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Closet Mayhem Fashion Disaster

Closet Mayhem Fashion Disaster

I took this with my phone and it was very impromptu.  In fact, McConnell did his best to discourage me from filming it because he hadn’t “prepared”, but I know him well enough to know that it would be awesome and I didn’t want you to miss out on any


Club Body Langauge

Here RedpoleQ speaks at the PUA Training Korea Summit along side Bad Boy, AFC Adam, and Gambler.  This talk is about how to communicate better using body language…these tips can be used anywhere, and are really, really important in cross-cultural communication.

Get Blown or Blown Out!

Get Blown or Blown Out!

It’s better to have loved and gotten some than to have loved and never gotten any at all. Following Samson can destroy you.

RedpoleQ on Asian Girls - Summit 2012

RedpoleQ on Asian Girls – Summit 2012

Last year, RedpoleQ covered a wide variety of topics on getting Asian girls.  He gave an overview of the main things to look out for and what trips most guys up.  Learn and enjoy as the premier Asian Girl Dating Guru speaks: [jwplayer align=”center” config=”myplayer” file=”http://all-asia-pickup-summit.s3.amazonaws.com/2012/Video/RedpoleQ-Asian-Women.mp4″ image=””]RedpoleQ will be making

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