re a negroid and you dated an asian women.
      So that means all azn woman like Nig-Nogs. That’s pretty much B.S.

        1. I think he is jealous of the black man stereotype. I am a brown-skinned Aussie guy who is over10 inches long. When we first made love, my asian lady was only about 4.5 inches, after 2 years she had only increase to 6 inches. So I used to perform oral sex on her for an hour first, then be very gentle with her. She was an amazing lover though. She used to climb on top of me to give me oral sex, and she used to do the prostate massage at the same time. I would bury my face in her lady parts, and go into sensory overload. I could only recall bits of what happened , or what I said or did. When I was finally able to register what was happening again, my lady was smiling, and had a light in her eyes. Just about all my bits ached, icluding my bum, and I couldn’t even get an erection. So I guess she had, had her way with me.

    22. There is no worse when it comes to race, ethnicity or culture. I know your post was meant to be somewhat sarcastic, but Japanese men aren’t exactly progressive when it comes to women. But as a half Japanese living in Japan you must have a unique perspective on things.

    23. Hehe that was funny hey btw what is a western man btw im from slovenija

      Hey its not gay its kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.its not gayyy shut up !!!


    24. I can’t disagree, generally a lot of men are like that. I wouldn’t say ALL western men are that way, just mostly the ones that can’t get what they want in any country. They want to say that Japanese women are different. Maybe they are in a cultural way, but still are human like any other woman so to make these stereo types about anyone is just ignorance. I as a man felt the same way they did until a actually dated an Asian lady. I found her to be no different than any other woman, the only real difference was her physical appearance and other than that she was good or bad to the man based on the way he came across so that’s universal. These days I don’t worry about being with a certain ethnic race, but rather I either feel it or I don’t and that doesn’t discriminate for me.

      Great post.

    25. Being a ‘Western’ male I have to disagree. Yes they can be arseholes but anyone from any background, ethnicity, race etc. can be. Just because your father did something horrible doesn’t mean every western man does. Just a select few. Everything you said (bar the Asian fetish-ish thing) was false or at least in the case of me and many people I know.
      The whole Asian fetish thing is true as well. Don’t know why, so used to media portraying Western women, it’s a different change.

    26. Hi K
      I loooove Asian girls, call it what you want. Western girls suck and where I live there is a high proportion of willing girls to have fun with.
      I treat them well, but with enough push pull to keep them interested.
      Funny thing is whenever I feel like moving on, I never ditch them, just absolutely smother them like the average Asian guy and they walk.
      So maybe you don’t like the so called arsehole westerner, but most Asian girls I see, do.

      1. It may be that the Asian girls you find are more interested in you don’t want to have the Asian dating experience, because there are plenty of women that are like that.

        Also, how much they like to be “smothered” varies from country to country. So, Japanese aren’t into it so much, while Taiwanese are REALLY into that. Koreans like it, but are also too busy to deal with it beyond texting and calling a lot.

    27. are Mexicans consider westerns people too, altho im sure that we Mexicans do not appeal to any Japanese women, im sure you already know what the reasons are, but what can i say i fell in love with a Japanese girl ones im probably still in love with her. cant change the way she thiks. damm it never-mind im just sit down and be single for the rest of my life.

      1. I’m going to leave it up to Mexicans to decide if they are western or not. But it seems that in general, Latinos fall more in line with the way Europeans, North Americans, and Australians act than Africans, or Asians, or Middle Easterners.

        Mexicans can get Japanese girls just as well as anyone else. That’s silly limiting belief. Japanese, especially are the most open minded of the East Asians and really don’t care where the guys they date come from.

      1. @Yorieo. It seems to me, that the reason is, that asian women do not “compete” with their men. They always say things in a complimentary way, not a derogatory way. My lady used to compliment me on being such a great lover to her. That used to inspire me, to try to do even better next time. I used to respond, (sincerely) that she was a better lover than I ever deserved to have, and tell her how beautifull she was….Which was totally true.

        1. @Akire shi. Hehe. In the opinion of; 俺様?, “my esteemed self”. 😉 I may not have enough words. It will not post. I will try again now?

          1. For they who can’t read the Japanese. it is; ore sama. I am not being pretentious, I am sending myself up, so as to speak.
            Meoowwrr….Marum.(Die schachspielen Katze)

    28. As a Western man you must have met a lot of bad ones. As for me I have always taken care of myself. I have always had respect for women. I wash my own clothes, cook and keep a clean house. I will always be there to protect the person that I love.

    29. that’s a bit harsh and overly stupid… Sure this article isn’t very realistic, but it’s hardly rude. I’d go as far as to say your post was rather racist, and coming from a western man, not many men are like as you describe except for nerds and sexist pigs.

