by Martin

Whenever a new club or bar teeming with women opens up, I feel it’s my duty to check it out.  So, when I heard about Glam last fall, I convinced Tim and Jay to pile into a taxi and trek all the way over to Itaewon–that’s a no easy feat with guys who LIVE in Gangnam, but I managed.

A New Venue in a New Neighborhood in Seoul

I heard from one of my favorite Seoul socialites that it was the new hot venue and, since she and her jet-set crew frequented it, I was sure that it would be worth going to.  Once we were able to catch a taxi out of Gangnam, which is always a challenge around midnight on a weekend, we made our way through the traffic to the iconic Hamilton Hotel in the center of Itaewon.

Glam is located on the up and coming back street that is now lined with trendy restaurants, cafe’s, and pubs in a new building called District (one of my friends likes to call this strip little Apkujeong because of it’s similarity to that long-time, high-end part of Seoul on the other side of the river).  District also has a bar on the first floor called, Prost, and dance club called, ironically, Mute.  Glam is free to get into, but they have a pretty strict dress code that seems to be particularly focused on shoes as we discovered on our first trip there.

Both Tim and Jay are no slouches in the fashion department but when we rocked up to the first floor concierge to show ID, they were turned away for their very fashionable Tom’s brand footwear.  These are very much the in-style as of last summer, so I was really surprised and typically, Tim was outraged.  Nothing ticks him off like not getting his fair due.

De-Flowering Glam

But, since we trudged all the way there, I figured I’d at least peak inside and when I did, I was pretty impressed.  The interior is really nice and upscale–a notch above the old B1–without seeming snobby and maintaining a still relaxed feel.  The guys were well dressed professional types in nicely cut suits and polished leather shoes and a mixture of western multinational executive types in their late 30s, early 40s, and slightly younger Korean professionals mainly in their late 20s and early/mid 30s.

The women were all very well dressed in elegant  party dresses with a few in more casual, but still expensive, outfits.  Many of them seemed to also be professionals and were in their mid 20s to mid 30s.  Glam is dominated by a central, horseshoe shaped bar with tables and lounge areas all around, and a few standing tables here and there.  Glam has a great layout for meeting women because it’s easy to circulate with wide pathways to facilitate movement through the venue.

I decided that it looked promising and that I should definitely come back to spend more time there. That ‘more time’ just happened to be on the following Saturday. Since a few of my friends were going to be there, I decided that it was time to de-flower Glam.

A Fantastic Night Spot

I rolled in with Jay and Al who had to check his coat (for 3000 won) since it had a hood on the back.This second visit confirmed my first impression of the place – definitely a cool venue to hang out and have a drink with friends.  There was a good enough flow of hotties coming in to keep you and buddies busy for a few hours, as well, especially if you like high-end women in the late 20s, or early 30s age bracket. Not surprisingly, the English level was also quite good – not a significant barrier to chatting up some of the local ladies.

While I definitely recommend you try this place out it’s not the place for you if you prefer the high energy club vibe with people swirling all around you, but it’s better than most lounges where people are unapproachable, sitting around at tables on couches.  I was there on a Saturday but I hear that weekday evenings are quite lively as well.

Free entry every night makes it a spot you should definitely drop in on at if you’re in Itaewon.  Most drinks are from 10-15,000won and the bartenders know what they’re doing so you won’t be disappointed if you order your favorite cocktail.

  • hurr durr this site is a big joke. If youre white in asia it’s 100 times easier to find a chick than in USA or EU. If youre black its 10 times harder. Does having a good game REALLY make such a huge difference? I also think it’s something about the asian culture that attracts guys, not the women themselves.

    • Well, I know plenty of black guys who get action and plenty of white guys who don’t…it seems to come down to either skills, looks, money or some combination of the three.

      • HA! if youre white and cant get good chicks in asia with ease then there must be something REALLY wrong with you. Asians are white worshiping. Keepin in mind most foreign residents in asia tend to be ugly for some reason. Do you get alot of awkward/weird lookin white guys @ your HQ?

        It’s not super hard to get a chick if you’re black in Japan, if u dont act ghetto and arent broken/ugly/retarded, simply cause youre exotic, this trick will work in Europe too, BUT, dating and let alone marrying are a completely different thing. It also won’t work with the real beauties among Japanese women with self respect (these tend to stick to japanese men, ofc the ones with a specific income). Keepin in mind Japan is by far the most tolerant East Asian country.

        • Some guys have very little experience with women in general, some have no trouble getting girls, but don’t know how to go after the ones they want.

          Other guys, want to be able to up the number of girls, some the quality, some are able to get girls after a few dates and want to see what it’s like to get a girl the first night they meet her.

          I think you’re assuming that it’s about getting girls in general, when it’s more about what each guy in particular is after in his life.

          • Do most guys who come to u want a one night stand with a girl or are they looking for something longer and more stable like a relationship? Which is more common?

          • The vast majority of guys want to up the quality of girls they get and eliminate dry spells.

            When guys are able to up their quality, they want to hold on to them because, why toss her if she’s good, right?

    • Maverick, you’re spot on. We need to have more brothers that tell the hard truth like you, myself, George Rockwell, and others.

      Asia is indeed the white man’s paradise and the Black man’s torture chamber (good eye candy, but cannot touch, so it makes it more torturous).

      • If that is true why do so many white guys take RedpoleQ’s boot camp? Asian’s prefer Asians, in general. Whites have an easier time here than Blacks, no doubt, but it is still very tough for Whites in parts of Asia (eg. Korea).

        • White guys go to increase their already good numbers. I dunno. White guys want to fuck everything and conquer the world. It’s an arguably admirable trait of White culture.

          I noticed this in Japan, when White guys that screw at least a dozen girls a week got mad to see me, a Black man, walking down the street with one.

          • I’m sorry you find it so tough in Japan. I think you’re being way too optimistic about White sexual success in Asia, though. Usually guys who take boot camps don’t think they’re doing great with women – and for good reason. Many White guys find it extremely challenging to date the girls they want to date… and I’ve seen the types of girls that White guys with no game get. It aint pretty.

            A lot of Koreans make comments like, “All a foreigner has to do is say hi to a Korean girl and she’s going home with him,” and like to complain about how well White guys have it but the reality is very different.

            Granted Korea is tougher than other countries for White guys but the fact is that Asians in general still prefer Asians.

          • It’s tougher in Japan for Black men than it was when I was there. I didn’t say that I had no success, I said that White guys that can bang almost any girl on demand got mad to see a Black guy walking with one.

            This was 2007, when the popularity of Black guys in Japan was beginning to wane. I was just a nerdy looking Black guy, short, and skinny-fat. I still got laid about once a week (on average; had weeks I didn’t get any but made up by getting two the next) by girls I’d rate 6 – 7.5. Had a longer term relationship with one girl too. That’s how good it WAS to be a Black guy in Japan back then, we got a taste of what white guys get anywhere in Asia.

