Why Is Meeting Women So Hard? Alpha Male vs. Beta Male

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by Martin

Here is a rather interesting exchange I had with a client over chat a while back.  I always like to have these kind of conversations because it helps me to really keep my thinking sharp and to clarify concepts.  My comments are under RPQ.


2:10 AM E: i was just thinking the other day

  y is picking up so foreign to me

  i mean, im a human male, i should know what to do

  but i dont

  in the animal kingdom all the males pretty much know what to do

  but why is it so hard with human courtship, especially for males???

2:11 AM men have trouble getting a girl and women have trouble keeping a guy

 RPQ: that last part is because of conflicting interests.

2:12 AM Men don’t know how to pick up because our minds are focused and socialized away from our natural tendencies.

  Especially smart, well educated men.

2:13 AM E: please elaborate if u can on the “focused and socialized away from natural tendencies” part

2:14 AM and also, even if its focused away, why arent girls also liek that? ie dont know how to get a guy

  dont mean to trouble u with all these questions btw, if u need to go or anything let me know

 RPQ: What makes people seductive is the more “animal” part of their nature. But we lose that through socialization.

2:15 AM E: ok…

  that makes sense

 RPQ: 1. girls aren’t as socialized away from their natural tendencies as men

  2. for women, looks plays a major role.

 E: how have men been socialized away?

2:16 AM RPQ: People are attracted to emotions…but most intelligent men are quite disconnected. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have been able to focus on their studies.

  That’s why atheletes tend to be better with women. They’re more “raw”

2:17 AM And if you watch chick flicks, which you should if you don’t you’ll see that it’s all about emotions.

  I especially recommend: Titanic, Pretty Woman, Sex and the City, and Twilight.

2:18 AM Bridget Jones Diary

 E: but i thought athletes got chicks cuz they were alpha males and looked good generally

 RPQ: That’s right…but alpha maleness doesn’t fit in with academics.

2:19 AM E: but in those movies, dont circumstances play a major role? ie if im not on a sinking ship, im in a totally boring different situation

 RPQ: Alphaness has a lot to do with power and drive.

  the seduction happens loooong before the sinking part.

 E: yup….so academics really nee $$ if they wanna be alpha

 RPQ: $$ doesn’t make them alpha which is why they come to me.

2:20 AM E: REALLY???

 RPQ: I’ve had at least one client who was a millionaire.

 E: i thought $$ was the last resort of the game-less

 RPQ: and he ran a porn site.

 E: hahahahh lol

 RPQ: That’s what everyone thinks, but then when they have it they realize it’s not enough.

  It can be for some people though.

  You’ll be able to attract gold diggers.

2:21 AM E: so then, if its raw animal emotions that make a man alpha, how do u get there?

  and what is that like?

  i dont even know

 RPQ: That’s part of it.

  Ok, so you would be a person who won’t have too much trouble.

2:22 AM taping into your inate alphaness

  and the reason I know this is because you left your cushy situation to go after what you really want.

  That’s one of the keys. Most people are doing what they are supposed to do even though they hate it. NOT Alpha at all.

2:23 AM That’s the virtual definition of beta…you’re a follower if you’re doing that.

 E: yea i think i read or ehard that somewhere else too

  like ur not “on ur path”

 RPQ: Yeah…that’s probably from “The Way of the Superior Man”

 E: possibly yea, but i think i heard it on one of david deangelo’s audio thingy’s

2:24 AM RPQ: ahhh, ok.

 E: how do u focus that alphaness in an interaction

 RPQ: I don’t.

2:25 AM Really you have to cut off your non-alpha tendencies.

  So think like this.

  When we’re born we’re all Alpha.

 E: ok…

 RPQ: How do we know? Because every baby takes what they want.

 E: ok

 meet and date foundations coverRPQ: They don’t care how it effects others. They want it and they’re going to get it.

  It’s only later that we learn to curtail these drives or learn they aren’t appropriate OR

 E: yup…

2:26 AM RPQ: learn how to channel them in the right way so we do get what we want without rocking the boat too much.

  And when I say “too much” that means not so much that people won’t give it to you.

2:27 AM or that you get smacked down going for it…

 E: hahaha yup

 RPQ: white collar crime would be an example of alpha behavior that will get you smacked down.

 E: so essentially decide what u want and just take it?

  ok besides crime obviously

2:28 AM RPQ: yup, but it’s not as easy as all that because most of us have mental blocks against taking what we want.

  Deserving issues, guilt


 E: but woudnt u still have to include that in an interaction with a woman?

 RPQ: what do you mean?

 E: like for instance, lets say at work i TAKE what i want

  but, when i meet a chick

  theres not much to TAKE

2:29 AM like…..i woudlnt suddenly take food off her plate etc

 RPQ: you might if you wanted it.

  why not?

 E: how would u “cut off nonalpha” tendencies in the interaction itself to make it known ur alpha

  hahaha i guess i could

 RPQ: or you’d do what I do, which is lean forward and open my mouth

 E: but if i dont wnat to take her food, what are more natural ways of asserting alpha

2:30 AM RPQ: Then what do you want in that moment?

  That’s the point.

  Feeling that it’s ok to have what you want in the moment.

  Doesn’t mean you always do it, but you first have to have the feeling it’s ok.

2:31 AM E: ok….

 RPQ: Like I used to feel bad about having sex with the first girl I regularly had sex with.

 E: so get used to the alpha in ur bloodstream first?

 RPQ: I felt bad because I didn’t “love” her.

  But I wanted sex.