    30. The only time I leave towels on the floor is when my asian lady is lying on them. Otherwise the place can get pretty slippery after an hour or so of oral-sex. She absolutely loves me doing it.
      Regards……Aussie bloke

    31. Brendan Fletcher

      If I may, as a Canadian guy, growing up we hosted a number of international students mostly from Japan. I was raised to be a gentlemen and proper as well. I love to cook, and can be found solo or getting parties cooking ^_^ I don’t know about friendzones but happy to be kind to all, keeping ones place top knotch tidy is a must _^ I’ve been cheated on, and wish never to put anyone through such a awful thing. in closing I’ve always loved to Asian culture and it’s rich history thanks for reading and yup still nice guys out there ^_^ Cheers

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  13. (≧∇≦)

    Hahah these man really think we like to look our best for THEM. Maybe you should try and change your entire crooked face first and your Afro hair. Americans… So full of themselves, they go to other countries to pick girls with low self-esteem who are especially attracted to gaijin and brag on the internet. Do us all a favor and go back to your pathetic country.

    1. You’re right. Most girls aren’t thinking about men when they get all dolled up. They’re thinking about the other girls…hmmm, competing with other girls. I wonder why they’d want to do that? What’s really fascinating is that girls both in Japan and in other countries will often purposefully dress down on dates because they don’t want to seem too interested.

      You know…a lot of guys do exactly what you’re saying and it’s not a bad strategy of selecting “gaijin lovers”. It’s really shocking how many Japanese girls have only been with foreigners, but it’s still a VERY, VERY low percentage.

      In fact, in can be quite difficult because there are so few of them to go around so there’s a lot of competition. One of the problems with those girls though is that they are looking for a stereotype, and if you don’t match it, they’re done with you.

      In my case, I have met a few “black lovers” but they are always disappointed when they want to talk to me about hip-hop and are always surprised to find a well stocked bookshelf.

      In fact, when I first moved to Japan to study on scholarship I met this guy and asked for his advice because I wasn’t having much success despite the rumors that Japan would be a cake walk and he told me, “we’ll get you some hip-hop clothes and you’ll be alright.”

      I didn’t take his advice. And while you may not believe it, this site is for guys who want to find girls who like them for who they really are. As for the afro…this is what happens when I don’t cut my hair.

    2. i dont necesarry think what they said applies to general japanese women in japan.Vietnamese girls are subservant but japanese korean and chinese women i dont think so they are lining up to date white men.Well only low self esteem chinese girls will go for them trust me on this x

      1. Mate, you will always find unexpected diffferences. My asian lady cooked me a beautiful dinner. Just before she cleared the table, I put some rice in a separate bowl. Then I put honey on it and ice-cream. She looked at it and me in horror, said: “You Australians do strange things!” I started laughing, pulled her down to the floor, and kissed her all over. Then tipped the dessert onto her belly, and licked it off. I then asked: “Is that strange enough?” She replied that it would be, if I didn’t thank her properley for the meal. So, some three hours later, I had to do the washing up by myself. That is what I loved about that lady, she was so much fun. We always planned on getting married, aand having lots of children.

  14. I agree with it all. Am seeing a super fun Japanese girl at the moment and its awesome. Only down fall is the super manipulator thibg. She really gets off on playing games with loads of men. I just sort of shrug my shoulders and dont go down on her.

    1. “…shrug my shoulders and dont go down on her.”

      There are so many guys how have no idea how their being manipulated. Chances are though that if you try to leave her she’ll break down in tears and beg you to stay with her.

  15. I’d just like to point out that Japanese girls are humans, not things. They’re not all fun-loving, subservient, fashionable and attractive nymphomaniacs. In fact, none of them that I’ve met are: they’re people. I’ve met many cute, kind, fun, attractive and sex-interested Japanese girls, but I’ve also met men and women of many cultures who fit that description.

    To say that if a girl is Japanese she is all of the above merely perpetuates ignorance, because, quite simply, pretty much anyone can be cute, kind, fun, attractive and sex-interested. I mean, that’s what humans do. It’s why there are still humans on the planet.

    And, just a side note: this article not once mentioned intelligence, or understanding, or nurturing, or dedication to health, or self-respect, or any of a host of very good and attractive qualities that I’d like my partners to possess.

    1. It really annoys me when people don’t actually read my article before commenting.

      I assume a certain level of intelligence in my readers and while it’s true that anyone “can be” the above traits I’m pointing out traits that distinguish Japanese girls from other Asian girls.

      It’s obvious if you travel Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and other SE Asian countries that Japan has much more of a culture of cute, a much more sexualized culture, is more OK with youth having a good time after high school and before marriage and where the people(including the women) are more polite.

      It baffles me that anyone could dispute this. It’s like saying that the US doesn’t have more of a gun culture than other western countries…though much less of a gun culture than Afghanistan, for example.

      There are more than 5 good traits to Japanese girls…I’ll be adding more in the future.

      1. On the contrary, I did read your article. It didn’t say anything about culture, it said things about Japanese girls — specifically Japanese girls. It said them without qualifications or evidence. The effect is that it would seem you are saying that if a girl is Japanese, she is all of the above. In keeping with your US gun culture argument, it’s like saying that “American men have guns,” or “Americans like football.”

