Want the Best Seoul Nightlife? Try Rainbow.

Last Updated on April 12, 2024 by Mia

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Rainbow is one of those legendary bars in Seoul.

There are a lot of places you could go in Seoul — the city has a lot of venues to explore — but Rainbow has always been among one of my favorite places in the city.

How to Get To Rainbow

Rainbow is located in one of the back streets at Gangnam Station. To find it you have to leave Gangnam station out of exit ten and then walk along the main strip before turning left at Giordano. From there just walk straight until you get to the Dunkin Donuts. Take a right on that side street. Rainbow should be on your right hand side. It’s pretty hard to miss seeing as they’re a big happy rainbow painted onto the big metal front door.

If you’re not looking, though, you will miss it. The entrance consists of just one large door with a small sign tucked into one of Seoul’s many back alley streets.

Seoul’s Electric Vibe

I love Rainbow because of it’s chill electric vibe. The venue is housed in a large room lit aglow with soft colored lights and is pulsing with mellow electronic music. There are no chairs in Rainbow. From the front entrance, after slipping off your shoes, employees lead you to different parts of the bar where you sit on pillows next to wooden crates with candles perched on top.

Don’t let the candles fool you, though. Rainbow is not a romantic night spot — it’s a relaxing lounge that you can visit with a couple friends or a girl. If you’re looking for romance then there are far better places to bring your girl than Rainbow.

That being said, the vibe is great and the substances are even better. Given the mellow electronic music, warm glowing lights, and drug imagery lining the walls, first time visitors can be excused for thinking they’re in a place they probably shouldn’t be in — legally, I mean. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) the substances on offer only amount of alcohol and hookah.

Rainbow does both very well. The hookah is usually always very good and the bar has enough drink options available to keep your taste buds engaged. You can scan maybe a dozen hookah options on their menu and order it extra strong, if you wish, from a tiny cafe-styled takeout window.

Is Rainbow a Date Spot?

The prices are very reasonable, as well, making it a place you wouldn’t mind spending a few hours with a Gangnam girl.

In my experience, only the more adventurous Korean girls are willing to give it a try. Most won’t touch hookah and a few actually think it’s illegal. If you find a more open minded Korean girl then Rainbow should provide her with a pretty novel experience which will increase your value in her eyes. Just ask RedpoleQ.

Of course, if you’re dating one of those prissy princess types then Rainbow might not be a good choice. The place is a little grungy, to be honest, though not dirty. That type of environment might not please a girl used to bottle service and leather sofas.

Rainbow: the Legend Continues

So, what makes Rainbow one of those legendary venues? Well, it’s one of the most well known spots among the foreigner crowd, for one. It’s been there for years and is generally loved by the expat community. It’s also one of the few genuinely comfortable and relaxing night spots available in Seoul. Along with the fantastic vibe, good hookah, and wide range of drinks, this is enough to push it to one of the top spots in Seoul — a place it’s occupied for years.

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