Meet and Date Asian Women: Foundations

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Meet and Date Asian Women: Foundations


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Angry. Confused. Frustrated.

I was mad, really mad. The type of mad that you get when you’re trying so hard, but have no clue why things are going so badly.

It was late one chilly night on the outskirts of Seoul. I was sitting at a subway station exit, waiting. She wasn’t just 10 or 15 minutes late – she was an hour late. Worse yet… she wasn’t even picking up her phone. I felt cheated. I felt worthless.

Never before had a girl who seemed so keen just suddenly… vanish. Sitting at that subway exit feeling my stomach twist I knew I had to do something differently. I knew that… finally… I had to take action.

The East is Not The West

Training began that spring. I began pouring through western pickup material. I say western material very deliberately and I’ll come back to that in a bit. I began reading stuff by Neil Strauss, Mystery, Juggler, and Real Social Dynamics. One month I spent 4 or 5 hours a night, every single night, dissecting pickup books to see how things worked. When I wasn’t reading, I would tremble out onto the street, or into bars and coffee shops, to hone my skill with women. At first, of course, I was a complete disaster but as I started to change my behaviour my results started to shift. Within two months, I was ecstatic when girls actually began to smile at me and, in some cases, actually seem interested in talking to me.

I began to build some real confidence throughout the spring. Mastering the lines and routines contained in those books was easy. Women responded well to what I was doing initially but, as I continued, my results began to stagnate. Sure, just having a few dates with Asian women who weren’t fat or ugly made me feel like a champ but I was worried. A single date a month does not guarantee a happy future. I had seen the improvement that knowledge and dedication can bring but things started to really flatten out. I pushed myself harder over the next few months, internalizing the behaviours and attitudes taught by the top guys in the West, but things got worse. I was having fewer and fewer dates and girls were becoming disinterested.

The East is not like the West – that’s the first thing you have to know if you want to be successful with East Asian women.

I was lucky. Somewhere into my development I met a few guys who told me exactly that. I took their advice, optimizing my behaviour for Asia and my results took off.

Trust me, if I can do it then most guys can, as well. I was definitely a hard case but work and advice from guys who excelled in Asia completely transformed my life. Without advice specific to Asia, I’m scared to think where I might be right now.

How You’ll Change

Before you have real success with Asian women, you have to start with the right foundational knowledge. That’s what tripped me up initially, and what leads guys to get frustrated and just… quit.

In this book, you’ll:

  • Discover major cultural differences in dating, love, and relationships between Asia in the West, so you’re not wondering what the hell happened time and time again.
  • Understand the surprising impact your race has on your ability to date, or bed, Asian women. Hint: it’s different from what you think it is.
  • See your own development correctly to ensure your own long term success. Don’t follow the same disastrous path most guys take!
  • Know how Asian women assess you, become attracted to you, and why. Know the key differences between Asia and the West that will save you countless hours of frustration and discouragement.
  • Understand the steps that every interaction has to go through to bring it from saying “hi” to a night of sex, or a long lasting relationship.
  • Learn three simple, but major, changes you should make right now – today! – that will help you become far more successful with women.

There comes a point in your life when you have to take decisive action, a decision that will have a significant lasting impact on your future. Don’t waste another day.

It is an easy and quick read. The material was eye openning as I never realized that how much the social script differs from West to Asia. The advises in the book are easy to follow and worked well for me. All I needed was a little help to better understand Korean women. If you think you need to get some help making connection with asian girls, then this book is for you.

-Matthew Despopoulos; Seoul, South Korea



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