        I agree with you that the perpetuated view of Japanese girls matches your article. I would also venture to agree that Japanese culture emphasizes cuteness, selfless acceptance and service to one’s partner, optimism and fun-loving attitude, fashion, and sexual receptivity.

        But Japanese girls cannot be expected to be models of their culture. Numerous counter-examples exist. Many young women in Japan avoid relationships altogether because they find the pressure to fulfill these expectations too stifling. There are girls in Japan who are not seen as “cute,” and in that they feel they’ve failed to play their role. The model examples of the “Japanese girl” are the well-publicized minority.

        In short, whether it was your intent or not, your article motivates an expectation of Japanese girls that is unhealthy, unfair, and irrational. We cannot expect all Japanese girls to be “mecha-kawaii,” to serve and nurture unerringly, nor to portray constant optimism, fun, or stylishness. It would be especially dangerous to assume sexual eagerness, readiness, or enthusiasm. We couldn’t expect or assume such things of anyone; it would be wrong to always expect them even of ourselves alone.

        1. It doesn’t bother me if people say that “American men have guns” and “Americans like football”. As compared to other countries this is very true.

          In other news, black people like hip hop, girls like flowers and Chinese people speak Mandarin.

          I got a message from a Japanese girl and she said similar things to you about how there are many Japanese women who don’t match what I’ve written…well, that’s fine, many a girl I’ve dated has been shocked at my lack of knowledge of hip hop music, and that don’t wear sports jerseys.

          I’ve gotten stopped in several countries in Asia and asked if I could sell weed. Despite being American, I’ve never smoked weed, and despite being black, I’ve never sold it.

          These characterizations don’t bother me at all. The fact that people have expectations isn’t unhealthy, unfair, or irrational. First off, life isn’t fair. Get over it.

          Unhealthy and irrational? Humans order the world as best they can to make sense of it. A perfect Euclidean circle doesn’t exist in reality, but we can use the concept in real life anyway. We adjust for the framework to the reality of the situation…that’s the intelligence I was talking about I assume my readers have.

        2. Hi Joshua,

          I’m sympathetic to what you’re saying, but in the end it’s really a non issue. Only young children and redneck halfwitts who have never left their small town literally think that all members of some group have the same characteristics. Of course there are variations and differences within groups. Nobody worth spending any time talking to believes there isn’t.

          Human mind is in part a dividing & sorting machine. Dividing and sorting is how we make sense of a large amounts of information, or complex situations. That’s just human psychology. Before people can understand the nuances of Japanese culture, or Japanese people, you have to start with its general characteristics.

          1. I’m afraid you fail to see the point I’ve tried to make in these last exchanges. I understand the importance of stereotypes to the human psyche and understanding of the world. And while you posit that “only young children and redneck halfwits” would believe wholeheartedly in the stereotypes you present, such does not defend your article to my original disagreements.

            I disagree with the fact that the article perpetuates expectations of Japanese women that are unhealthy. In line with the article, I would be right to assume that a Japanese woman should be fun, selflessly serving, and sexually eager. Can you not see how this is an issue?

            If people expect Japanese women to emulate these characteristics, Japanese women will feel that pressure. (I’m sure they already do.) In that, they are liable to judge themselves if they don’t comply, to lower their self-esteem, to psychologically ostracize themselves from society.

            I’m most worried, however, about the sexual eagerness comment. What if a woman is not sexually eager, but her culture and partner expects her to be? If she has sex, while not really wanting to, should we say she was consenting or coerced?

            The important point is that, whether you believe what you are writing or not, whether you think that people will take to it and spread it and base their expectations off of it or not, writing it nonetheless has an effect. In part because there ARE people that believe it, but more importantly because if the people that it targets find it, they will feel the expectation of it, and they will fall victim to their own delusion.

            Consider the middle school sex culture in America today. It’s not that the boys expect girls to want sex, it’s that they expect themselves to. It’s not that the girls expect the boys to want sex (though they do) as much as it is that the girls expect themselves to be compliant.

            In that manner you article is unhealthy. Not in that it helps people form stereotypes (which is done most aptly through experience), or that people are really stupid enough to take it blindly, but that people are, with many well-motivated examples, subject to things written about them.

          2. People have expectations of other people. People can’t meet all the expectations that are placed on them by others(family, friends, employers, society, etc.)

            That’s life.

            Each person has to figure out which expectations they can and/or are willing to meet. Realizing our own limitations in meeting the expectations we have for ourselves and those that are placed on us by others who we value and balancing that with getting what we expect from others is just part of being an adult as far as I’m concerned.

            In my case, I’m terrible at being on time. That puts strain on some of my relationships(with people, generally. from cultures where being on time is valued like the US and Japan). I have to bring enough value in other ways to compensate for that.

            If I can’t, the relationship won’t work out, whether that’s friends, family, work or other.

          3. Thank you for the discussion to this point. I can see that my points are not getting across. I have enjoyed the argument; it has been illuminating.