            Nowadays, Black men aren’t doing so hot in Japan, and never did do so hot in China and Taiwan. Our popularity has fallen globally, and Black men need to know this. Game isn’t going to help; we need to be in control of our images in the media.

          • “White guys that can bang almost any girl on demand got mad to see a Black guy walking with one”

            Yeah, that makes sense. Some small number White guys can bang a lot of girls easily and some White guys don’t like Blacks.

            Well, if all that’s true then I wouldn’t say that game wont help. Race is not some barrier you can’t get around. If what you’re saying about Japan/Asia and Black is true then your challenge is just tougher… and that means that you have to rise above it to get what you want. Game can help by controlling how the other person sees you and you should be able to become skilled enough to open a lot of doors with women who would otherwise ignore you. Work harder, work smarter, test, profit.

            Actually, I think RedpoleQ will have something to say about this since he’s friends with some Black guys in Japan.

          • Black men always work harder for peanuts when other races stroll right in. If Black men are going to work harder, we should get superior results and surpass our enemies that are subjugating us.

          • “If Black men are going to work harder, we should get superior results and surpass our enemies that are subjugating us.”

            I totally agree.

          • Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. All you can control is the effort that you put in and the context in which you put that effort in.

            Natural law dictates this.

            You can plant your wheat in the spring, but if there is a drought, or a flood, or an early snow, then you get nothing for your efforts. Get over it.

            You sound like a feminist bitching and moaning about the bad treatment you’re getting rather than getting back to work. If you want to go back to Africa, good luck to you.

            I’m keen to check it out and invest there at some point myself.

          • Yeah. I was born Black, so using your metaphor, it’;s like a drought. Nothing can be done. i can get back to work, but next season, it’ll just be a drought too. Might as well quit trying to plant wheat. In other words, Black men shouldn’t set foot in Asia, or any other place where we are not welcomed or respected.

          • We know that you are salesmen, and as a businessman, I respect that. However, as a Black man, I cannot stand idly by and watch my people get sold a bill of goods yet again. It stops right here, right now.

            Game, especially paying for it, isn’t going to help Black folks. The perception is already there due to the media, many non-Black foreigners promoting negativity about us, and a few dumbass negroes living up to every negative stereotype in the book. No matter of game, intelligence, respect of language, culture, etc. is going to change this for the most part.

          • “However, as a Black man, I cannot stand idly by and watch my people get sold a bill of goods yet again.”

            I respect that. That’s why you should come by and check out the merchandise for yourself. I mean, if something could drastically improve the lives of people you’re talking about then it would be a mistake to keep them away from it. Right?

          • I’ve had a few black clients…they’ve been very pleased with their results. Most black guys have too much pride to believe they can learn and do better.

            Most white guys have too much ego as well. Most PEOPLE have too much ego to change, learn and improve.

            They’re missing out.

          • There are girls that are white lovers, and there are girls that are black lovers. Then there are girls who are undecided because they only date locals.

            I’d occasionally get a black lover, but they’d be REALLY confused when they got back to my place…they’d be stunned at all the books lining the walls.

            Then they’d start trying to ask me about hip-hop artists and songs and would be even more confused that I had no idea what they were talking about.

            Many white guys have the same issue…the girl has some stereotype of what a white/black guy is supposed to be like and she wants to date that stereotype. If you match it, then great. If not, you’re out of there. It’s best to go after the girls who don’t have a stereotype.

            Those are the girls who have never really thought about dating a foreigner at all….that means, MOST OF ASIA!

            Those girls have stereotypes of foreigners in general, but it’s easy to “break” that stereotype early(like by speaking a few key phrases in the language, or knowing something about their culture they don’t expect).

            Once you “break” the stereotype, she thinks of you as “different” and then you have your “in”.

            I never spent much time comparing myself to what white guys are getting because I always saw most of them not getting girls I wanted anyway.

            I’ve been living in Asia since 2000…13 YEARS and counting. And most everyone who wasn’t good with women back home, has it rough here. I know plenty of white guys who couldn’t get any action.

            Some as old as 29. When I first came to Japan, I heard the standard “go to x bar, the girls there love foreigners and you’ll get so much action”. I’ve found this to be universally false except for a very small percentage of guys.

            If you’re an average guy and you want to do well, you need game. PERIOD. You can learn it on your own if you want or you can learn from someone else, but it does take time to sort out what works from what doesn’t and how to move things along smoothly.

            Unlike you, Ganz, I didn’t bang a new girl every week. I always had at least 4 girls on the go, and was quite happy just to make sure, I had a new girl often enough to replace the ones I lost from attrition, so it was never about racking up huge numbers.

            It was about having girls that were top quality that made other guys jealous(I LOVE THAT), and about training them up to be absolute maestros in the bedroom.

            That seems to be what most guys want over randomly banging a new girl every weekend. They are somewhat different skill sets, and what I was after is not something that most guys “naturally” learn how to do.

            I would say it took me 6 years and LOTS of practice and talking with the black dudes that I rolled with and learning game and talking to other guys that were learning game to get good.

            It took some white guys I know even longer.

          • Most girls do have a negative stereotype of Blacks and positive one of whites. Even girls that don’t like Whites in particular see whites at the top, as powerful, as having money, and white skin is their ideal of beauty.

            When it comes to Brothers, we are either cool (to the minority of Black-lovers), or criminals. On top of this, we are poor, and most importantly, Black skin is seen as ugly, dirty, and inferior.

            Glad that you admit that you weren’t about huge numbers. Black men that go for quality and quantity are going to have a rough go of it in Asia, unless they build s time machine and go back to 2005-2008 Japan. If you can build a time machine though, go back in time so that Black folks will rule the world and supplant white guys in Asia.

          • Black is not automatically ugly in Asia. When I first moved to Asia I never thought of myself as attractive. I didn’t get compliments on my appearance until 2005 when I was about 26 after I’d done a lot of work on my body language, voice tonality, thought processes, and clothing.

            I didn’t have guidance, so it took me a long time to figure it out. I got a legitimately young, hot girl who always told me how cool I was. I couldn’t believe it. I thought she was full of shit.

            But after a while I started to believe her…then I had another legitimately, SUPER $$$ girl break down crying when we were out together because she was so jealous and was totally convinced that I could get any girl in that club, HA!

            When I had no game, I had not girls. When I go game, I got girls. End of story.

            As I said above, they have very narrow experience with black people, so the stereotype isn’t that strong. It’s like, they know only one kind of black person.

            If it’s obvious you’re not that, then they don’t have set template for judging you and as long as you can hold their attention (game) then you can influence them to be with you, sleep with you, date you…that’s what G-A-M-E is about.

            Learn it.

          • Nah, the stereotype is strong, especially since their gods, the white man, promote hatred of us daily, whether it be their media or them showing up in the classroom or on the streets.

