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by Socrates

Back a couple months ago RedpoleQ wrote a pretty good article about how to win friends and influence people by offering value.

If you’ve been under a rock for the last 50 years, Dale Carnegie wrote an extremely popular book titled, “How to Win Friends and Influence People“. The book was written after Carnegie studied the lives of well respected and accomplished leaders to find out just how they were able to affect the change around them characteristic of their careers.

Our own RedpoleQ has put in a tremendous amount of work learning about relationships and social dynamics on a very large scale. While Carnegie was right on a lot of the points he made, RedpoleQ highlights one critical factor that Carnegie missed — providing others value.

That article sparked a number of emails asking how it is possible to provide value to win the favour of others without looking needy. We finally had the chance to sit down and talk about  on camera. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

    • I’ve never had any problem with getting in to restaurants…and only twice did I get turned away from a club and once from a bar since 2007 when I’ve been going to Seoul very regularly.

        • I’ve lived here for 4 years and have never heard of anything like that happening. On the other hand, foreigners sometimes act badly/rudely then complain about the reaction they get. Kind of makes me wonder what you did.

          • I was hungry. I wanted dinner. I walked into a restaurant.
            I guess I should have known better…

            Just wish i could have made better use of the company credit card than… Instant noodles and Cass.

            Could have been a lot worse: I’ve heard of foreigners having rocks thrown at them in Korea.