            – J

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    1. I’ve been living in Japan for 13 years and I’ve dated a lot. It’s amazing that people who have far less knowledge and experience think they know better than I do.


      Thanks for the props!

      1. I saw a post one time from some dude that said he knew all about Japanese women vast knowledge all in one year I’m white been involved with Japanese people close to 50 years been married to a Japanese women 42 years and there’s a lot I don’t know about Japanese they are not submissive but the know how to take of themselves and their families

  17. Oh no… I am Japanese and female. You wrote things were really good about us
    . However you know no one same any person in the world. I think it’s really same any country. Are you American guy? Do you think if you read some articles Japanese woman who’s writing “American guys that way. like everyone SAME as American.”
    There are also not fashionable, just selfish, or pretend to good person in here. Actually I am happy you given say to us really good things (other than about …sex…). But I want to tell you “evey country are same.” (almost? maybe?). But I really like caring my BF and he is American. Actually I am thinking if I love someone, who is my master. But my around Japanese woman they say “No way! TOO MUCH old fashion it is !!”

    1. It’s true that in any country you find all types, but if you’ve traveled a lot like I and many of the guys I know have, it’s clear that there are pros and cons to dating different women from different countries.

      That’s because the average behavior is set at a different spot. As an example, while there are many Japanese women who are extremely controlling and tell they’re boyfriends what to do(though I’ve never experienced this myself) this is a much more common and often expected behavior in Korean women.

      We’re trying to get at the differences in averages!

      I gotta wonder why you don’t like the fact that Japanese women are up for a good time in bed…I suspect it’s because, as usual, women want to be liked by guys for the things they like in themselves, rather than for what guys actually like.

      Bizarre, but common.

      Thanks for you comments.

      Thanks for your comment.

  18. I can’t even think of anything to argue about in this article. This is a pretty general but not overlydriven fetishy frame of the dating scene in Japan. Of course, not all of the women are sweet buds of joy, sex, and care. There’s bad apples scattered everywhere no matter where you travel to get a “traditional” wife. Being an Asian American born female, I have no troubles with Americans and Japanese couples. It only bothers me when the Americano thinks he should be treated as god and that he doesn’t have to contribute to anything. I have Japanese friends and they’re sweeter than honey.

  19. This is a joke. Men who like Japanese girls are asleep at the wheel. Sex, yes; affection, no. This amounts to total cultural divide because you end up with Western men saying “I love you” and the J-girl looking at you blankly, maybe mouthing the words, but having no fucking clue what to do because her culture is totally clueless when it comes to expression emotion.

    Seek love elsewhere in Asia. Leave Japan for the Japanese. You will be the wiser for this.

    1. If you notice, I didn’t say anything about affection…and that’s for a reason. I agree, Japanese are not passionate in the way that Thai or Korean girls are. Some guys may prefer it that way.

      I myself don’t need a lot of affection to feel cared for. For me, the domestic things they do and physical touching (hand holding, hugging, etc) are enough for me.

      But, overall I agree with your point.

      1. I think that hand holding and hugging are excellent ways to show your affection. Add kissing and sex, and I am all in.
        I am looking for a wife that wants to do the above 4 things with her man, who is a nice person, and who is interesting. They need to be physically attractive enough for me and probably in the 28-44 age range.

        What is typical for Japanese women as far as age goes? How much older can the guy be, typically? I have not had much experience with Japanese girls (mostly with Indonesian and Chinese girls). I am usually in Nagoya and Narita, when I come to Japan.

        1. Age isn’t a major issue with dating Japanese girls and with Asian girls in general. As a 50yo guy you can definitely date girls in their early 30s and probably girls in their late 20s as well.

          Some Japanese girls prefer much older guys actually. I’d try personals ads, as well as lean more towards Roppongi, Ginza and Shinjuku since you can find more mature girls in those areas…usually mid 20s and up.

          Good luck!

          1. Thanx 4 the info.Any ideas on the best dating sites, for Japan or Korea?
            I’m just leaving SYD for a couple of days in HKG, later today.

          2. I don’t do much online dating, but…
            -for Japan, I think the best bets are JapanCupid.com and WorldFriends.com

            -for Korea, I think the best bets are KoreanFriendFinder.com and UBLove.com

          3. Thanx 4 the suggestions. HKG was really nice. Met an Indonesian girl there who seems pretty great…will see how that goes.

          4. Excellent! Good luck, man.

            I happen to be in Hong Kong at the moment too, as I had an Approach Mastery boot camp this weekend.

            I’m leaving today(Monday) at 2:30, but if you happen to be up in the morning in Central, maybe we could meet up for a quick coffee.

            Let me know.

