Drop The Phone Dating Apps Or Else!

Last Updated on July 11, 2022 by Mia

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by Kane Vast

Hi cupcake.

Phone apps are taking over!!!!!!

Here’s whats on today’s menu:

Why you need to actually go out and talk to girls.

What will happen if you never go out and ‘Game’ girls.

Why being lazy with phone apps to get girls is bad.


Whoosh!!!!!! Here we go:


Today I was at Mr Pancake which, unsurprisingly, has pancakes along with many other things. I was ordering a hamburger just so I could rebel against the whole pancake theme when suddenly I saw this:


Large And Fun


Now Stop-and-Think seriously for a moment….would you hit it? No one would ever know… it would be your secret… Would you do it or not?

If you answered yes, maybe, or I have already then you need to learn Cold Approach or, if you prefer to put it the ‘normal people’ way, ‘BeingFriendlyWithRandomStrangersForFunAndDoubleGloryHappinessFornication’ .

Now some guys like girls like this. All the power to ’em. I encourage them to go after girls like this since I think everyone should have a chance to be happy regardless of the size of girl they like.

They are not exactly my cup of tea, though, and I do remember a time in my life when I may have considered banging a girl this big……(please don’t tell anyone)………….yeah……I feel…really…uncomfortable…now………..







The Chosen Ones

So anyway… One thing I’ve noticed is that most guys who don’t go out to do “pick up” or don’t have the habit of randomly talking to girls they meet on the street, in supermarkets, taxi’s, or trains usually don’t have many girls to choose from so end up taking whatever they can get instead of what they actually dream of.

I think that is just terrible… because being able to talk to random strangers, make them happy and make them want to see you again is an awesome skill and applicable in so many situations outside of “pick up”. Not to mention not dating who you actually want to date is sad in-and-of itself.

I am the chooser in my relationships, never the chosen. I am with someone I selected because they have the qualities I want, qualities that many other girls don’t have.

Know Your Woman

It’s a pretty simple process:

Grab a pen and paper, write down 5 qualities you dislike in regards to women, your ex, your mum, that old lady down the street, phrase them as ‘I don’t like or I don’t want’

Try to make them about the girls personality or things she does or doesn’t do rather than just physical traits.

Three examples:

  1. I don’t like girls who don’t take care of their bodies.
  2. I don’t like girls who are boring and have no sense of humour.
  3. I don’t like girls who have hobbies like ‘sleeping, eating, shopping, using Phone apps and watching tv’.

Now, turn these statements into good things that are the positive opposites of the ones you’ve already wrote.

Try these instead:

  1. I like girls who are into fitness (tennis, soccer, rock climbing, tantric sex, swimming, hiking, dancing).
  2. I like girls who have a lot of life experience or regularly go out and try new things (wine tasting, new skills, travel, speaks other languages, threesomes with hot female friends).
  3. I like girls who have skills that interest me (playing an instrument, singing, drawing, cooking, boxing, 101 different blowjob techniques).

Once you have your list of ‘likes or wants’ then you’re ready to go out and start looking for that girl, you’re ready to be the chooser!

Spark a Conversation

So now you’re walking along the street and you suddenly see that cute Asian girl you never know what to say to…well my friend, walk right up to her, wave, say hello, look lost and confused, ask where Starbucks is and… read this article. In part 3 of How To Meet and Date Chinese Girls I’ll also include 3 videos of yours truly explaining EXACTLY how to do it.

Then hope she’ll stick around and answers you. After she explains, say thanks and tell her that she looks like she does sport, ask her if it’s tennis, swimming, boxing or rock climbing.

Now things may not flow this easy every time, but the idea is to get into a conversation with a girl and start asking her if she has the qualities you’ve written down. If she has some of them then you’re on the right track, use the manual zoom on your eyes (move closer) to see if she has an acceptable DAMNSUPERFINESEXYASHELL body and then ask for her phone number.

Here is a brief picture guide to help you recognise the difference between a fat Asian girl and a hot one:

This is a clear example of fine vs. not fine:

Hotpic 4

..an example of a fine Thai girl!


This here’s a fine example of a fine Korean Girl:



If you can do more than talk for a few mins and ask for the number then do so! I would suggest you talk for at least 10 minutes to an hour or MORE if you can. I try to talk to girls for at least an hour the first time I meet them, if possible. If you listen to me then you’ll end up with hot girls, for sure. I promise.

 Get it? Got it? No?

If you have trouble getting the hot girls to meet you again, then hit me or RedpoleQ up at [email protected] [email protected] and we will sort you out so you’ll be knee deep in hot Asian chicks quicker than you can say IWishIWoreACondom.

You Have the Power

I’m aware there are some guys out there who get what they want and don’t need my help, my sincere congratulations to those guys.

If you’re not one of them, you don’t have to listen to your Uncle Kane. You can ignore me, call me a retard, and go back to your phone apps… I know many messed up guys who rely on them as their sole source of contact with the female world. If you don’t listen to Uncle Kane, though, you MAY end up with either a girl you don’t really want or a girl who is below your standards because you can’t get anything better.

Phone Apps

There are two Phone Apps in China that make getting girls pretty easy: MoMo and Wechat. They both have look around functions where you can search for girls within your 10 KM radius. These are not bad apps, and are a good compliment to your searching for  love arsenal.

If you JUST use them though….you’re prone to staying inside the house spending HOURS trying to message girls without it really going anywhere… which sucks as it’s really hard to tell who is going to meet you and who is a time waster. You could have just spent 1 of those hours talking to girls face to face which has the advantage of discovering which ones were interested and which were time wasters.

A lot of the girls on phone apps have crappy social skills, which is why they resort to using phone apps instead of going out and doing stuff to meet people. I don’t know about you but I’m not into boring, awkward, girls.

With either app you can add pictures and interesting stuff about yourself. You have functions for voice chat, can see mini Facebook-like profiles with photos and information and a user history. Later I will do a post about this and teach you guys how to use them as I think they are a good PASSIVE way to get girls. Essentially that boils down to setting up the account and logging into it every day or two to see if girls messaged you.

 A Word of Caution

Apps are useful for getting girls who are KEEN on you already BUT a lot of the girls are nowhere near as good looking in real life as they are in their photos. I speak from experience here… bitter, bitter, experience. These girls are also terrible girlfriend material — the last girl I got from MoMo turned out to be a mamasan at a local KTV, an alcoholic, and was sad her French boyfriend dumped her. Not exactly my ideal girl. Even as an one night stand it wasn’t one of my favourites, hence why I think meeting Chinese girls either on the street during the day or in a club at night is much better.

Hope that hit the spot kiddies.


Kane Vast

2 thoughts on “Drop The Phone Dating Apps Or Else!”

  1. Completely agree, since I have been on both sides of this. Game can only be learned in the flesh and blood, and as the post states, smartphone apps are only good for women that are keen on you. One approach in person is worth at least ten messages on your phone. Probably more like twenty. Turn off your phone and get outside- do it yesterday!

    1. You sir are a smart man.

      I usually notice that people who agree with me also seem to be smart :D.

      One of my Chinese students is particularly good with App Game, he can get girls to meet him pretty consistently (if he goes at it full on then probably 5+ girls a week) which I think is pretty decent considering the numbers of guys who hit up girls.

      Heres a funny exercise:

      Create a Wechat or MoMo or Skout account with a girls pic and profile details.

      Then sit back and watch how dudes contact you….its truly frightening what the general population uses and thinks is useful…..

      Thanks for the comment Anon.

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