            Somewhere down the line, the educational system failed you, and you failed yourself. If you really knew anything, you’d know that Black men have to try TEN times as hard and only get a HUNDREDTH of the spoils whites and others get just for showing up in asia. Game doesn’t do much to change a person. Game can unlock a white man’s full potential, or give a Black guy a slight edge over other Black guys that have the same looks and income, but other than that, game doesn’t mean jack.

            I debate my equals, all others I teach. Class is in session.

          • I’d say that Black guys that are not good with women in the States have it even rougher in Asia. Black guys that were good with women (a rare thing in 2013), have it tough in Asia too.

            White guys that are ugly, fugly, can’t get a woman to save their life, etc. still have harems in Asia. Maybe they aren’t getting 10s, but they are batting way out of their league. You have to admit this. Black guys have a rough time in Asia, game or no game, because Black is automatically ugly to Asian people.

          • RedpoleQ no offence but i think you guys on this site, you and Socrates, are racist to whites in the way you’re responding to that Rockwell guy (who’s racist to whites as well) and calming him down for whatever reason. I would just ignore him
            You keep saying it’s mostly white dudes having trouble in Asia and coming to you. Are you implying it’s difficult for a white guy to get an asian chick? I don’t know statistics from Asia and i dont know if they keep them, but i know that majority JP/Indian/Chinese who come to the US dates whites. And we all know its mostly Cali where they have all races in the world to choose from. I also know that white- east asian (specifically) marriage is the most popular interracial in history. I have no idea what kinda people come to your meetings because i never even attended a bootcamp like that but i do know the numbers in the US when it comes to Asian-White dating. Im not talking bout gold digging chinese who date you for your passport. I dont see how, in your opinion, its not exactly the same in Asia. East Asians love Europe and most of the stereotypes white guys fall into in Asia are really positive. You can’t say that about black people in general. You seem to make it sound like black guys have it as easy as whites. This is completely untrue. Not talking about Korea now, i know it’s totally possible for a black guy to date an asian woman, not trying to convince anyone otherwise.
            Keep in mind im not even white^ im just really confused about what im reading here

          • You’re 100% correct. It’s hard for ugly people to get one night stands, and easy for good looking people. It’s hard for people with low social value to get dates or marry.

            now, in Asia, Blacks are ugly and have no social value. An outstanding black guy might get a single girl to like him, then have to go through her being disowned by society and her family, and so on, but as far as hooking up (which is what many men go to asia for, but it’s only seen as a bad thing when Black men want to do it), you’re SOL if you’re Black. It really sucks because you watch the whites, latinos, arabs, etc. get a different girl almost every night if they want it. This is why Black men shouldn’t set foot in Asia.

          • thats an overkill dude. Its not that bad. And no, arabs arent too popular there either. Idk about latinos cause i dont know any latinos livin in East asia

          • There are latinos teaching, visiting, and in the military just like Blacks. Since they are closer to white and have a more positive representation, they do better. Arabs do alright in China and Taiwan; not sure about Korea and Japan, but once again, they’re better off than Blacks, especially if they are light-skinned.

            Blacks are just about last choice for everyone, it’s just a much larger gap in Asia.

          • Oh, and it may be overkill, but it’s not too far off. I lived in Japan and saw it. I have friends that lived in Taiwan and saw it. read BlackInAsia on Tumblr. Dude may be queer and is an SJW, but he makes a lot of valid point about anti-Blackism and white supremacy, especially in the far East.

          • Maverick,

            1. Most of my clients are white. And when I say, most, I’ve worked with about 250-300 guys of which about 5 were black.

            However, before teaching pickup, my crew was 5 black guys, 1 half black, half white dude, one Chinese Canadian dude, and and 3 white dudes.

            Of those, the Chinese Canadian did the best by a pretty wide margin…not because he was Chinese, but because women found him attractive and he knew how to capitalize on that.

            Two of those white dudes, had the hardest time in terms of numbers and one used to joke that he could only get the girls that other guys had already banged! One of the white dudes was really, really good with women and would take a new girl home every weekend, but he’d take absolutely ANYTHING!

            When we started out, we didn’t know what we were doing and we got very little action. My first year in Japan, I only got with 3 girls, and it was pure luck with all 3 of them.

            By 2005 I’d improved a lot and I got 5(all really good quality) and then in 2006 I got 12(all really good except for 1, lols).

            The difference was that I learned a lot over those years and applied it. Especially from 2004 on after I read about game and started applying those principles.

            I was almost hopeless when I moved to Asia because I went to an all boys school in Jr, High and High School, and when I went to Howard I was totally unprepared for what the women threw at me. I managed to get one girlfriend in my sophomore year and I held onto her until I moved to Asia.

            The reason I started teaching pickup was because white guys wanted to learn from me, because they applied my advice and had success. Plain and simple.

            The guys who started Japan Lair were my first two clients, Genki and R&F. The guys who started Korea Lair were my first clients in Korea…all white.

            I know what the statistics are in the US, but Asians in the US and Asian-Asians are totally different.

            Marrying non-locals is universally bad. Not so much because of race(though that does play a role for sure), but because it’s FOREIGN.

            I think that coming from a multi-cultural country like the US it’s hard for people to understand that foreignness…meaning being different is scary.

            It so happens that white culture is more well known that black culture, and because of that it doesn’t feel so different. If you meet an average Asian girl, chances are that if she’s met a foreigner, he’s a white guy.

            If that experience is good, then she’ll think better of white guys in general. So when you look at classified ads in Asia, you’ll see that girls will often specify that they’re looking for a Canadian, or Australian or New Zealander.


            Because they went there and developed an affinity(and familiarity) for guys from that country.

            As I’ve said repeatedly, you have to look at the stereotype. So when a girl tells her mom that she’s dating a black guy, her mom conjures up some image…but if she were to meet you personally, the mom wouldn’t conjure up that image unless you match it.

            So, Maverick, what I’m trying to say is that skills are more important than race. Good looks are the most important, but very few guys(like maybe 5%) have looks that trump game.

            Also, what I’m trying to say is that there are more white-lovers than black-lovers and so therefore there are more cute white-lovers than black-lovers. However, one reason there are fewer black lovers is because Asian women have much less exposure so they don’t have as much opportunity to develop positive anchors to black people.

            Finally, what I’m trying to say, is that for the vast majority of girls who are not particularly interested in foreigners, and have never really thought about race at all(because it’s not an issue in homogenous countries), they are almost blank slates and if you can approach them well(aka have good game) then race is not a major factor.

            And I think this last part is really important. Koreans and Japanese, especially don’t think of race very much. It’s not something that is part of their lives.

            As an example, until South Park came out, I never knew that people made fun of Canadians or that there was anything to make fun of them about at all. In Australia they make fun of people from Tasmania.

            Japanese and Koreans especially, don’t sit around thinking about Tasmanians any more than they spend time thinking about black people. It’s a tiny footnote.

            America is so race obsessed it really is ridiculous.

          • Thanks for this long post, it’s good to see you guys are taking your time to read and reply.

