Meet Asian WOmenby E

Asian women are spectacular. Great looks, great personalities, and an eagerness to please their man. Why wouldn’t a guy want to date an Asian women?

Understanding interpersonal dynamics in Asia is your first step, though. That’s why we put together this little guide on the critical things you need to know before meeting women in East Asia. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to meet women in Southern China or in North Hampton – knowing this is critical to securing your next torrent love-affair (or next guilt-free romp in the sack).

Let’s get to the recommended reading:

An Introduction to Dating Asian Women – This is one of the best excepts from my new book, Meet and Date Asian Women: foundations. In this section, I show you just how different Asian culture can be.

Meet and Date Asian Women: Value and Social Skills – Not Lines – In this section I talk about what getting better with woman means… the absolute basics of what you need to be doing.

Date More Asian Women Through Language Learning – Language is often overlooked when trying to get better with Asian women. If you can speak their language then…. well, just read this.

Why Game doesn’t Work on Asian Women —Or— Beta Males Triumph – Got your push-pull down? Know how to play aloof? Perfected your cocky-funny? Good, you’ll need to read this then give your tactics a thorough re-assessment.

Do Nice Guys finish Last? – You’re asking the wrong question…

How to Use What You Want to Get What You Want – If you know where to go and know that guys before you have gone there then planning how to get there is important. You should have a good idea of the steps that need to be taken if you want to accomplish something big. Here’s how this applies to getting your skills with the opposite sex down.

Be Wrong Now; Have More Success With Asian Women – Ironically, the key to getting better is to make more mistakes. Push yourself to reach your goal hard enough to make your mistakes quickly, then learn from them, and you’re social skills with advance rapidly.

Seven Cultural Differences Between Asia and the West – A lot of guys think there’s no difference between Asia and the West. The guys who say this are either very good looking so don’t need to learn game or they’re not having sex. Learn the rules of Asian culture so you can avoid landmines and navigate your dating life more successfully.

Seven Cultural Differences Between Asia and the West (Part 2) – The conclusion to Kane’s epic article.

How Important Are Physical Looks When Meeting Women? – Not the best looking guy out there? Depressed about how it’s hurting your chances? You have to read this.

State and Compliance — Two Valuable Lessons For Your Next Night Out – Basically, it all comes down to the compliance she gives, not the signals you get… and your own state is only one factor that influences that.

The Best Way To Get Good With Women – One last one to read before you embark on your quest.