by Socrates

I love hanging out with RedpoleQ because he’s so full of knowledge. Quite literally, it’s hard to spend time with him and not learn anything.

Last time RedpoleQ was in Seoul I snuck my voice recorder just next to his mug of coffee to record this little gem for Asian Dating Monthly readers. We were sitting in Coffeesmith on a noisy Monday night listening to RedpoleQ hold court, fielding questions from local guys and a few Expats. When RedpoleQ gets into something you can hear the enthusiasm flow from his mouth — he carries the conversation passionately and everybody becomes completely engaged. Hear it for yourself below.

This is a very candid side of RedpoleQ that only a few on the inside circle tend to see. In this seminar, RedpoleQ goes over the finer points of Asian women, game, dating, sexual escalation, and a wide array of other topics that you just can’t learn via text.

Make sure to check out when and where the next mini seminar will be so you can attend live, in person. Dates and locations are available on the Asian Dating Monthly homepage.

Listen to it here:


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