            I think the reason youre getting more whites in general is because there are way more whites in Asia in general, and alot of white guys who travel to Asia think they will get every women they want cause they are white westerners (ironically, one of my first comments was about this, but i did exaggerate on purpose) and they feel disappointed if that’s not the case. They come to you because that’s one of the reasons they are in Asia, women.
            Anyway i disagree with you on one thing, the “lack of exposure”, it’s bullshit and a lame excuse that has been used to cover up racism for a while now. Black people have been in East Asia for very long, both whites and blacks are exposed to the same level. Look how much blacks are exposed in the US, does it help our reputation?
            We’ve been dating white women for centuries, and we are still seen as a bottom pick and black-white relationships are frowned upon. Why?
            What do you get in Asian countries? You seem to think im talking about asian women with white or black fetish, im not. Im talking about the ones “wanted by the locals” and the way they see a foreigner. Indeed, going out with a foreigner is seen as a bad thing by the locals no matter what skin color the guy is, however if a guy is good looking it’s pretty much where white guys really win.

            I know that a bad looking white guy without any game will not achieve incredible results. The point of that comment wasnt to show that only white guys can do it, but rather how much easier it is when youre white. Lack of exposure? There’s already plethora of stereotypes about black people in Asia, and some of them are far worse than what americans think of blacks. Its no different than Europe at this point.

            White guys have it easier because they are associated with all the actors and models (there’s a reason white models in Asia are almost as popular as the Asian ones too), being rich, high social status, with the rich history of their race and all that. Then there’s Asian obsession with pale skin, which doesn’t work for black guys’ favor either. What are blacks associated with? Hip hop, entertainment, sports in Japan, hip hop, US army rapes and crime in South Korea.
            Theres a reason parents prefer white english teachers too. It goes much deeper than just “having bad game” and thats my point.
            Also, Asians who come to the US and Asians in Asia are the same, and they prefer whites because they do. Might be looks or just purely because it’s a step up for them. But they aren’t different. Asian American are different than Asians, but they still go for whites.

            I know you’re super good with women and maybe thats why you seem to overlook this kinda stuff. And you probably have no idea how much being able to speak different languages and knowing the culture works in your favor.
            Its not just the US being obsessed with race, its the entire world! Im living in Europe right now BTW, born in the US, black mother and white father.

          • Yeah, I totally agree, that most of my clients are white, because many more white guys come here. However, I think you’re quite wrong in saying that white guys come here because they want Asian girls.

            That’s definitely more true in Japan, but not true about guys in South Korea in China. Especially these days, it’s primarily about job prospects and adventure given the weak job market in the US.

            I’d say that at least 50% of my clients don’t have a strong preference for Asian girls. I’d actually argue, though this is the first time I’ve thought about this, that the guys who actually want to learn game do it because they aren’t willing to settle for lower quality girls just because their Asian which guys with Asian fetishes will do.

            (obviously, that doesn’t include the guys who were bad with women both back home and also in Asia who are just looking to have success with women, period).

            I think you misunderstand how little exposure white Americans have to black people…I mean REAL exposure. One of my friends, who is a successful entrepreneur and grew up in the ghetto in Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn had a white woman in Seattle ask if his high school was integrated!

            I grew up in and around Washington, DC and so many times I’d be somewhere with my family and my dad would sarcastically say, “Chocolate City, huh,” because we were the only black people there.

            I was talking to a German guy and he was talking about how because of German history there is a very heavy emphasis on understanding other races and being tolerant and never discriminating and all that, but he saw his first non-white person when he was 17 on the street somewhere.

            That’s not exposure and I would say that one proper exposure experience trumps media by a wide margin. You can disagree with me on that if you like, but that’s my opinion and I don’t feel like I get discriminated in Korea and Japan very much more than white guys do.

            Also, I think you’re over emphasizing the level of hate towards black people as compared to other races. Once again black people are an after thought. Koreans are much more concerned and racist towards Chinese and Japanese than they are towards black people because they are indoctrinated much more by their history classes and news. FAR MORE.

            They don’t give two shits about black people in aggregate just as I was saying that I don’t give two shits about Canadians.

            Do you realize that in Japan, right now, one of the biggest foreign talents is an American black guy? He represents softbank which is one of the big 3 cell phone companies.

            And before him there has always been at least one black(or African) talent. You can say they are tokens if you want, but the point is that these guys are way more prevalent in the media than negative stereotypes of black people.

            They have an obsession with pale skin for themselves. I don’t think it carries over to people of other races so much. Case in point…Koreans really like Indians from India and have lots of positive stereotypes about them.

            Most of the US Army rapes are white guys…Asians love Hip-hop, and yes, sports. What’s bad about those things? They don’t look at this so deeply like you think they do. They don’t think of black people as actually being gangsters any more than we think of Italians as all being gangsters.

            They prefer white English teachers because they prefer North Americans and North American means WHITE in the same way that Doctor means MAN. Call it racism, and sexism if you want, but on average most North Americans are white and most doctors are men.

            It doesn’t mean that they don’t think a North American can be not white, or that a Doctor must be a man, it’s just the automatic assumption. So, if the teacher is black, they’ll wonder if he’s really a native English speaker.

            I think that because I learned Game in Asia, I have a very different perspective on what it means. To me, learning the language(or more importantly learning certain aspects of the language) and learning certain aspects of the culture are part of game to me.

            Take humor…I use different jokes in Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Why? Because different things are funny and some references make sense in one country and not another. Same goes when I’m talking to an American chick…the humor is different.

            So, I don’t notice the differences much because of game…that’s true. That’s what this site is for, so people can learn this stuff. Often the fist few piece of advice I give guys are:

            1) improve fashion
            2) study the language
            3) move

            Why? Because deficiencies in the first two are the most likely thing to get you immediately eliminated. Especially when you’re talking to normal non-foreign fetishists.

            The third is because Asian girls in general don’t decide they want to sleep with a particularly guy like western women do…because deciding to have sex is slutty behavior.

            So, if you live far out of the way, it can be a major challenge to get her to your place because there is little or no plausible deniability. The easier it is to get there the lower the isolation hurdle and therefore the better the chances of sex going down and her continuing to see you in general.

            I’m very aware of how much language helps. My Japanese is awesome so gaming Japanese girls is super easy for me, but with Korean girls I struggle way more because of the language barrier.

            Luckily Koreans on average speak more and better English than Japanese girls do. And my improved Japanese over the years was definitely a factor in my success.

            Having said that, you have no idea how many girls tell me, “all my friends want to date a foreigner” or “I don’t care where the guy is from” and it’s true…it’s just that dating foreign guys is not practical.

            So, what I’m getting at is that most of the hurdles are more about being foreign than about being black.

          • Im sorry for these long ass comments, dont hate me. Hmm Yes they do think of blacks as criminals, many of them. No, not like italian gangsters” more like “russian mob”, there has been nigerian ghettos in South Korea for years now.
            You live in Japan so you know what kinda reputation roppongi has, partly because of africans.