  20. A guy with an opinion

    I have experience dating western girls, and I am an American currently live in Japan. I don’t have a strange “Asian fetish”, in fact, I moved here to finish my PHD and study Japanese history. But I felt compelled to write something…. Since I have been here, I have dated two Japanese girls( one of which I am with now). To say that they are kinder and more fun than a western girl is an understatement. In terms of courtesy, thoughtfulness, and かちかん( basically a system of values), I was blown out of the water by Japanese girls. Even when my ex-girl and I didn’t work out, most likely because my language ability was still REALLY basic, she remained my friend and was sweet until the very end. I have a bit of experience with one Chinese girl, and she was a living nightmare わがままだよ(selfish, money hungry, and ちゃっり)…..the worst girl I have ever dated。That is really not the point. The point is that Japanese girls, for better or worse, have an “old-fashioned” sensibility that creates an interesting dynamic between a man and a women.

    I want to say as well; I am not some misogynistic person with a 1950’s mentality. What “REDPOLEQ” writes resonates true in allot of ways. I have been shocked at the way Japanese men treat their girlfriends, and particularly their wives. The popularity of the sex industry, and the accessibility to both cheap and legal ways to cheat on your partner in Japan is astounding. AND if you don’t think that these services are frequented by ALL sorts of members in the public sphere you are dead wrong. Japanese women get excited by foreign men, because foreign men tend to treat them as equals and not subjugate them to cooking, cleaning, and other things that lie in the domestic sphere. I’m not saying all Western men have great intentions and are knights in shining armor. I can only speak from what I have seen and experienced.

    Japanese girls are next level, and they are truly unique (in terms of their personality and culture).

  21. Japanese women and especially Japanese girls appeal to the inner senses of a man. It’s most likely because so many of them are petite, so it’s a biological thing that makes men want to be their protectors.

  22. Just an opinion, I don’t care where we come from, as we all know, always it takes two to tango. I respect Japanese girls and I think they are very nice, pleasant, Enjoyable and lovely. In any culture girls are the same. The simple question is, are there any differences in rose flower wherever you go? Maybe the color or aroma. However you need to know how to talk and how to appreciate a beautiful rose. All the roses are to bloom and naturally it will open when the time is right, there is no need for pushing, otherwise you will end up with the thorns instead of the rose.

    1. In my experience, Asian girls are more giving, more feminine, take care of them selves better, more interested in playing a traditional women’s role, are more careful maintaining a good relationship with their social circle, and more flexible in interactions than western women. Culture is a huge factor in how a person’s character is shaped.

      1. Well my friend you said it. You are absolutely right. However I personally don’t want to disrespect any other females out there, all of them are beautiful. As we all have experienced in the past, each one of them have different ways of expressing themselves. I have Japanese friends and I am very pleased with them. By the way they are extremely smart.

      2. Spot on…I’m in America at the moment, and while I don’t have a particular preference for Asian girls (got a spare Russian? Toss her my way!), most of the “women” here in the USA seem like they would be better at spotting me at the gym(where most of them REALLY need to spend more time) than at making a good female companion.

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  24. Looking for true relationship

    It’s really hard to find a good partner especially Asian that really doesn’t care about your money, trust me I’ve been through. Is Japanese woman really don’t care about our money? I mean like mammon ism. Most of my friend, their gf would expect him to buy more and more expensive stuff to her. And so were my two ex. The reason of breaking up it’s simple, I have bankrupt on spending money on them (I’m not a millionaire but at least I willing to spend all my money for my partner). If most of the Japanese aren’t mammon ism I would definitely get 1 in future. Just want a true relationship though.

    1. I’ve had three, and after 4 years of living in Asia I haven’t found that to be the case at all. Girls will take advantage of (ie. walk all over) lower value guys, though. You may want to take a look at yourself to see what your deficiencies are and then address them.

      1. I 2nd Socrates.

        I had(have?) no money and plenty of success. It’s all about how you handle them and your money and your ability to give other value and draw boundaries with them.

        If you use money to get girls, they will use you for your money.

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  26. Gimme a friggin’ break. You guys are actually charging people to teach them how to sleep with the most bottom of the barrel sluts Japan has to offer. Yeah that’s a tough trick to learn alright. Find expat bar, wait to take home drunk slut that likes American men. You guys are so full of self congratulatory crap patting each other on the backs for having no skill set other than knowing how to screw whores. Oh and being an “English teacher”. I see a bunch of disrespectful jerks just like you and your buddies running around acting like idiots whenever I’m there. Harrassing girls that wish to have nothing to do with you. So stop believing your own hype that they secretly want you because they don’t. So after you’re finished getting shot down by the women you really want, head on over to the slut club and screw the only women you can get. You know those super classy Gaijin hunters who’ll sleep with almost anybody white and then the smaller subset that will agree to have sex with other races. Yep you guys are super studs!
    It is not an easy task to date a traditional, educated, RESPECTABLE Japanese girl. Now that takes real skill. Any man who gives you money for what you teach deserves to be parted from it.

