RedpoleQ’s Approach Mastery Boot Camp: Energy

Last Updated on December 22, 2013 by redpoleq

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by Socrates

Hey Guys! This week I went deep into the vault to find a great write up from a great guy. Energy took one of RedpoleQ’s approach mastery boot camps back in 2009 and made tremendous progress. One of the great things about RedpoleQ’s boot camps is that you get continuing support from guys who really know what they’re talking about when it comes to interacting with Asian women. If you want to get a sense of what a weekend with RedpoleQ is like, and you’re not satisfied just reading my boot camp report, then grab a coffee sit back, and get ready to read about one of Seoul’s most amazing weekends.


What a weekend! Any weekend where you literally eat, sleep and drink game is a pretty good one in my book. And that’s what my boot camp was. Thank the gods I called in sick to work on Sat or I would have been dead. Instead it was game, go home to charge, wake up, shower, and it’s game time! Lather, rinse, repeat for Sunday. So lets go through the motions, help myself remember, and share the fun points.

Day 1

I got to Itaewon and was waiting outside the Hardrock café trying to guess if any of the foreigners that passed were RedPoleQ. None of them seemed like a PUA though, and I was right when he and Kid Charlemagne came up saying ‘Hey, are you NRG?’ ‘yes’ ‘good, nice to meet you, it’s on’.

So we go have a nice chill dinner, and then RPQ gets into it. ‘This is me, what I’m about, and why I’m here. Your turn.’ We then did a quick talk about the first bit of game we’d be learning, and it was time to head to JJs. The talk was cool too, b/c while I’d read the Black Book, and some other game stuff, it was nice to hear it and ask questions.

If I had to label Friday night it would be ‘set night’. That’s what it was. Sets sets sets! And then a couple more just for good measure. Interesting ground rules. No drinking, and no numbers! At first I thought not getting numbers would seem odd, but with RPQ and Blue Mystery there telling you to eject it never (well almost once or twice) really got to the point where asking for a number seemed appropriate.

There were a couple notable sets for me (no doubt Kid C has another of his ;) ). The first was a couple hotties smoking by the pool table. I was opening with ‘where can I find socks for my cat?’ and that got a big laugh. Went into a cool BT spike, and opened em up to bring Kid C in. We each isolated our girls great, and I was just having a lot of fun with mine, and I know she was having a lot of fun too. And that’s the point! Fun.

Next there was a set outside where Kid C opened and brought me in to sit down. This was an older HB6 who was too keen. Here I learned an important lesson from RPQ. Shut the hell up! I talk and I ramble sometimes. Before this I thought 90/10 was a hard and fast rule, so I was running 90. It worked for her b/c she was so into me, but wouldn’t for others. We eject and move on.

There were many other sets. And this was the first time I ever just kept plowing to where the girls would leave me instead of me ejecting. I blew out many sets, and it was actually fun to do it on purpose. This night the main thing I learned was that while I was kinda right in knowing that I have some natural skills, it’s only with those sets that are easily keen.

Then we go debrief and I hope in the subway/bus to head home. But a night out just didn’t seem right without numbers. So I number closed two girls on the way home just to be safe. One drunk white chic, and one keen K girl on the bus.

Day 2 Day Game

Met up at Starbucks for the talk and eats. Now it’s comfort stuff. Time to push past attraction and qualification. We started opening a couple in Starbucks, until Starbucks Guy comes and regulates kicking us out of his turf. Maybe he was jealous. So we bounced into a bookstore and ran game in there.

I started with a HB7.5 reading some kids Disney books. Things were going well with her, she was cute, but my energy was too high and I was scaring her as BM pointed out to me. This is also the start of where my name came from. First lesson for NRG for the day: slooooow dooooowwwwwwn, control your energy.

I also worked a lot on body language and opening over my shoulder and not just jumping into their face. Now I know why my buddy always used to tell me my smile was scary, yet my girlfriend loved it. I have a good smile, but when I approach in a bar I’m too crazy energetic and scared the poor HBs. Lesson learned (and still mastering).

Day 2 Night Game: Mass

Now it’s time to turn things sexual! ‘bout time. So how do we do it? Strawberry Fields and Question game.

We get to Mass and Kid C opens an HB quite well. Then her friend comes up, and he pulls me in. That set goes great. We each locked in, had some good kino and they were keen. Fantastic first set! Again, sets sets sets. Out of one, and immediately it’s time for another.

I opened up a great little set later on with a fantastic HBcutie (just my type), and brought in Kid C. Unfortunatly I should have done some more PIE before that, b/c my target was the cuter one, but she’s also the one who happens to live in Kid C’s town outside Seoul. That might have actually worked out later. Sorry bro.

More sets. Blowing out a ton of them. Again good practice. Then Kid C opens the set of the night, and pulls me in. These girls are great. Having a good time but keen as well. Again Kid C rules b/c he initiated a bounce to a coffee shop. You da man Kid!

On the way to the coffee shop I finish running Strawberry Fields, and then when there run Question game and a bit more. RPQ yelled at us later b/c we were too long out of the club, but it was a good time. We each TBd and #closed, and I damn well hope to see my girl again. Though I do need to work on frames. But her Strawberry and Qgame answers were great!

Finally we head out to McDonalds for debrief where some drunk K girl passed by after our chat and RPQ had a little fun. It was cool to actually see him game a little bit as it’d been all us up to that point.

Day 3 Day Game

Again coffee and talk then game on! Today though we’re in a much better coffee shop, with no Starbucks guy. So we’re able to open a bunch of sets. And again Kid C starts us off for the day (I guess I’m better than you at RSP bro) with a good set which are both keen. This was tough as I had to game in Korean, and my Korean is very basic. But we had a lot of fun with it, and it was a good way to start. Open a few more in the coffee shop, blowing one completely out, and loosing one b/c they got a phone call and their friends needed them. Damn! That one was starting well.

Now it’s street game time, with a little bit of shopping game combined. Had some fun with some day sets here. Opened up one cougar helping her shop for clothes. She was keen and I TB/#closed her. I also opened a girl in Zara who was the first I really just grabed and moved around. Basically opening with ‘help me shop’ and then I just pulled her into the men’s fashion section. Tried to bounce her, but she wasn’t that keen, or really didn’t have the time.

Finally we head to get some dinner, a beer, some soju, and talk about the whole weekend. I became NRG because of my energy, and Kid C will be coming back up to Seoul next weekend to hang out and sarge with me here. So not only did I learn game, I got a new friend from outa town!

Overall a fantastic weekend! Busy busy busy, but tons of fun, learned a lot, and it’s game on!

Notable quotes…

“It’s a bitch of a game, but it’s so much fun!” – Blue Mystery

“I like to go for the girls who, if they have something going for them other than their looks, I’m fucking shocked!” – RedPoleQ

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