            You also don’t know how it is for an Asian girl, especially Korean or Chinese, in a big city like Seoul or Shanghai if you’re dating a black guy. Like i said i did date a korean before and i stopped because of people around us rather than the way the relationship was developing.
            Is it the same with whites? Yes, of course but not to that extent.

            And im the opposite of a ghetto black guy, i had alot of people notice this and be positively surprised. I actually felt awkward many times because of that lol

            You seem to be a smart person but i feel like you dont really want to know what people think. You have alot of self confidence. But asian racism is passive aggressive, I was never called a N***er in Asia (at least not to my knowledge). While in the US, the most multi culti country in the world, i was called that quite a few times despite not even being full black ._.

            You missed 2 things of what i said too, first, the white worshiping. The fact that so many asian women around the world chooses white men over everything else. Yes, i know you will think its the “5’s” and all the leftover stuff, but ive seen 9’s with whites too, and i honestly doubt these same guys would be able to get white 7-8’s. I keep bringing up the US as an example because its there where Asians can really get to know everything about every race, they still choose whites. Can you tell me why? I honestly don’t know.
            They like white(pale?) skin on them and on others, no matter the race. The best example is celebrities and models.
            @ schools: They will choose a white american over a black one in most cases, there has been multiple cases of black americans being replaced by white teachers because of parents complaints.
            @real exposure: i think you are talking about somethin impossible. People will not stop generalizing

            @ the bank guy EVERY single conversation i have about race in Asia someone brings up that black commercial dude. It doesn’t really say anything. In the country i live in right now, they have mongolian and african TV show stars. And racism is everywhere.
            I do know about the China-Korea-Japan relations and the way they treat each other but aside from that, they arent colorblind. They treat each minority differently

            It’s just harder. And i believe black guys who manage to pick up good looking chicks in Asia deserve more credit, because skin and racial background do matter alot. Asia is all about looks and social status Thats why i totally respect you. (actually , despite being short you’re really good looking anyway, no homo. plus, being short also makes you look less scary and you probably know how it works)

          • Yes, many of them do think of blacks as criminals, but the vast majority don’t spend any time at all thinking about black people.

            I never ever thought about the Russian mob…it was not a part of my world until I went to Phuket where they run the tuk-tuk business apparently. Maybe that’s because I’m American, or maybe that’s because I grew up in and around DC, but the point is that I never spent an ounce of energy thinking about them, and this is my major point about black people in Asia.

            It really sounds to me like, this is primarily a difference in upbringing. My parents are old enough that they can remember not being able to go to certain restaurants in the South(including in the DC area) and so I grew up learning that I would have to work twice as hard and that “life isn’t fair, dear.”

            I don’t spend energy comparing who has it more unfair than who. I spend my time focusing on those things I do control and exploiting every edge I can find.

            As for Asia girls in big cities like Shanghai and Seoul…as you said, it’s a difference of degree and I think that there is plenty enough leverage to tip things in my favor and that’s the most important thing.

            Can I win in Asia? Yes. Then, instead of focusing on shit that doesn’t help, like how hard it is for me, I can get to work exploiting my advantages to the hilt.

            In a foreign country, you are “behind enemy lines with one bullet”. Use it carefully.

            I really don’t think that Asians are white worshiping. In a way, they hate white white people even more because they view them as real cultural competition…white people are a threat and black people aren’t. Other Asians are also a threat.

            Koreans,Chinese and Japanese care far more about beating out one another, than they do about about keeping down black people…and I guess that’s the next point. It’s not that Asians are against black people, it’s more that they are pro themselves and black people are collateral damage.

            The fact is that in current times, in the world White American culture is the pre-eminent culture. It’s been different at different times in different places. But right now that’s the way it is.

            So, people want to associate with the pre-eminent culture…people want to be close the perceived centers of power. That’s no different than the desire to go to Harvard, or to work at some big name company.

            I dig that. I don’t take issue with humans being human.

            I’m glad you think I’m a good looking guy…I often joke that my parents gave me the perfect face for this business because no one believes I get chicks because of my looks!

            Also, as a guy who got called Erkel much of my high school days, it’s pretty gratifying to know have people think I’m attractive. It’s really something I worked on over time with my presentation and vibe.

          • I never said that Asians hate blacks, racism doesnt necessarily mean hate.
            I know for a fact they don’t cause they dont care for the most part. Even these african gangsters in Tokyo controlled by the yakuza don’t cause any problems to the Japanese.
            But while many of Asians will hate whites because of the competition, or because they feel inferior/or feel like whites feel superior to them, they will simply look down on blacks and not respect them as much as they respect whites. And it plays a role in dating.
            Would you rather be hated because you’re “better” or ignored/disrespected because you’re seen as “worse”?
            In interracial It’s a step up for asian chicks to date white, while dating black is seen as a step down.

            But IMO asian men will hate anyone who wants to steal their women. And if its a black guy, someone they would feel superior to, they might get pissed off.
            I think they are very similar to white people in that regard. Or black women.

            I dont spend my time complaining and i too prefer to just go for it, i posted here cause i was curious about your point of view and how you handle things

          • That’s true, but I would go so far as to say that Asians do hate Blacks. They are contributing to our genocide. Watch the market glows and the media for starters.

            Asian men REALLY hate Black men that get their women, but they yield to whites. It’s because whites are seen as alpha, and Blacks as omega, especially in Asian cultures.

          • I’m going to make some quick bullet points because I need to get back to the gym:

            1) I hope you’re making money and lots of it. White guys armed with game will tear up Asia, especially since game is the only “advantage” a Black man would have. Your loyalty is in question.

            2) Doesn’t matter that the Army rapes are mainly White guys. The Black ones are publicized more.

            3) Who cares about a couple of spooks on Japanese TV. We have hundreds of Black folks on TV in the US and Europe (not just talking about Cops), and we’re still treated like dog shit.

            4) Good looks are important, and White guys are considered to have those looks due to Asians loving light features, and the billboards/magazines with white faces plastered all over them.

            5) Indians are considered better-looking because of their sharper features, and because they make money in IT. Blacks have no positive stereotypes to work with except for entertainment. Since whites, koreans, etc. can rap without being ugly, scary Black men, they don’t need us at all now. Just wait until the Chinese hybrids take over the NBA and NFL…

            6) None of this explains the negative comments Black men get walking down the street, while the ugliest white guy will get girls coming up to him telling him that he’s so handsome.

            7) Many Asians STILL worship a white guy even when they see him doing shady things, while a Black man is STILL treated like shit when he does everything right.

            8) The WORLD is race-obsessed, or at the very least, color-obsessed and status-obsessed. Since Asians take their cues from America, even if it were only America, it’s going to effect the entire world.

            9) You’re ACTING like you don’t know SHIT about Asia in order to sell a product. Good for business, bad for ethics. It’s cool that white boys spend money with you when they don’t need to, but you’re selling a bill of good to Black men.

