Here’s a 1-hour video of Asian Dating Monthly’s own regular columnist, Kane Vast, speaking at the All Asia PickUp Summit last year.  He lost a bet to LoveGTM and as a result had to spend the night before this speech chatting up fat girls so you’ll hear him talking about that in the beginning of the video before he gets to the fundamentals of meeting women.

Learn, enjoy and have a laugh at Kane’s expense!


This year we’ll be holding another one where you can meet, me, Kane Vast, Dan Bloom(aka BlueM), and a whole lot more…last year we had a professional Comedian come in to teach the essence of humor, and a wine tasting which made our good friend, Tank, VERY festive.

It will be from May 17th-19th in Hong Kong, so mark your calendar and ask your boss for a few days off.  To keep up with the latest news and get notifications leave your email address at

I’ll release more videos over the coming weeks as I get them uploaded.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I agree, the camera works isn’t the best, but the content is incredible. I think that at this year’s summit we’ll be able to have a better recording setup.