Use These 10 Critical Steps to Develop Powerful Attraction in Asian women

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by Socrates

Are you always passed by when it comes to women? Can’t seem to get a woman to pay attention to you for long enough? Do girls always talk to you about their “guy problems”? Sounds like you have an attraction problem.

When it comes to romance nothing will kill your ability to date who you want to date like being seriously unattractive. On the other hand, possess enough attraction and you can literally pull gorgeous looking women out of conversations by just walking into a room — think Tom Cruise walking into your local bar.

We want to make sure that you’re on the right side of that teeter totter. This week we’re bringing you some of the top things you can do to become a far more attractive guy and bag the Asian girl you’ve always wanted. Enjoy!

How Important are Physical Looks?

The first article busts a common myth when it comes to dating women in general, and Asian women in particular. If you have the wrong ideas in your head when it comes to attraction then it’ll be hard to get going in the right direction.

Do Nice Guys finish Last?

Possibly the worst question of all time — a lot of guys just can’t get it out of their head that they have to be a dick in order to succeed with women. Nothing could be further from the truth, and doing so in Asia will actually backfire on you. Shattering this limiting belief is a critical step in moving forward.

Why is Meeting Woman So Hard?

Taken from a personal discussion with RedpoleQ, this article talks a lot about the difference between Alpha Males and Beta Males in an Asian context. Despite popular perceptions, being a high value guy is not all about being able to AMOG other guys. Here’s what it’s really about…

The Simple and Hard Way to Look Great

Fashion is absolutely critical when it comes to attraction. It’s hard to quicken pulses when you’re dressed like a hobo. One of the best ways to look great in the eyes of Asian women is to… ah… better just read the article.

The Death of Peacocking

Remember platform shoes, purple suits, top hats, and light-up graphic tees? Peacocking is so last decade. If you want to build attraction through fashion then it’s best to take this strategy, instead.

Find Your Size in Asia

Ah, Asia…. the land of the little people. As a foreigner living in a modern first world Asian country many of the expats I know find it incredibly hard to find clothing that fits. Use these tips to make sure you can find what you need to dress at your best.

Excite Her or Die

Find that you can grab her attention but lose it soon after? Find girls leaving you after a couple of months (or weeks)? This might be a critical piece of the puzzle that you’re missing.

The Critical Role of Humor in Asia

Ever get stuck in a conversation with an incredibly boring person who just… wouldn’t get the hint that you wanted to go? That might be what you’re doing to women. When it comes to attraction, almost nothing is more important in Asia than humor.

One Secret to Maintaining Attraction

Attraction, a lot of the time, comes down to the experiences that you’re able to provide women. Being able to give them a powerfully emotional or novel experience will go a long way to keeping them. Kane dives right into this showing his incredible depth of knowledge when it comes to meeting, dating, and relationships.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

While money is not a necessary factor for being attractive, it definitely helps. More critically, affording a great lifestyle is key when it comes to attracting women and keeping them attracted. You can use this guy’s principles to help propel yourself towards self-sufficiency.

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