            10) Solution: Black men, we need to realize that we just can’t win, and unless we find it fun to lose, just don’t play the game. Black men ought not travel to Asia; save your money and build in your communities and in Africa. If we get enough power (which I doubt), then Black men may be able to get laid in Asia in about ten generations. We won’t live to see it though, so meh.

          • Your points are irrelevant to my point which is that GAME and what we write about and teach on this site and in live trainings, is like any other education…it will give you abilities greater than you have now, no matter what your starting point, or how bad your situation.

          • Never said that game wouldn’t improve one’s prospects, but not to the point where a Black man can hook up on a regular basis like white guys and others with no game at all get just dropping off of a plane.

            Putting in the work is of no use to a Black man, because no matter how hard you work you still lose in the non-Blacks’ game. This is especially the case in East Asia.

            Brothas, don’t be fooled. You need to know what’s up in East Asia, how the world views you, how white guys and others that go there promote hatred of you (along with the media), and how they are destabilizing Africa as well. White supremacy is a global system, and Black people are on the path to genocide. Right now, we are the losers of history, and no woman wants to be with a loser, especially Asian women whose cultures value winning and have no faux sympathy like small (and shrinking) segments do in the West.

          • “Never said that game wouldn’t improve one’s prospects, but not to the point where a Black man can hook up on a regular basis like white guys and others with no game at all get just dropping off of a plane.

            Putting in the work is of no use to a Black man, because no matter how hard you work you still lose in the non-Blacks’ game.”


            In other words, who cares if you can drastically improve your lives if you can’t beat other guys.

            Asian women like winners, you’re right, which is why you and George are single (and trying to drag down the rest of the Black race in the process) and other guys on here have no problem meeting, dating, sexing, and keeping really good girls.

            Black guys can listen to you if they want but I suspect they won’t because I really don’t think guys reading this are that dumb. Nobody wants to go back to Africa with you and George to live in mud huts eating sticks and fighting barbaric civil wars.

          • Yes, asian women like winners, and in their eyes, whites are winners and blacks are losers because of social dynamics.

            Also, game will only slightly benefit a Black man. Blacks will always end up losing out in the Far East.

            Blacks that don’t listen to me are idiots, and they’ll end up learning the hard way after spending thousands of dollars and wasting weeks of their time. I’m saving them the money and time and advising them to spend time and money on productive things.

          • That fool socrates didn’t realize that he pretty much validated our argument when he talks about the plight of Africa. This is what Asians think when they see Blacks, and thus, Blacks are automatic losers in their eyes and whites are automatic winners. Blacks shouldn’t go to Asia or associate with other races unless it is combat against them.

          • As I have previously stated, game is to picking up chicks as teaching credentials, degrees, and teaching experience are to getting teaching jobs.

            Black men have a much harder time getting jobs, even with all of these things, while any white boy falls off of the plane and can get a job, even if they don’t have a high school diploma. It’s because they have the looks that they are looking for, and looks are more important in Asia than anywhere else. The same applies to picking up in Asia.

            The same white boys that complain about affirmative action love it in Asia, where their white skin gets them in. I’ve been qualified for every job that I’ve applied for, so affirmative action hasn’t gotten me anywhere (it applies to women and non-Black minorities more anyway), but even if it got me a job, it sure as hell didn’t get me laid every night. Black folks need to realize what’s going down against us all over the world, as it is a huge factor in every aspect of life, and this includes “game”. Black folks better learn to look at the big picture, because we only have about a week to prepare for a world of even greater pain that is coming up.

      • Wa wa wa …. let me call the Waaaaaambulance for you. You and your racist comrades are acting like a bunch big fucking babies. Your too busy crying your woes to the world to ever actually get off your fat fucking ass and do anything about your current situation.

        maybe if you got off your ass and actually did something and not continually cry about your problems you would actually be able to sleep with any women. But no women are going to want to sleep with a bitchy, self absorbed, lazy asshole who always needs his diaper changed.

        Grow some balls and be a fucking man.

        • They will sleep with him if he’s not Black…

          We are not racist. We are racial realists. We tell the truth about the Black experience in East Asia and all over the globe. Those that deny us either have a vested interest in tricking black folks, or they are delusional and must lie to themselves to get through life. We are here to crush these delusions and bring forth an acknowledgement of reality.

          No weapons formed against us shall prosper.

          • I don’t think realist is the best term for you…. I KNOW

            Racial Pessimists!

            You think nothing can get better and try to drag everyone else down with you on your way to the bottom of the barrel. Ya brotha’ keep fighting nothing because you are doing absolutely nothing good or productive in the world. You will slowly be swallowed by your delusions of inferiority until you think everyone is out to get you and black people in general.

    • What we have here is a bunch of white and latin dudes stroking their egos, and a Black guy trying to validate himself by fooling himself into thinking he can get Asian girls and run with the white boys. He teaches white boys game (which they don’t need) for validation.

      Black men hanging out with whites and other non-Black foreigners in Asia are sick. This is why Black men going to Asia should stick to Japan, because we can at least hang out with brothas there. In Korea, Taiwan, China, there are fewer of us, and we tend to have to hang out with white expats; the same whites that talk shit about us, score a new woman each night while we’re stuck jacking off, and are generally treated as gods.

      Good game helps a Black man get women in Asia like teaching credentials and experience help us get ESL jobs. Better with than without in most cases, but you’re still not going to be able to compete anywhere near the level of other races, especially mighty whitey.

      • RedpoleQ has gotten some of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen a foreigner get in Asia – definitely hotter than any white guys I know (and I know quite a few). I spend quite a bit of time with him and the girls that are coming up to him are pretty stunning. He definitely does better than anybody else I know – myself included.

        This Mighty Whitey has had to put a lot of work into his game and has finally earned solid game. I can’t help but think that other races – specifically Asian – find it easier here than us. Still, even they complain about the effect their race has on their ability to get girls. Pretty much everybody who has struggled with women in Asia has blamed it on race at some point in their development, including early me. I’ll say again here what I told a guy in Korea, though: Quit blaming your lack of success on race. If you had solid game to begin with then race would be a minor footnote in your interaction with the girl. We’re not here to listen to anybody feel sorry for themselves or wallow in their situation but if you want to improve your life we’re definitely here for you. Tell us how we can help you.

        I’m a chubby, bald, White guy which makes me look freakish to Koreans. I’ve had my fair share of racial slurs from Koreans as well as internet commenters, and have even had rocks thrown at me here. I have never found it easy in Asia but through constant effort and dedication to self improvement my success has gotten way way better. Your situation might be worse. My point is, though, that you can do the same but it will require taking responsibility for your own success and not using race as an easy out.

        • You don’t know SHIT about Asia.

          Chubby, bald, and White? Just go to China or Taiwan, even Japan. No game at all, and you’ll score a new 6 every night and a threesome each weekend.

          Look up chamaflauge on Youtube. He has quite a few videos about racism that he faces in China, especially in dating You’d be worshiped on the merit of being white, but a Black guy, even like Denzel Washington or Jamie Foxx would be treated like shit.

