BlueM, also known as Dan Bloom, has been at the forefront of meeting and dating Korean girls since I first met him back in 2007.

He’s the only guy I know who consistently finds himself a Korean girlfriend or two within a week of going out to look for one. (He’s also quite the ladies man in Hong Kong.)

In this talk, he tells you how he does it, and how you can do it to, from what he’s learned over the past 5+ years of living in and dating Korean girls.

Dan has done more than anyone to help guys succeed with Korean women.



You can read more from Dan Bloom and how to meet and date Korean below, or you can get his book, Date Korean Women.

Mr. Bloom will be making an appearance again at this year’s All Asia PickUp Summit too.  It will be from May 17th-19th in Hong Kong, so mark your calendar and ask your boss for a few days off.  To keep up with the latest news and get notifications leave your email address at

I’ll release more videos over the coming weeks as I get them uploaded.