So Why Get Good at Sex Anyway?

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Guest post by Harlan Malfoy

One of the strangest questions that I get asked by men when they discover the amazing possibilities that sex has is why they should go to the effort of learning all of the advanced techniques. After all, women are happy with missionary position and a cuddle, right? Women don’t need all those wild orgasms and sex-all-night, right? Nope! Actually, wrong, very wrong! Women are constantly on the look out for things that suggest you aren’t being truthful with them and unsurprisingly a guy who claims to be good with women, yet is terrible in bed will set off her bullshit alarm almost immediately. So why get good at sex? Here are some very good reasons:

1. It shows that you have been selected by other women

Believe it or not, for most women, it is important that women know that their guy is successful with women! In dating this is often called “pre-selection”. Basically, outside of the movies, there is not a single woman who thinks the man who struggles to get laid is cool. Most women’s thinking is: if no-one else wants this guy, there must be something wrong with him! Now imagine a guy who really knows his way around her body, who can touch her in a way that she has never been touched before. Even if she doesn’t consciously admit it, she will assume that you are either really successful with women or have successfully held down a relationship for long enough to get really good at sex. Super-stud or good-at-relationships guy: it’s a no-brainer that both of these are attractive to women!

2. Women will select men based on their sexual ability.

Imagine a woman has the choice between two guys who are identical in every way except one: one of the guys gives her amazing screaming orgasms and the other one, well… doesn’t. Which one will she choose? It seems pretty obvious that she will choose the guy who gives her a screaming orgasm, right? Interestingly the reason for that goes a lot deeper than you’d think. When she experiences a massive orgasm, her body releases a massive dose of oxytocin, aka the “bonding” or “love” hormone. This hormone is the one that gives her the feeling that she wants to see a guy again and again!

3. Women love emotions, especially in bed.

To become the type of guy that women will brag about dating, you have to make things emotionally exciting for her. Every woman wants to have something exciting and unexpected happen to her. It gets her heart racing and gets her wondering what will happen next. No prizes for guessing that a couple of minutes of the missionary position can get boring pretty quickly! You don’t have to have sex with her in a station right before rush hour (Although, believe me, I recommend that you try!), but just make sure that you keep things exciting and unpredictable and watch her melt every time she sees you.

4. It’s great fun!

Great is so much better than passable sex! When you are really enjoying your sex life, both of you will fantasize about each other. Isn’t it great when you feel that rush of anticipation, that feeling that something unexpected could happen? Imagine that as your sex life for the rest of your life! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

5. It can get you laid!

These days guys are aware that women talk about sex. The only surprise a lot of them have is how much women talk about it. Believe me, if you are at all good in bed, she has bragged to all of her friends about the stuff you two have done together. Now imagine how good you will look to her friends if you gave her the most amazing sex of her life! Suddenly when one of her friend needs a good, meaningless sex session, guess who she is gonna call?

These 5 reasons are just the tip of the iceberg  Having good sex isn’t just about enjoying yourself sexually, it is about having a more awesome life! Once you learn to be amazing in bed, you will be amazed how soon a lot of other cool things start happening in your life.

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