          The Admiral, myself, and numerous other brothers are here to help black people know reality and improve ourselves with this knowledge of truth. Blacks must acknowledge that the world is against us, especially in Asia, then act accordingly. All of this game shit and thinking we can compete with whites is great fantasy, and it’s good to be confident, but in reality, Blacks are always going to lose out in Asia, especially in the dating scene and job scene.

          • “You don’t know SHIT about Asia”
            You don’t either buddy! ou are not helping the black community. You are just supplying roadblocks and hate to try and make yourself feel important.

            What if M.L.K. did not talk about hope and progressive attitudes and just said “Trying to change the America (and the world) for the better is too hard we should just leave for Africa. Its better there.”

            You are being a lazy, unproductive, hate spewing, idiot who will NEVER do anything to further the “black community” you claim to be a part of.

          • You don’t know SHIT about Asia either. I am helping the Black community by telling the TRUTH without mercy or shame, and offering viable solutions tot he Black Race.

            Had MLK said that we’d be in a better position as a People. What race are you?

          • I don’t believe in race! I am a citizen of the world and treat all people as if they are my brother.

            So my Brotha’ I see you love to hate on others that are different than yourself. I believe they call people like you racist in which case I have the perfect group for you! They share a similar goal to you of having black people back to Africa where you (if your really black) will have it better.

            Here I will give you their website:
            They should love your opinions of what black people should do there ^^

          • You’re full of shit cuh. Race is very, very real. Anyone that goes to Asia knows that for sure cuz. I see color, and I’m not talking blue and red neither cuz. Black people and humans, especially in asia, cannot coexist and anyone that debates this is a brokeback.

          • If races cannot coexist why did you even come out here. You should take your racist attitudes somewhere else.

            I hear the KKK is hiring ^.^ With your attitude of keeping the black man down and never improving you would fit in with them superbly.

          • I was young and dumb enough to believe that I’d get treated equally like whites. I used to be a good conservative house nigger and hang out with white people. Asia was my nigger wake up call.

            We’re saving the Black race. You are a KKK member because you want to denounce our message of Black self-salvation and freedom. Black people that have an elevated sense of awareness know that we are spot on.

          • Well, I was brought up knowing that black people have to work twice as hard as white people. I didn’t need a wake up call. I got what I expected, and while Africa is developing rapidly now, I’m glad I didn’t grow up there.

            Even poor black people in the US live better than the average African and have better opportunities to advance themselves. So which African country do you wish you were born in? Somalia, Kenya, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria? Take your pick.

            I’ll still stick with being born and raised racist North America over impoverished Africa any day of the week.

          • REALLY !!!!????

            Do you go outside? Have you even meet any Asian people? Are you sure your black? I thought black people had big balls and where tough not scared little trolls to afraid to talk to a girl. Though in your defense I heard they had cooties so watch out 0_0;

          • I met all kinds of Asian people and I lived in Japan and Taiwan before. I am Black and i talked to girls but they’ll never talk to Black men. If you’re white and just show up they talk to you and worship you. That’s just how life goes, so I’m telling black people the reality that i just isn’t worth it. Fuck you cuz

          • Maybe you should improve your style, get a hair cut, put on some of that deodorant stuff your mommy told you about, brush your teeth, etc.. You know make yourself presentable, then they will respond to you.

            Ugly, unkempt, smelly people of any color or nationality are usually easy to ignore.

          • Not white guys. White dudes can be grimy as hell and still get decent pussy in Asia.

            I’ve always had good hygiene. As a Black man, I know I’m considered ugly, so I can at least smell good. The reality is, many black men overcompensate in Asia to avoid stereotypes, but are still treated like shit. Black men that adhere to stereotypes may get the occasional Black lover once every blue moon, but the average Black guy has to turn into a queer if they want to score regularly in Asia, unless we’re talking 2005-2008 Japan.

          • George, it’s no use arguing with this person. You’ve made your point, and Black people that read this site will learn the reality of our predicament in the Far East. On to the next one.

          • They will learn of your delusions and how much you hate on Asians and try to keep the black community down.

          • It is natural to hate those that hate you. Asians hate Black people, so it is a Black man’s duty to hate Asians. I don’t even feel the hate. It’s second nature to me like Floyd Mayweather doing mitt work.

          • So, why adhere to the stereotype?

            I have an afro my mom can’t stand and it seems to work well enough for me. I did great with cornrows and I did great with short hair as well.

          • I picked up 3 girls on the street in Gangnam just TODAY. I guess they will talk to black men. My white/asian/other clients are often shocked at how well I do with Asian chicks as compared to them. That’s why they become my clients.

    • Have you even lived in Korea? Let alone East Asia in general?

      IF you do live in Asia (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc) you are probably one of those paranoid hate fueled foreigners hating on anyone who actually succeeds in your adopted country. I know it can get lonely in your tiny studio apartment with only your lotion and hand to keep you company.

      But there is hope! There is a whole world of adventure, experiences, and sexy ladies out there just waiting for you to improve yourself and show them the you that you want to become.

      Go get em’ tiger 😉

      • I’m sure he has. What he has said is generally true. Men can only improve themselves so much. A white man only needs to show up, but Black men are considered objectively ugly, especially in Asia, so there is little hope for us. Improving ourselves as individuals won’t get us too far in Asia; the entire Black Race must improve, and that probably won’t happen within our lifetimes, and even then, there’s no guarantee that asians are going to accept us. Black folks need to work on building ourselves instead of wasting time and money in Asia and other places that hate us.

        • Hello again my Brotha’

          No wonder you and Maverick don’t get any girls. Your too busy finger-popping each other assholes.

          • That’s why we don’t get laid in Asia. The only options for Black men are ugly reject bitches, being gay, or being celibate. Of those choices, the average Black heterosexual man with standards (and that’s probably why he went to Asia in the first place) chooses celibacy.

            Don’t argue with us, boy. You will always lose. our numbers are growing, and more Black men are realizing how hopeless it is in Asia. Blacks out of Asia and boycotting Asian businesses in 2014. Back to Africa by 2016.

          • To him that just means you are above average and a god among men.

            So I say teach us your ways oh god among us mortals and pass down your infinite wisdom to us.

          • Dumbass. RedPoleQ has no wisdom whatsoever. All that he offers are lies to get Black men’s hopes up, then crushed when they waste money and hit the shores of east asia.

            Look. If you extrapolate the numbers that the Admiral claims, then the ADMIRAL would have done better than RPQ had he stayed in Japan for longer than two months. Not only is RPQ selling a bill of goods, but he was also less capable than the Admiral back in the glory days (for Black men) of Japan!
            Until RPQ creates a system where average Black men can get laid at 1/2 the rate and same quality as White men, and have a threesome every three months like a white guy is guaranteed every weekend in Taiwan, RPQ is full of shit, offers nothing interesting, and is not worth listening to if you are a heterosexual Black man.

