The Misogynists Guide to Loving Japanese Girls

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In my previous article, Why I Love Japanese Girls and You Should Too, I had a few people comment that I left out a lot about how wonderful Japanese girls are.  I got a lot of flak for being shallow and objectifying Japanese girls and for stereotyping them.

My post was called, “insulting and disgusting,” and I’ve been accused of “fetishizing and dehumanizing Asian women,” being a “prejudice cunt,” and apparently I’m a “piece of shit” with a “shrimp dick”.  I took all those comments to heart.

It’s been several months since I wrote that post and I’ve used the intervening months to rehabilitate myself.  The below post is the result.  Thanks all of you for your rude and obnoxious comments.  They truly influenced me to look deeply at myself and change for the better.  Much love!

1. They’re Human

This is the most important thing to point out.  It seems that a lot of people miss this about Japanese women.  They are the same species of Homo Erectus as you and I.  In fact, even if you are not Asian, you’re DNA is 99.99% exactly the same!  How awesome is that?


So, remember that unlike tigers, whales, giraffes, or cows, Japanese women are just like you and me.  I’ll get into some of the benefits of them being human below.

2. They’re Female

If you are a straight man, I’ve got great news for you.  Japanese girls are female.  And that means they have breasts(some guys may argue with me about that “fact”) and on top of that, they have…VAGINAS.

Vagina’s are specifically designed to give men orgasms so that women can steal men’s DNA, and store it for up to 5 days while they try to combine it with one of their eggs and create a new human life.  Japanese girls typically learn how to do this trick from around age 13 or so just like your mom or your sister(but don’t let your mom or sister get away with doing this kind of thing to you!)

And just like with cars and electronics, the best, most innovative, highest quality vaginas come from Japan, and that’s one more reason I love Japanese girls and you should too.

3. They Have a Culture

Before you go thinking that Japanese girls are just a collection of DNA, you should know that they often grow up in a country called Japan.  This country has a language called Japanese, but don’t go thinking it’s uniformly the same.


In addition to different dialects of Japanese, different Japanese girls speak with different word choice, voice tonality and inflection.  And to be honest with you, there are some Japanese girls who can’t speak Japanese at all.  This could be because they never learned OR because they are mute.

If you can find a mute Japanese girl, you are all set, because then you can project your thoughts feelings and desires onto her much more easily, so look out for those mute Japanese girls!

The most important thing to remember though is that every Japanese girl who grows up in Japan is totally different from every other Japanese girl so be careful before you go thinking that maybe she likes any kind of Japanese food, or has ever participated in any Japanese festivals or enjoys taking baths before going to bed at night.

Once again, it’s this amazing fact that each one of them is so unique and different that you can’t tell the difference between a girl from Japan, Korea, India, Russia, or Peru until you’ve really gotten to know her so deeply you feel like soul mates and that make me like Japanese girls so much.

4. They Have Thoughts

This is huge!  I’m not a fan of pets, because I think they require too much work to take care of.  Luckily for me, there are Japanese girls.  One of the things that really impresses me about the Japanese girls is that you don’t have to tell them what to wear, how to put on clothes, when to go to the bathroom or what and how to eat.

Unlike dogs, and goldfish, you can leave a Japanese girl on her own for hours, and sometimes even a few days and when you come back, she’ll (most likely) still be alive.  That’s right, Japanese girls can live without you.  Which is great because sometimes I want to go meet up with friends, or have to go to work or something and I don’t like having to decide between locking girls in the house or having to drag them around on a leash.


There is a common misconception that has kept many men away from Japanese girls, but now you know that you can leave one to her own devices without having to worry about coming home and having to clean the carpet after she didn’t make it to the kitty litter box.  I’ve even seen some (but not all!) Japanese girls create and manage a budget.

5. They Have a Long Lifespan

According to statistics, Japanese women are some of longest lived humans on earth. Scientists still debate whether this is because of that .01% DNA difference I mentioned earlier or if it’s because of Japanese food and lifestyle.  Despite the unique individuality of Japanese girls, scientists are having a hard time finding Japanese that they can use as comparison to the ones found on the “home islands”.

Regardless of the reason, any Japanese girl near your age will likely outlive you by several years and maybe as much as a decade. Their long lifespan excites me because it’s really, really hard to bury yourself.  With a Japanese girl at your side, you don’t have to.

Sweet baby, Jesus!  Could there be anything better than a Japanese woman?  NOPE!

26 thoughts on “The Misogynists Guide to Loving Japanese Girls”

  1. A high % of psychos, very high rates of STD’s particularly chlamidiya and a lot have worked in the sex industry (not that that is necessarily a negative thing). Also the picture you used at the top is of Japanese schoolgirls aged approximately 14/15. We don’t want another Vadim Scott situation on our hands or are we playing into the Japanese salaryman psyche of sexually objectifying schoolgirls???

    1. I’ve not had much of an issue with STDs in Japan. Chlamydia is easily cured with antibiotics, and easily avoided with condoms. I find from my own experiences and that of my clients and friends that if you take the basic precautions then it’s not something you need to worry much about.