 E: yea i get that guilt too

 RPQ: I wasn’t promising her anything though, so she didn’t think it was more than a sex thing.

 E: its worse for us asians….so much guilt

 RPQ: It was a personal issue with not being ok with my desires.

2:32 AM I’ve since overcome that problem 😀

 E: hahahah ok

  so back to the alpha thing, ur saying get used to being alpha in general, in all circumstances

  just get used to it

2:33 AM RPQ: yeah, you can’t be alpha “sometimes”. It’s not a switch.

 E: take what u want, except when it could lead to a smackdown



 RPQ: I’d say the first step is knowing that it’s ok to want whatever it is you want.

 E: ok

 RPQ: That’s the real problem.

  Part 2 is

 E: yea ur right

  but go an

2:34 AM on

 RPQ: being able to motivate ourselves to take action towards what we want.

  If you have the ability to do those things then you really do have CHOICE of how you lead your life.

  That’s alpha.

 E: ok

 RPQ: Because we have to make trade-offs. You can’t have everything.

 E: im starting to see it

2:35 AM RPQ: And being smart people we can use our brains to figure out the BEST way to get what we want.

 E: but….i still cant see how taht transaltes to attractiveness for a female

  so basically ur like a cavemen taking whatevre the hell u want

 RPQ: As in why is alphaness attractive to women?

2:36 AM E: kindof yea….think about it, shes sitting there iwth u, and ur just taking whatever u want, why the hell does she like u????

 RPQ: Once again, it’s not the DISPLAY that matters(though selective displays are valuable) it’s the ALPHANESS itself that matters.

2:37 AM The display is like makeup, your inate alphaness is like natural looks in women.

 E: ahhhh


2:38 AM so, be innately alpha and u’d be equivalent to a hot chick with no makeup

 RPQ: yup.

  but if she still should put on makeup if she wants to have the best effect. And dress hot.

  and go to the gym.

 E: so i suppose, in every situaion, u know what ur doing, and when there are choices to be made, like either dinner or movie, YOU’d be choosing?

  cuz ur alpha?

2:39 AM RPQ: yeah

  But of course you can take what she wants into account.

  Where you lose is when you do something you don’t want to do because you think she’ll like you more for it.

 E: dont u worry about ur inner alphaness turning u into a chauvinist pig?

  ok undestood, ur last statement is clearly correct, and very beta of the guy

2:40 AM RPQ: Think of the difference between big loser guy telling a girl he wants to give her a massage versus Brad Pitt.

 E: so only do what she wants if its wat u want to do also

 RPQ: One seems self-serving, while the other seems like he’s just a nice guy.

  Or rather a guy who’s being nice

  Clearly brad pitt isn’t doing it so the girl likes him. He’s doing it because he wants to.

2:41 AM That’s not to say that it can’t work if you’re beta, but it’s a very different frame.

 E: hmmm

2:42 AM u know

  ive very rarely told a girl i like her

  i think i havent been alpha enough to just say it

  cuz its what i want

  ive just been always trying to figure out if she likes me first

  and then think about what to do


2:43 AM E: very calculative, thinking, thinking, then shes with another guy



  i see it now

  so if i like a girl i just tell her


  dont think too much?

  or will that spoil game a bit

2:44 AM and better to qualify first

 RPQ: That’s a strategic decision, but the point is that you’re making that decision from a position of power and self-mastery, not fear.

2:45 AM E: ok…..so for now, even if i screw up the closing, at least make all decisions from the alpha-zone?

2:46 AM RPQ: yup.

 E: thanks for clearing that up bro

 RPQ: you’re welcome.

8 thoughts on “Why Is Meeting Women So Hard? Alpha Male vs. Beta Male”

  1. …you left your cushy situation to go after what you really want.

    That's one of the keys. Most people are doing what they are supposed to do even though they hate it. NOT Alpha at all.

    That's the virtual definition of beta…you're a follower if you're doing that.

    This is an important point. That`s the whole essence of being alpha – knowing your own values and goals in life; paving your own way rather than always expecting other people to do shit for you; facing the fire and enduring failure head on. These are all things that make you more alpha. And when you live your life like that you start returning to your instincts. And some of us can attract girls without even trying some of the time, because they just read your subcommunications and know that you`re alpha.

    Game gets so much easier when you live your life like that. A lot of the guys who move to Asia are seeking out a way to live like that, and like you said the act of moving overseas outside of your comfort zone is alpha itself. If they start dealing with girls in the same way it`s a game changer.

  2. meeting women for me is very hard now because of my age. i was married twice and i was a very good husband at the time. i am in my mid fifties and i seem to meet all the nasty ones out there. women have definitely changed over the years. there attitude towards men are bad. they are very disrespectful. there are a hell of a lot more lesbians out there now than ever before which makes matters worse for us good straight men that are looking to meet a nice one. did i say nice? where are the good decent women today?

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    1. In general academics is a negative for two reasons:

      1. spending more time with books means you spend less time developing social skills

      academics is all about jumping through hoops–other people’s hoops–and
      pandering to their whims which is the opposite of alpha. That isn’t to
      say that you can’t strategically do so for long term gain, just that
      most people who diligently go through the academic process have the
      alpha trained out of them.

      1. This is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever read. For all your time in Asia you’ve developed a pathetic understanding of it…what a shame.

        1. Are you so sure that reading one article I’ve written encompasses all of my thoughts on Asia? Are you even sure that the 100 articles here really encompasses all of my thoughts on Asia?

          You have just committed the “What You See Is All There Is” mental error.


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