Is My Girlfriend Cheating on Me?

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Mia

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Is My Girlfriend Cheating on Me?

Almost nothing feels worse than being cheated on. Before you decide what is actually going on with your girlfriend’s behaviour, make a note about these three key behavioural signals.

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Why Do I Get Rejected by Women?

A lot of guys think that when a woman rejects them she is rejecting them for who they are deep down inside. Truth is, there are a lot of reasons why women reject guys, and a lot don’t really have anything to do with you. Your best bet is to not only roll with the punches, but learn from every reaction you get,

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Are You Dating a Guy? (the Single Biggest Dating Mistake Men Make)

Has feminism ruined dating or just completely messed up a guy’s understanding of how he should act on a date? Guys make enough mistakes with social roles and dating to make it seem like there’s a fairly serious problem. Truth is, chivalry is only half dead and your woman wants you to start acting like a man.

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