    1. This comment is correct on one level an incorrect on MANY.

      1) You’re making some VERY large assumptions about us and what we teach.
      2) That is one way to get laid in Japan, for sure. And if that was what we were selling, we wouldn’t be in business. The guys who we teach either aren’t successful in that environment, or don’t like the women from those environments.
      3) as for the “traditional, educated, RESPECTABLE Japanese girl”…I assume you mean girls who went to Keio, Waseda and other top schools like that…and probably “successful” executive women who work at Amazon, P&G, and other big multinational companes as well as lawyers too. Well, you’ve got that all wrong buddy. If you’d lived in Japan for 14 years like I have, maybe you’d know the real deal, but these girls are WAAAAAY more up for romance and a bit of fun than many of the club sluts you disdain.

      The reason is because they never get it. They meet nice guys who want to marry them and rarely get any excitement in their dating lives so instead of choosing purely on looks, like the gaijin hunter, they look for a fun guy who will appreciate them as women and treat them well which they seldom get.

      Obviously, this isn’t always the case, but it often is…there are all different kinds of girls in Japan looking for all kinds of different experiences, but I can tell you that highly educated women are not particularly valued by Japanese guys until they’re ready to get married which means that many of them are waiting around until their late 20s and beyond with very few dating options.

      Japanese guys don’t want highly educated women with careers…they want women who are going to stay home and raise the kids and won’t be too much of a fuss.

      I could go on and on about this topic, but I’ll just say that whatever traits you value in woman based on your western upbringing are not at all what Japanese men want.

      A lot of those “club sluts” you mentioned are quite highly educated…they just figured that it’s better to get out of the house and get some action. If you want to see what’s hard…go to Camelot where the working class girls go to party or V2 where the middle class girls go and you’ll see what’s hard as a foreigner in Asia.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Not that hard to date a respectable and educated japanese most of it is up to her all you have to do is be respectable to her and not act like a fool don’t even try to tell you know it all as been married to my educated Japanese wife over 42 years and she is from Okinawa born and raised so you need to go to your slut bar and try to go home with her oh maybe you were turned down there

    3. Actually, you’re totally off about this. I think it’s far easier to get respectable Japanese girls with what I teach, than to get the foreigner lover, Roppongi pass around pack girls.

      Basically, respectable Japanese girls care about who you are as a person while the other ones are looking for their ideal foreigner stereotype. This didn’t work for me at all…

      When I first moved to Japan I asked a black guy who had been there for many years how I could do better and he told me that I should start wearing hip hop clothes!

      Occasionally, I would get one of those black lovers and then when they would come to my home and see a bookshelf stacked with business books, they’d be very confused and realized that I was not what they were looking for.

      I had to learn how to be successful using my personality and that’s what I teach my clients too.

  27. Stop shaming my people and country you foreign pigs You know nothing. Every Japanese people thank God they weren’t born as foreigners, because as we see their brains don’t function.

    1. What about us that don’t sham your people I’m a foreigner been married to a Japanese women 42 years love her very much didn’t marry her because she is asain married her because we fell in love

  28. Alexis Fernandes

    My friend. I just have one thing to say to you:

    Get a girlfriend and stop watching asian porn. | Only that way you’ll help the asian girls and yourself too!

    1. I love these kinds of comments because they are clearly from people who know absolutely nothing about Asia. The typical, western(and ESPECIALLY American) mindset that because Asians dress like us, eat like us, and build businesses just like us, means they must be just like us.


      I lived in Japan for over 9 years and one of the few things I can be certain about is that Japanese are very different from westerners in how they look at the world, and what they value and how they go about preserving those values.

      I don’t need to watch Asian porn…I LIVE HERE. I can just walk down the street, and see the real thing! Thanks for the advice though.

      Your best pal,


  29. Hi! I’m from Singapore, And I really love things which are Japanese cause, My Mom pregnant me, she worked in a Japanese company.

  30. Pingback: 6 Things that Keep Me Coming Back to Chinese Girls - Asian Dating Monthly

        1. And here we go with the assumptions…if I didn’t live in Asia I would definitely date non-Asian women more.

          As it stands, despite 14 years in Japan, Korea, and China, I have managed to find a few Russian girls and an Indian girl.

          I went to Howard University and I miss my sista’s big time…the sacrifices we make in life.

          My tastes are far more discerning than just “yellow”.

  31. This article is quite idiotic and offensive, but posting mean generalizations about western males doesn’t help things. Granted the majority of guys (in particular on the internet) are complete morons, but making things more divide is not good.

      1. Gentlemen. In English it is linguistically impossible to be offended by anything. Offence is something you have to take. ie. You could not possibly be offended BY the article. However: You could take offence from/at the article.
        Equally: Fuck = penetrate someone with a penis.
        Therefore your lady cannot fuck you., although she can initiate intercourse with you, and even ride on top of your male bit. Unless of course she dons a “Strap On”, and ‘fucks” the hell ot of your bum. That may qualify, on the grounds that it is an artificial, or replica penis.

    1. Lols. You telling me you vomited a little in your mouth made me vomit a little bit into mine. TMI!

      I think it’s interesting that you’re offended “as an Asian girl”. If you just said, I think this article is offensive, I’d get it but as an Asian girl who’s not Japanese and didn’t grow up in Japan, there’s not much connection between your experience and what we’re talking about here.

