by BlueM, Guest Writer.

Hi Guys, Socrates here. I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of ours by the name of Dan Bloom. Dan’s a dating coach in Asia, and has been helping guys meet and date high quality Asian girls since 2008. He’s currently based in Thailand, helping guys who are interested in dating Thai women.Asia Dating Monthly is really happy to welcome him as a guest writer as part of our Valentine’s Day series, and we hope to see more of him in the future. 

Step Into Thailand

Have a Thai girlfriend and wonder how to spend your Valentine’s Day with her?

After living in Thailand for half a year and talking with a few expats – this is what I’ve discovered: it turns out that Valentine’s Day in Thailand is not so different than the one back home.  Granted it depends if you’re dating a Thai woman who’s been exposed to Western culture, or not.

What if your Thai girlfriend is from the more traditional parts of Thailand?  What can you expect to do so that February 14th can go smoothly?

Let’s make your Thai Valentine’s day experience as stress-free as possible.

What Your Thai Date Will Expect of You on Valentine’s Day

First off, I recommend getting her a gift.  It can anything from a teddy bear to a piece of candy. I don’t recommend getting her chocolate since a lot of Thais don’t really like it and it melts too easily in the Thai heat. Ideally you’d want to get her something ‘cute’ and not cheap.  After all – you are a ‘farang’ and she’ll expect you to have some money (even if you’re flat broke!)

“What if Your Thai Girlfriend is More Traditional?”

Rest easy – in that case perhaps a gift with a nice dinner together will do the trick.  Depending on what she’s used to – she might suggest a place to have Valentine’s day dinner together. In any case you can expect to spend most of your day with her.

Attention! Things You Must Avoid Doing During Thai Valentine’s Day!

Don’t buy gifts at the last minute – Things can get hectic quickly if you try to buy gifts at the last minute. A lot of Thais will try to get gifts right before their dates so you’ll end up competing with locals for presents.  Not only that but you risk not having anything for her at all! For a Thai girl this can disappoint her as she’s used to materialistic gifts on Valentine’s Day.

Don’t take her somewhere typical – Unless your Thai girlfriend suggests a place I recommend taking her somewhere casual but nice at the same time.  It doesn’t have to be expensive but I recommend a respectable joint for a romantic dinner.  After all – she grew up watching Western romance movies and would love to experience it from a Westerner on Valentine’s day.

Don’t get her chocolate – I’ll say this one again.  I’ve worked with chocolate and all I can tell you is this: It melts quickly and Thais aren’t accustomed to eating it.  Unless you know for a fact that she loves chocolate – I’d say stick to a teddy bear.  You can joke about how the teddy bear is as cute as you! 😉

Have a Great Thai Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re a big Valentine’s day kind of guy or not – chances are that she’ll be.  It’s a day worth being on the safe side about.   I sure prefer Korean Valentine’s days where your Korean girlfriend would get you something.

In any case – have a great Valentine’s Day (or as the Thais would say “suk san wan waa-len taay!”) 😉

For more of what Dan has to say on Thai women, check out his website