fresh sex

by RedpoleQ

Not surprisingly, I hear a lot from my clients and potential clients about their sex lives and I’ve noticed that most men’s attitudes vary greatly from my own. It seems that many guys are content with a few basic moves: a bit of kissing, some necking action, maybe playing with her breasts a little, a bit of fingering, some blow job action (if lucky), and then 10-20 minutes of “the hard pounding,” as one of my friends used to call it. Repeat a few days later.

The New Girl Cycle

These same guys quickly become bored with any particular girl after a few weeks and find themselves in a constant cycle: they get excited over a new girl, have lots of monotonous sex with her, gradually and obviously become less attracted to her, which causes her to become insecure and consider just disappearing, or results in increased complaints, nagging, and neediness, which causes him to move on to a new girl to start the process all over again.

That’s one way to live your life, and some people are perfectly content with that. These guys like the chase more than the catch – and if that’s you, great – but if you’re like me, or a friend of mine who said, “I don’t like to hunt ’em, I like to farm ’em,” then you have to keep things fresh and exciting to avoid that downward spiral.

How to Keep Your Sex Fresh, and Yourself Satisfied

In a previous article on sex, I wrote about 7 techniques that will make your sex explosive. Just playing out that list would take months, when you think about all the possible variations, and variations to each variation. This is especially true, since in the early part of a sexual relationship, there are some things that a girl may not be quite ready for. Many of the sex techniques I mentioned would scare a girl off if you used them early on – they require a degree of comfort and trust that you build over time (and sometimes a degree of skill and dexterity too).

This last part is especially key because, though China is experiencing one of sorts at the moment, Asia never really had a sexual revolution. As a result, on the whole, women need to feel an emotional connection before they are willing to open up sexually. Some men are disappointed that women aren’t the porn stars that western women often can be, but I find it rather charming that the sexual aspect of the relationship develops over time.

For Me…

Once my sexual relationships progress there are so many possibilities that, even within an hour long sex session, I ultimately just don’t have time and energy for everything. Sometimes I want to have sweet, gentle, intimate, sex, and other times I want to rough her up a bit… or a lot. Sometimes I’m in one sex position and I think about switching to something new, but I’m having so much fun as is, that I decide to save it for another time.

Let’s take the mirror for example. Sometimes what I want to see is her on her knees in front of me giving me a blowjob. Another day, I might want to lay down or sit. Another time, I might have her lay down with me on my knees next to her head.  Each is it’s own visual feast. Even without the mirror, those variations are going to keep me busy, and that brief list doesn’t even include what I’m doing to her while it’s all happening.

What’s really cool is that the same process is going on in her mind because she has her favorites, too; and, because she knows that every time is different, she comes wondering what it’s going to be like this time around. When you do this right, girls will show up to meet you with their panties already dripping wet. The anticipation builds up for me, too, as I plan out the next session – this really adds an extra lair of deliciousness on top of your natural sexual desire. That anticipation, combined with all the different techniques, keeps each sex session fresh and new for me. It also keeps me excited about seeing the same girl again next time, and this is important for keeping out of the trap of having to replace girls.