  32. The number that I agreed is number 7. I’m dating a Japanese girl and whenever we are out on a date and buying some stuffs in Daiso. Even if I told her that I will pay she always insists that we will half the bill or sometimes she will pay for it. Which I never experience with my fellow countrywomen. I hope that you should put here as well that Japanese ladies prefers to be in silent whenever they have a big problem and they never inform other people.

    1. That’s true, but I wouldn’t put it because most westerners find that it’s a big problem for their wives/girlfriends to not communicate as much as they like.

      I agree with you though…I like that their more considerate of the mood in the relationship and can compartmentalize things so that they don’t damage the relationship.

  33. As a so called western man I have no fetish for Asians and I prefer my own actually but its entertaining reading some of these strange posts and all the generalizations about Japanese women as if they came from an assembly line and were all the same.

  34. Okay, so I just read K’s comment, and just let me say as a ‘Western’ male. I help my wife with everything she does. If she is cleaning, I clean. If she is cooking, I cook. Another thing is that in my house. We have a strict code about leaving the towel on the floor. Just because you watch some ‘Western romance’ movie does not mean every ‘Western’ man cheats on his girl.

  35. Man, you are so right. That’s the truest article I have read so far. But I can’t resist the Koreans either. It would be almost impossible to choose between the 2, really! I would not know what to do!

  36. well, i like japanese girls…. i do have a friend who is half japanese and filipina… shes not just pretty but a nice ,sweet, everything of her is perfect,,, thats why i like so much… japanese by nature are brutal,, cause i do have a japanese blood,, but on the contrary they are nice,, esp. girls.

  37. K. I appreciate your honesty. However I do not think all western men are the same; however their are western men that are jerks/rude and so on. But not all men are like that their might be a small percentage of western men that are exactly as you describe. Just like not all Japanese females are the same each of them are going to be different and unique that sets each of them individually apart which makes Japanese females extremely unique. For me I am a western male I do not have a Asian fetish. But I do love everything about the Asian culture in fact I love everything about the Asian people and culture. This is not a fetish it is something I am passionate about. True the average Japanese female is not like the average picture on the internet in fact it is quite the opposite. The same can be and will be said of western males. There are a lot of western males that appreciate, and love what their females do and they try to show it by helping out to do things for their females to show how much they appreciate them. I would encourage you to go out with a western male if you do not like him then break up with him just if you have a bad experience try to keep an open mind and don’t label every western male in the category a lot of western males are quite caring and adore whatever female they are with. Just trying to help you out. Again appreciate your honesty.

  38. Hi. I cannot say anything about the comments but thanks for sharing your thoughts. There are some points over there. Sharing my story, i’m currently in a relationship with japanese girl. She’s adorable and cute. I like when she turns into “kawaii” mode where she will act and talk in a cute manner. When you talk about sex, everyone on earth love sex infact sex is needed to complete the life-cycle. And when you talk sex about Japanese girl, they look so cute on the bed. One thing I realized about Japanese girl so far, they’re caring. But they have their own private zone which means things they can’t share with their boyfriend like facebook and twitter. Not all things in FB & Twitter are accessible for the boyfriend. Sometime, it makes me curious and doubt of her. They don’t really like the boyfriend play around with their FB & Twitter, their phones too. Like my GF, she’s okay for me to look at her phone but with full of alert especially on the photos. It’s not that I try to be paparazzi but I believe we should be transparent especially when we say we’ll live together in future. And, they seems look tough but I don’t think so. I was touched when she courier few Japanese snacks to me which she told me it was given by her mother. That’s made me feel blessed. For me, dating a Japanese girl is great just for my current situation, I just need to learn more about her culture especially we are in a distance relationship; about 6,000 kilometres away from each other..

  39. If a girl is having the first 5 features, I d have the necessity to compensate her as a man is expected to do it. As part of this I d be happy to use my money in her.

  40. Alexander Johnson

    Japanese girls are just unbelievable. I have met hundreds of girl from other country and other nations but i have never met such amazing girl Oh my god she was angel, and i believe most of them are same. I cant count how many positive and advantages they have millions and millions. sweetest girls in our planet. Thanks God i found my match.

  41. Just another Asian fetish article that caters to Western taste & plays the stereotype game, like “All Chinese that have small eyes are good at math & cook Kong Pao chicken”, BS.

    1. My gf is Chinese and she’s pretty good at math.
      My best friend is Chinese and he sucks at math, like really really bad.

      Oh, where’s this Asian fetish article you’re talking about? I totally missed it.

    1. @azz) Mate. Your post does you credit. (sarcasm there) I am an Aussie, part Scottish and part Aboriginal. Does that make me a boong? I’ll tell you what it does do. It makes me cognisant of the values of other cultures. I speak 4 languages plus english, My life’s love was a; part Spanish part Phillipino lady. (Tagalog) In another universe, we would have married, and had lots of beautiful children. I have had as lovers, an Aboriginal girl, a Columbian, my Asian lady, and a couple of Australians. (one of whom i married) My Asian lady was so far above the rest, as both a bedmate and a soulmate, there was no comparison. Despite the fact that I had to be so careful making love to her, because of the disparity of our physiques. She was well worth the effort, and satisfied my EVERY need, and then some.

