by Socrates

Why not just bang?

I was out with a friend the other day. We were talking about bars and clubs, day game and night game. He started getting into his technique for pulling girls out of clubs and back to his apartment when, in passing, he mentioned that A Team guys – guys who have taken one of RedpoleQ’s exhausting boot camps – don’t really do SNL game. Apparently, word on the street is that our style of meeting and sexing up women is all about setting dates in the hopes of sexing them up later.

Wait – What???

To be honest, I was a little bit confused. The guys I know through RedpoleQ go to bars and clubs like anyone else involved in this lifestyle and many of them have snuck girls home in the early morning hours for a little fun. So why the skewed perception of what we do?

I think that part of the problem is that guys talk about meeting girls for a day 2 (a date) so often that the conversation just naturally turns in that direction. The issues guys typically face with girls are things like being able to meet them again due to flakes or day 2 issues related to pulling a girl back home. Probably another reason is that – granted – guys I’ve met through RedpoleQ live busy lives so end up meeting a lot of girls when they’re out and about during the daytime. This ultimately means more day 2s since girls often have things going on that day which limits the amount of time they can spend with a guy she just meets.

Versatility Pays

That doesn’t mean that what we teach focuses on getting the day 2, though.  Our game is versatile. It works really well in coffee shops, trains, or in the hottest night clubs in Asia; and, it doesn’t matter if you’re seeking to meet the girl days later when you have more time or if you want her to come home with you that night.

In fact, pushing for a day two all the time is a mistake. Day twos are only really helpful if it’s going to be a challenge to continue the interaction with her because one of you has prior obligations you have to honor. If you are always pushing for the day two then you run the risk of having a really interested girl sour on you. A lot can happen in between the time she’s having a great interaction with you and when you are scheduled to see her again – including how she feels about you or the situation. If both of you have time, your best bet is to take the interaction as far as you can possibly take it that day – coffee, sex, marriage, kids …whatever.

What we teach is the ability to take an interaction, anywhere it takes place, from the initial first few words to sex, and beyond. We teach guys the basic hurdles that have to be overcome and how to overcome them in order to start a sexual relationship with a girl their interested in. These hurdles exist to a greater or lesser extent wherever you’re meeting women but the nice thing is that if you’re able to overcome them in the cafe, you can overcome them in the club, as well.

The Long Road Home

Of course, that doesn’t mean that what we do in the cafe is exactly the same as what we do in the club – that would be silly – but the principles and general tactics are the same. In the club you have to worry much more about interruptions and noise. You can also take advantage of kino to a much larger degree. If you’re working your way through a club you have to keep all of these things in mind, shifting how you open, how you progress kino, and how you guide the interaction to get around these barriers. Just take a look at RedpoleQ’s talk about club body language:

Essentially, all of this means that you can leverage the skills you use in the day time and run the entire pickup process from meet until close at the club that night. Why would you want to wait to have sex?

Double Your Money’s Worth

One of the great things about our style is that if you meet a girl you’re really into you can progress the interaction all the way to sex that night or set things up for a day 2 when she has more time. Not all styles are like that. Some styles just specialize in engineering one night stands and if the girl doesn’t come home with you that night …too bad.

If a sexual relationship is your ultimate goal – whether a one-nighter or girlfriend – then don’t get caught up in “getting the date” if you don’t have to. If the girl has time, you can reach your end goal a lot faster by just progressing the interaction as far as you can then and there. Asian Dating Monthly is a great first stepping stone for learning how to do this but nothing beats a boot camp and one on one guidance from RedpoleQ for years after. Keep your eyes locked onto Asian Dating Monthly for more advice on meeting women and download our free guide on dating sexy Asian cabin crew girls. It’s available to the top right of this article.