            You want some real truth? Hit me up, or talk to the Admiral, BlackCollarBoxing, Marvin Straight, ChampionKaji, AnkokugaiBOSS, chamaflauge, or some of the other brothers with real knowledge and information. Even BlackInAsia, despite being a “feminist male ally and questionable brokeback” is better than this garbage.

          • You know, you’re right. I think we’re done here, George. On to the next.

            Maverick, you’re a half-and-half, but you can join us at our next location if you want. We’re going to be dropping all kinds of knowledge. All kinds. Hopefully the Champ, and brothers TaiwaneseHateBlacks and JapsHateBlacks will be there too.

          • I’ve never been about banging as many chicks as I possibly could. I tend to date the same girls for years.

            When you have 4-10 girls on the go at a time, like I do, you’re not going to be able to get a new girl every week. That’s a lifestyle trade-off.

            Most guys would rather get a girl or two that really meet their standards than have random sex with mediocre girls.

            Different strokes, for different folks.

            If no black guys come to learn from me, that’s fine. They lose out on the benefits. And then they blame lack of success on racism…*sigh*

          • “That’s why grand admiral Gainz, Maverick and myslef don’t get laid in Asia we are too busy jerking each other off. The only options for us are ugly reject bitches, being
            gay, or being celibate. Of those choices, we the lazy “Black heterosexual man” with standards choose to finger-pop.

            Blah blah blah blah hate speech and stuff the KKK says. “

          • Quit you bitching. “Wah wah wah people don’t like me it must be because I’m black”

            More likely because you are a caustic, negative person who cannot even fathom trying to do anything but bitch and complain all the time.

          • I believe the brothas that are out there in Asia, myself, the Admiral, AnkokugaiBOSS, and others.

          • Ya the three buttfuckteers.

            In complete honesty, joking aside, you completely wasted your time in Asia and came out with a very racist point of view. You claim to be spreading a message of knowledge but you just spread pessimism and hate. You claim to be helping your black brothers but are just trying to hold them back with biased opinions and negative attitudes.

            For fucks sake you even claim that people who brought positivity into the world and helped further the black community much more than you could ever dream should have given up and left America.

            You have nothing of value to say, have nothing of value to think, and you are just a guy who likes to blow a lot of hot air up peoples asses. By becoming this insignificant, pathetic worm of a creature you will never amount to anything in your life, will never leave and sort of lasting impact of the world and when people look back on your hate fueled opinions they will pity you and your fundamentally flawed knowledge. Just like I pity you now.

          • The majority of Black men that go to Asia come back thinking like us. Living in Asia as a Black man is fucking miserable, and this is why Black folks shouldn’t go. It’s a waste of time, especially to teach English to kids so they can have a leg up while our kids cannot even form a proper sentence. Not to mention that you probably won’t get the job, you’ll get fired, and even if you keep the job you’ll get treated like shit while you watch white boys goof off, get away with almost anything, and get promoted above you.

          • So, I watched this video and I actually know these guys. Especially Big Art who I just ran into last time I was in Osaka.

            They key takeaway from this video is near the end where he says that if you like Asian girls and you’re a black guy in the US (and I would argue this goes for anyone) then you should be going for girls that are “fresh off the boat”(FOB).

            Why? Because Asian girls from Asia don’t have such strong held stereotypes about different races which is what I’ve been saying all along.

            Thanks for posting this video that supports all of my points…especially if you listen to the last 5 minutes or so.

          • And, the majority who stay, stay because they either don’t encounter the same problems or more likely are too busy winning at life to give a fuck about engaging in race wars.

      • Are you really replying to me? Those 2 comments? Yes i have lived in Korea as i stated before. Im not racist to Asians rofl, and do i sound bitter? If i do, letting you know im not bitter. Im mixed and feel good with it. Its a fact that its alot easier to pick up Asian chicks for whites, and the possibility of a black guy marrying an east asian chick is statistically the lowest of all the races in the world. However im not really complaining or blaming anyone, just stating it
        You could always say that this is what white ancestors gave them , possibility to pick up chicks in asia and africa with ease.
        Yes it is a challenge if youre dark skinned, if someone is really into asian women and isnt afraid to work hard (as that other guy said) i suppose they will be happy with that, i never said i myself am into asian chicks anyway.
        I was talking about the society related stuff.

        • Valid points. For the Black man that just wants to get laid, Asia is not worth it. If you’re Black with yellow fever your life is going to suck. Period point blank. Join the BAAA and we’ll at least make some money.

          • Going to asia to get laid seem like a retarded thing to do no matter what color your skin is. And it’s possible to find an asian chick if youre black so it doesnt have to suck. However, “yellow fever”, to me, is not a preference but a fetish

          • It’s a good idea if you’re a white guy, or if you like Asian girls. If you’re Black though, you’re not going to get it, so going to Asia is a bad idea. Even if you don’t liek getting laid, or you are a homosexual, going to Asia for work is a bad idea since you’re disrespected all of the time/ If you are Black, especially if you look pussy, then don’t go to Asia.

        • If you are not into Asian chicks anyway, and do not seem to enjoy the culture here why do you even bother commenting?

          Your comments are honestly not as hate and paranoia fueled as the other two “brotha’s” commenting here. But why comment? Why try to stop other black men that do live in Asia and do value the culture/women from trying harder to achieve their goal?

          Spreading your negative opinion of East Asia is not helping anyone. Sure spreading your experience can be valuable but only if you are willing to admit that it is simply your experience and cannot be generalized to a whole population of people.

          I have and continue to see black men succeed with hot women in Korea. Not everyone has encountered the same experience as you, so generalizing your experience to everyone is not going to work.

          If you had come out and said something like this:

          “Man you and I have had completely different experiences in Asia. I think that in Asia being a black man puts you at a disadvantage compared to others and makes it harder to meet Asian women. I’m not sure if it is something in the culture, or whole society but my experience in Korea was definitely soured by it. All the power to you though for breaking through those disadvantages. Later”

          Instead you came out with insults and false generalizations. Maybe if you actually asked RedpoleQ about his experiences in Asian culture and if in his opinion black men are at a significant disadvantage meeting women, you would have garnered more informative and helpful conversation. A much better conversation than the shit storm that has been appearing here.

          • Are you serious now? Everything i said so far in the comments you can confirm yourself by going there. I dont know these 2 other guys and im not racist to White or Asian people AT ALL. Im not spreading ANYTHING, i just wanted to talk to RedpoleQ. I agree with him on many things and disagree on a few. You should read the rest of my comments here.
            Im not trying to bring anyone down, honestly.
            I stated multiple times, things i say dont apply everywhere and to everyone. Maybe i did start off the wrong way and i was harsh but honestly i didnt expect so many replies. My comment was the first one under this article, and its 6 months old so yea

          • I am serious. you’re half white so I don’t expect you to hate, but thoroughbreds such as myself have a duty to hate whites and asians. They ate us, we hate them.