  42. I believe Japanese girls are more attract than any other Asian
    countries. Korean girls are all “Plastic Surgery” and Japanese and
    Chinese are all “Natural Beauty”.

  43. I am Indian in early twenties and i love japanese girls they are cute and and at the same time sexually attractive

  44. I agree! Japanese girls are the best they are more carefree and lively when it comes to partying. They really know how to have a fun time. I met a few Japanese girls when I visited Tokyo and had a blast. Its definitely a different type of vibe when you compare Korea to Japan. You’re missing out if you have never been.

  45. This article amplifies the sexism women must deal with everyday all over the world. Men run from American Women because these women are done with gender roles. American women are loud and opinionated and when they see something wrong with the way a woman is being treated, they say stand up for it. I love American women.

    1. You have a gross misunderstanding of the Japanese gender dynamic. In the US women who were married didn’t have much power.

      In Japan, married women have a lot of power. Why? Because they control the family finances.

      I forgive your ignorance.

      1. You want a woman that will fuck, cook, clean, wash and fold your clothes, do your dishes, and give you a back rub. Apparently there are not any Japanese women trying to pursue a career instead of being a housewife? Japanese women who are choosing to not have kids?There are many and they are considered “selfish” and blamed for the declining population rate in Japan. Japan is considered one of the top sexist counties in the world. I am currently living in Japan, and my problem with the article is that Japanese women are worth so much more than this garbage that ropes together a set of sexist racial stereotypes sates.

        1. Note that I said women who are married have a lot of power.

          Pretty much what you wrote is true. But, that’s not my concern. I’m fine to let Japanese run their culture as they like.

          I don’t think I’m in any position to tell one of the most successful societies in the world how to run themselves.

          I’m not arrogant enough for that.

  46. Donka TheCurious

    Yeaaaaahhh RAAAAGEEEE ALL OVER THE PLACE! You all are right! There are a billion men in the west and they all suck! And all asian girl or men suck cause from where you are is all that matter! The world for it in my country is “mimimi”

  47. I moved to Japan from Europe as a young girl and staid there throughout most of my adolescence, although some of this article may reflect some antiquated Japanese social expectations, it is also one of the most nauseating pieces of writing that I have ever read – it’s a horrible shame that in our so called “modern” society there are still articles telling men why “X nationality women make great girlfriends/partners” and then go on to list things such as willingness to cook, clean, fold clothes… I’m a woman that has always done all of those things for myself (and for my partner(s), conditional on reciprocity) But setting this kind of behavior up as a reason to date a woman is absolutely repulsive – if you want someone to coddle you, be subservient, cook, clean… You’re probably looking for a nanny, not a partner. I understand that there was some semi-attempt at humor here but building up this kind of cultural expectation for a whole nation of women is downright demeaning to the individual experience of these women as people, rather than objects of desire. Fetishizing the “other” in such a way, by advertising some qualities that supposedly make them more adequate then other women is just perpetuating a (mostly) western tendency of sensationalizing and eroticizing the “exotic” and “unknown”.

    1. I think that you’re missing an important point…while it’s true that even in Japan, gender roles are starting to erode, a lot of domestic chores are not, “reciprocal” so much as a complimentary division of labor.

      It’s only a reason to date a woman if that’s what you like. Not all men do like that and there are plenty of men who regret having married a Japanese woman and don’t recommend it to anyone as you can see here:

      (read the comments!)

      It’s impossible to write any kind of article about anything without some generalization, and I could write an article about westernized Japanese women who may have spent several years living abroad, or about international school graduates, or women who work at international companies, but those are sub-categories (and also involved a lot of generalizing even there) and I don’t have time for all that.

      You could be more expansive by realizing that we also have articles generalizing about Korean and Chinese girls so it’s not all about how Japanese are exotic and unknown.

      In fact, after living in Asia for the past 17 years, American women are far more exotic and unknown to me.

      Finally, chill out. It’s not as if Japanese are some oppressed people who can’t decide for themselves what kind of society they want to have and foreign guys are coming here and “taking advantage” of them.

      Any exploitation goes both ways in this case.

  48. Pakistani Madarchod Sooar

    Any hot, wild-sex loving Japanese girl looking for a handsome, very very fair, sex-hungry Pakistani hunk? Mail me at [email protected]. I regularly watch Japanese porn and my monster Pakistani dick goes hard at the very thought of a Japanese chick!

  49. Hi k
    I am in relationship with a Japanese girl and I truly love her and I respect her , but I don’t know how to make her happy? What should i do ????

  50. I’ve developed a great deal of love and concern for all women especially ❤my Japanese friends. They have been working towards making men feel and be a benefactor of their own lives including making a man, feel, man-ish.

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