Is Japan the Best Place to Meet Women in Asia?

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Mia

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by Martin

I travel in Asia…A LOT.  In the past 12 months, I’ve been to Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Malaysia (most of them multiple times).

And while there are beautiful women everywhere I think Japan stands out as the best place for meeting women.

And it’s all demographics:

  • China has 1.3 BILLION people, that’s 1,300 million people
  • Japan has 130 million
  • Thailand has about 70 million
  • Indonesia, the most populous SE Asian country has 238 million
  • Singapore has only 5 million

Based off these raw numbers, you’d think that China would be your best place to meet women.  However most foreign guys are really only interested in women of a certain socio-economic background–educated, middle class women and up.

(Not all guys though…In Thailand, I have a friend who was explaining to his girlfriend that when you’re looking at a world map, the edge of one side of the map leads to the edge of the OPPOSITE side of the map!  Another friend, used to quiz girls on their times tables!)

I read one statistic that says that of China’s 1,300 million, only 60 million are middle class!

Contrast that with Japan where the middle class makes up 125 million.  Plus with China’s one child policy and their preference for male children, the percentage of women in that 60 million is looking not so good.

Additionally, the large population means that there are more subcultures (the homogeneity of Singapore stands out here, *yawn*).

And while Indonesia has almost as many people as the US, the income per person there is lower than China…and it’s Muslim, which REALLY doesn’t help you with getting chicks into bed.

I think this is why Japanese girls are so renowned all over the world.  That and their huge porn industry!

On the downside…Japanese girls have the worst English levels of any country in Asia so if you’re uncomfortable dealing with language barriers you’ll have to go elsewhere.

Go make some (Asian) women, happy!


4 thoughts on “Is Japan the Best Place to Meet Women in Asia?”

  1. Thanks for dropping by, Vigoroso!

    Taiwan has comparatively bad demographics too. Taipei has on 2.6 million people with a total of only about 23 million, so that's not's particularly good. True, EVERYONE loves Taiwan, and the girls there really know how to work it out as all of the Taiwan LRs show, but based purely on demographics it's not great.

    Korea has only about 50million and the vaunted bitchiness and high percentage of women that thing virginity is a virtue and local men to encourage that perspective! Mainly though, I left Korea out because I didn't wan things to get too contentious–I am planning on doing a pros/cons list for all the countries in Asia where the good the bad and the ugly(mostly ugly in Shanghai) will get their full attention.

    Stay tuned…

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