by McConnell

We’re lucky to have with us today a guy who has had a large impact on the way I dress and see style/fashion. McConnell is a style expert, and has spent a good amount of time writing about men’s fashion/style and offering consulting services for guys who want to step up their presentation.

If you’re planning on picking up girls in Asia, be prepared to compete with some of the most stylish guys in the world.

While it’s true that your ability to attract women isn’t dependent on your looks, the way you dress is going to heavily impact your confidence and the dynamic of your day-to-day interactions, whether you’re at the club talking to a beautiful girl or chatting with the barista at a cafe in Seoul.

Congruence is Key

If you’ve read The Game or dabbled in pickup at all, you’re likely familiar with the term “peacocking”, which is the idea that dressing in an outlandish way will get you attention. It’s the shock-and-awe tactic of fashion and it will definitely get you plenty of it. The problem is that, with peacocking, you’re taking one step forward and two steps back. You’re getting attention, but it’s the wrong kind of attention.

With peacocking, it’s all about putting on an act. Part of developing good style is making sure that the way you dress is congruent with your personality. That congruence is totally lost when you start wearing items for attention and shock-value.

On the other hand, if you really spend some time working on your style and developing an image that showcases your personality, you’ll find that girls will not only give you attention, but that the overall quality of the girls you’re attracting will be higher. When your style echoes your personality (as it should), you’ll attract girls who are actually your type.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be bold with your fashion choices or that’s it’s wrong to attract attention. Instead, focus on building quality outfits, having a keen attention to detail and really developing an image that suits you; you’ll stand out while also being much more attractive to the girls you’re talking to. Good style allows you to share a little piece of your personality before you even introduce yourself.

It Takes Time, But You Can Do This Right Now, Tonight

If you’re totally new to style and don’t know where to begin, start by wearing a nicely fitted outfit next time you go out. You don’t have to do anything flashy or bold. Just pick an outfit you would normally wear, but make sure every piece fits perfectly on your body (check out GQ photos to see what good fit looks like). See what reactions you get and If you’re interested in experimenting some more, start wearing pieces you wouldn’t normally wear: (if you’re used to t-shirts, wear a fitted dress shit; If you usually wear jeans, put on some dress slacks).

It takes time to develop good style, so don’t worry if it doesn’t come naturally at first. A lot of times the first step is to unlearn bad habits (like peacocking) that we’re used to. Remember: peacocking is a way to get attention. Style is a way to express yourself, confidently. Which one do you think is more attractive?