      I think that all women have a potential to be “psycho” if you let them. My first American girlfriend and my first Japanese girlfriend were a bit nuts but as I became better with women and was able to select rather than be selected, the women got saner.

      Guys who have the least options are the most likely to accept behavior early on that bodes poorly for the future. So, getting your relationship and dating skills in order is an easy fix to avoiding(or CREATING!) the psychos.

      Thanks for your comment.

      1. Hi Martin. I had a good time in Japan when I was younger and enjoyed meeting the girls. Are they the best around? I certainly don’t think so & found Korean girls to be far more aesthetically attractive coupled with a feisty attitude. Particularly younger Japanese girls have a tendency to act daft to make Japanese guys feel more secure in their manhood. This kind of mentality is not appealing to those who like to be challenged mentally. There are smart, intelligent, worldly Japanese girls and then there are the ones with the mental age of a ten year old walking round Ame Mura before all the clubs got shut down.


      You silly bastard. High % of psychos? I think that described most of America better than any other place on earth. Country full of fat, stupid wage slaves pumped up on over 9000 different pharmaceutical prescription drugs like anti psychotics and anti depressants. How much crimes does Japan have compared to America? How many school shootings etc? You tell me who is the real psycho. Sounds like psychological projection to me. You are the psycho here. Most Americans dont even believe in evolution and prefer kids in school to be taught that cave men ride on dinosaurs and the earth is 6000 years old. Fucking dumb yankee doodle doo cock sucker. If you take away California + the West coast in general, NYC, and Miami.. then the rest of USA is a big shit hole full of nothing but hyper religious, racist red neck gun toting freaks. STDS? I’m going to guess America wins that one too. BTW chlamydia is extremely common. If you go to any university in the US you find that close to 1/4 females have chlamydia and most don’t even know it. In Japan 14 or 15 is legal, not like in the US where if a 17.5 year old dates a person who turned 18 two weeks ago, the 18 year old can be locked up for 10 years with felony charges. If a 14 year old commits a crime in the US then they will often get tried as an adult and go to jail until they are 40… So somehow the minors in America are both adults and children at the same time. Incapable of making their own choices, but if they make a mistake they get punished as adults. Backwards ass society. Yankee doodle doo cock sucker. Japanese psyche of sexualizing? You want a cheeseburger? You want a hot dog? Let’s not forget who the only country that’s actually used nuclear weapons is. Let’s not forget that to this day Japan is OCCUPIED by the USA.

      1. I wouldn’t know really because I’ve never been to America but according to your description it sounds great!!! The Japanese got what they deserved when the Americans caught up with them at Hiroshima. Japanese listed crimes against humanity include cannibalism, forced incest, mass rape, sodomy, human vivisection and human experimentation all documented during WW2. It’s about time the Japanese accepted the shame of their surrender and committed ritual suicide.

      2. I think you actually made some valid points, but the tone is just too rude and the name calling is unacceptable so I’m going to delete your comment. Feel free to re-post it or something similar with the good bits and without the bad bits.

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    1. I think you missed the point…many people believe that because I wrote an article listing 7 things I love about Japanese girls that I’m a dehumanizing fetishist that objectifies women.

      I wrote this article to prove to them, that in fact, I see a lot more to Japanese women and more importantly to show my detractors how stupid they are for assuming so little depth to my own thoughts from one short article.

      Thanks for dropping by.

      1. Now I know I can’t be the first one to be telling you this. Look at the over arching point of your site. if you still haven’t figured it out, you’re a lost cause.

        1. You’re right…I should start a University and then I could have an entire East Asian Studies department and get grants to study this kind of thing.

          Unfortunately, since instead of academic credentials and published papers, like this one from Harvard http://bit.ly/1zgbwaI, all I have is 14 years of experience living in Asia and 7 years experience as a dating coach in Asia.

          Oh, well…

  4. Really good
    Sometimes I forget who I am. I am an unique person who has needs. Like a Japanese girl.


    PS: we are Homo Sapiens not Homo Erectus.

    1. Good pick up! Originally, when I wrote this, I made that mistake, but when I noticed it, I decided to leave it because I thought it made the whole article even more funny.

      1. For example like if ,there were a get together or party, and there were 10 japanese girls and 10 korean girls and 10 chinese girls and 10 taiwanese and 10 philipinese girls etc would they get along with each other at the get together ???

        1. I think it would be quite similar to having 10 French girls, 10 German girls, 10 Italian girls, 10 British girls, and 10 Spanish girls together.

          The only difference is that westerners in general will make more of an effort to include or interact with people they don’t know.

  5. Look korean Japanese taiwan ..they have things in common they live in too materialist world they have more Love to things..you are probably linving with her like some kind of toy becouse ..those man in japan made this girl like teaching them so hearly that body can be sell for money..those girl are lack to be a good mother or building a mariege with trust it will be just interest mariege…no love!

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